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Unexpected Romance


Readers love Corey Porter. I love Corey Porter. I’ve been asked many times to write another book about him and Nicole. I tried. When I attempted to inject conflict into his life with Nicole, he refused, saying he was really happy.

But I remembered he had a sister. And after some math, I realized she was old enough for her own story. And that Corey would be a protective big brother when she fell for, who else but, another hockey player. Someone who was a little like big brother.

I’ve never done a pregnancy in my books. I almost did in Summer Fling, but it never sat right with me in that book.

There are a few parallels with Unexpected Romance and my first pregnancy. I didn’t know my, now, husband long before our daughter was conceived. I was 21, like Tonya. And like Tonya, I was scared.

It all worked out. Thirteen years later, we’ve been married five now.


Here is the official synopsis:

Tonya Foster’s brother Corey has offered her the chance to do anything she wants. If she can figure out what that is.

Chris Boyd is temporarily sharing Corey’s basement with Tonya. He’s trying to make a good impression by keeping himself out of trouble. But Tonya offers an attractive distraction from his boredom.

Chris offers Tonya a distraction from her dilemma. Chris Boyd, a temporary resident, offers distraction from her dilemma. She accepts his company, knowing that his attention is like his presence, temporary.

When Tony finds herself pregnant, Chris offers to support her. She’s certain he feels trapped and his mother is certain Tonya’s after his money. Chris knows he wants Tony for the rest of his life. Can he convince her that his intentions are serious and sincere?

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