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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

When Love Knocks


When Love Knocks is book 6 in Asrai Devin’s Up in Flames series.

Sophia Clark is just feeling normal after losing her husband in a car accident, when Doug Black knocks on her door. She hasn’t seen him in years and suspects his motives. She has no qualms letting him know she is not looking for a white knight. Her four children, however, have different ideas. And pretty soon they are trying to convince Sophia that Doug should stick around for the long-term.

“If you played hockey, you should be really rich.”

Doug leaned toward her son. “I am. I took the last three years off. I traveled a bit, I played a lot of golf. I visited with my sister, her husband who was my best friend, and their daughter. And I did a lot of nothing. Do you like to do nothing?”


“It’s okay for short periods. An hour or two. After a year of nothing, you get really bored.” He winked at Jaden. “Supper at Grandma’s boring.” Jaden giggled.

Sophia closed her eyes and sent “go away” thoughts to him. He didn’t seem affected by her attempt at telepathy. He smiled at her. She grabbed her water and took a long drink.

“Why do you need a hockey job? Aren’t there other jobs?”

“I spent a lot of my time when I was young doing hockey stuff. As a teenager I never had a job, I went to school and played hockey. I didn’t go to college, my number one mistake.”

“You could go now,” Gabi said, “my friend Joanie’s mom is going now. And now Joanie has to go to a babysitters so she can never come over after school.”

“I’m really good at hockey stuff. I’m not so good at writing stories.”

“Mom could help you. She was a teacher before she had kids.”

“I think your Mom is pretty busy with you four kids. That’s a pretty big job for one person.”

All four of them nodded their heads. All sitting nicely on their chairs, holding their menus. Acting as if they usually agreed about, well, anything.

Now, she whined about her children behaving. She turned her telepathic efforts to making her children misbehave or at least spill soda onto Doug.

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