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Video game + Gilbert and Sullvian


Since I had to do SOMETHING other than obsesses over Alistair, Teagen, Anders, Bran, Isabella, Zev, and the rest of the Dragon Age cast, I bought Mass Effect 2. If you plan to play ME 3, there is a spoiler warning if you click through to youtube.

This will not be the last of of my Mass Effect post. Since I”m not that far into the game.

But anyway, I listened to this several times when I stumbled across it during my first Mass Effect Playthrough. Mordin is a scientist with odd sense of right and wrong, and an even odder manner of speaking.
But come on,  Gilbert and Sullivan‘s I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General where you least expect it.

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  1. I haven’t played a role playing game since…since my son moved out. we used to do it together – a wonderful way for mom and teenage son to spend some time together.

    • Aww, you’re a good mom. I”m pretty fanatical. I was going to say we, but I’m far more rabid than my hubby.

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