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What’s the hold up: eye colour? srsly?

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I was writing along, dropping in bits of backstory while I worked them out. Then realizing i was dropping too much story because I was figuring it out. And then I got stuck.

What did I get stuck on? What crisis to throw at my characters? Where was this scene leading to? Why were my characters taking over MY novel?

No, nothing so interesting. I am stuck on eye colour for my hero.

Really. blue vs brown vs green vs. grey (sometimes). You can do any colour you want if you are writing fantasy, but usually it’s one of the three.

And usually my characters tell me what colour their eyes are

I’ve been playing too many video games because all I want to do si model my characters after certain players. My husband took over my Mass Effect 2 disc, and he’s playing the standard Shepard, short, dark hair and blue eyes. Since I’ve been staring at that mug a lot, it’s become appealing to me and I want to make all my characters the same.

Yeah, HELLO. Still the whole blue eyes, dark hair is very intriguing. I have a “friend” (loose term, I haven’t really spoken to her in several months since we both moved) who has a daughter with dark hair and blue eyes. She’s so beautiful.

I googled “How to choose character eye colour,” and this was the only decent answer I got.

How do you choose your character’s physical characteristics? What colour should i make my heroes eyes?

Or am I just overthinking this and using it as an excuse not to write?

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  1. G’Morning, Asrai! ~
    Stuck on picking Cap’n Jack’s eye color, eh? Yeh, sounds like your Inner-OMG is tossing up random stumbling blocks in hopes of getting you to come back to your ‘comfort zone’.

    “What colour should i make my hero’s eyes?” ~ How ’bout not picking an actual “color-word”? Just use adjectives and phrases to describe the various emotional effects – smouldering, steely, sparkling, sexy, clouded, cold, an’ like that – when appropriate?
    Maybe it’s time to take a couple of hours and go for a walk or a drive, or do housework or go shopping, and just let this question (plus all the other changes you’ve already made!) marinate for a while.

    Bright Shiny You’ll-Be-Fine Hugs to you ~

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