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Writing outside my comfort zone


I tend to write characters who are similar to myself. At least the heroines are. Low maintainance, down to earth, a person you could talk to anywhere.

I’m writing the fifth incarnation of Doug Black’s little sister. My last draft she was a bit of a princess, and the feedback was “make her a full out princess.”

I am going to struggle here, because the character I need to write is going to make me want to stab her with a pen. Or a rusty fork. I mean she’ll have a nice arc where she becomes likeable, and I love my hero who is going to go through hell with this woman.

I need to write this out there and I want someone to poke me every once in a while and keep me accountable on keeping the character to the plan.

Have you written a character that is outside you comfort zone? How did you handle it? How about reading characters that aren’t entirely likeable? Especially as a major character?

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