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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

To do lists


Been working hard on Adam’s story. Oh yes Adam Johnson will get a chance to redeem himself. And then Up in Flames will move back to Alberta. I have plans. But Adam had to redeem himself first. I wrote the first draft and then I figured out my heroine so I’m onto draft two.

So the to do list

1) write this story

2) Reformat an epub for Smashwords of Second Chance Romance. They are unhappy with the same thing Amazon was unhappy with, forced formatting or something. I don’t know. It’s broken. I need to fix it. And since I reformatted for Amazon, they have been complaining about indents missing. So, it needs a fix, ASAP.

2) Clean the house before my hubby leaves me.

3) Get food before the kids starve.

4) Start exercising.

5) Edit Adam and Libby. It may have been previously reported as Adam and Mackenna. It wasn’t fitting. I want, somewhat desperately, to write a novel with the heroine called “Mac”. Amy was originally Mackenzie “Mac” Black. But it didn’t fit either. So Libby for now. I may still change it, I’m not loving Libby. I have a name guru in a group I run with, she’ll help me.

6) Figure out what project to finish next. I have three I have wanted to write for years, some of them. And I have two which have had at least two drafts each. But, nothing is working for me.

Truth is I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I won’t release a story unless I love it. So, it really touches my heart, really it does, I get so excited about this stuff, when someone lets me know how much they loved the stories. It really makes me want to keep going on days when I want to give up ’cause “it’s too hard”. Yeah I’m a whiner. There is nothing I’d rather do than wrangle plots, but some days, it would be easier to just have a day job.

7) Get a new picture of myself for social media. My picture is nearly 3 years old. My son was  6 months old in those pictures and there was more of me in those ones. And my hair was crazy short ’cause the crazy hair dresser chopped it off really badly. I had it cut last June, but I haven’t since.

8) Catch up with everyone. I kept the internet off as a motivational tool. Also I’ve been trying to go to sleep before 3 AM. Or even anything ended in an AM type time.

I’m sure there is more stuff going on. Let me know what you’ve all been up to.

Love you

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