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Why there are no romance sequels


I have been trying to write Corey’s sequel for most of August. I’ve started and tossed aside a couple of drafts. I’ve plotted things, I’ve thought A LOT.

So believe me, my next words are not written lightly.

I won’t be writing a sequel or follow-up for Corey Porter and Nicole.

Romance novels don’t have sequels for two reasons.

The first is the glittery hooha. Jenny Crusie introduced this concept to me on her blog from her friend. It’s something like this. The hero can sleep with as many women as he wants before, but after he sleeps with the heroine and her glittery hooha, it’s game over for him. There can be only one woman for him. Her hooha is so glittery, he’s blinded by it. Anyway, that’s it, they are together forever. and they are HAPPY. He’ll do anything, he’s over anything he was scared of.

I’ve talked to Corey and every time I try to get him scared of having kids with Nic or getting married, he isn’t scared of those things. Because he has Nicole, everything can be worked out easily. He’s happy. (they do have 2 or 3 kids together and I might do some short stories here in that world, we’ll see).

The second reason I learned from Holly Lisle. I don’t have a link, because I don’t recall if I read it on her blog or in her course I took. At least HALF the tension in a romance novel is sexual. Stolen kisses, failed seduction attempts, complications, refusal, more stolen kisses and groping. Will they sleep together despite everything that could go wrong? If they do, will they survive the aftermath. There’s a bit of tension still after, but after they do the “I love yous” and are regularly putting their genitals together, that tension is gone. It’s a given.

So, sorry, no more Corey novels. Adam should be out shortly. Of course, it will take several months to show up on Barnes and Noble and Apple and all the rest of it.

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