Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Top 3 ….


Somewhere in a group of crazy women we got to talking about our top 3. The people you want to have sex with. Down and dirty.

Uh just three? My fantasies are not made for monogomy.

a guy I knew ages ago who was a dom, and inspired so many things I wrote

Val Kilmer (in his Batman Forever or The Saint days, but even now I think he’s gorgoeous).

The guy that plays Eric or Deeks on NCIS: LA

And my own characters in the following order: Corey, Doug, Kip, Ky, and Scott. And Adam, right now I love Adam.

Also: Eddie Redmayne, Jeremy Renner, Mikka Kipprusoff, Alexander Skasgard, Joshua Jackson, Will Smith and a dozen other people I know/knew online.

It’s nice to fantasize, but I have no complaints with my hubby either. (Except that his job has too many hours and life gets in the way of an optimal amount of frequency. Also that we don’t have time or enegy for romance. “Do you wanna?” isn’t very hot).

well.. now that you know too much about my life.

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