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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

What is enough?


Russell Simmons is really big in the hip hop world.

I am a white girl, who grew up in the Canadian prairies  There wasn’t a lot of hip hop in my life. I dunno if music is even categorized as “hip hop” any more. I’ve seen some pretty weird music genres of late.

Anyway, I picked up Mr. Simmons’ book “Super Rich” from OverDrive via my local library on audio book, because I’m have a little obsession with money, because I don’t feel secure.

He has a few keys to being SUPER RICH.

Be grateful for what you have and serve others.

I am taking the first part to heart right now. I suddenly understood what Leo Babauta was talking about on Zen Habits when he talked about not setting any more goals. (Though I am not putting words in Russell Simmons’ mouth, his book was just a jumping off point).

How much is enough for you? Can you be grateful for what you have right now? If you stayed right where you are for the next ten years, could you be content? If you stayed where you are for the rest of your life, could you be content?  Do you need more? Do you really need more?

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