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Timelines are problematic


I have a timeline of everything that happens in the Up In Flames universe. I have to keep a timeline, not knowing when things are happening drives me crazy. I’ve written books where I didn’t keep track of time and it would be Monday and three days would pass by then it would be Tuesday. I’m sure there are calendars in text files on my computer of entire relationships. Especially when I’m randomly sending the players on road trips. (Why do they always seem to be about to leave town? Or out of town?).

The earliest date is Rick’s birthday. Rick is Nicole’s ex husband and the oldest “character” I needed to track age for.  The latest date is 2015 when Corey and Nicole’s son is born, followed by Tony and Chris’s daughter Macy.

This means Liz and Darren’s story isn’t set until 2015. The dates really could be fluid, except I put them in Second Chance Romance. I never planned this to span 10 novels.

In Unexpected Romance, there was a scene where Tony and Chris observe Jessa’s patent teenager longing for Colton.

I looked up the dates.

October 28, 1998 Colton Daniel Tressor is born: Mandy’s son.
Tanner Wilkes is born: Nicole and Rick’s son.

2000 Jessa Wilkes is born: Nicole and Rick’s daughter.

Making her 14 and the boys 16. Eek my babies grew up!!

I have planned their romance in my mind. It’s so sweet. And I refuse to say anymore.

Except I don’t know if I can write about my babies having sex, once they are legal age of course. They are my fictional children. This might be a closed door, fade to black book.

Can you handle Colton and Jessa growing up? Could you handle them having a mature relationship? if I write this book would you rather I wait until their ages fit my timeline or should we just press fast forward and I’ll slot stories in the interim years later?

I have plans, but man, PLOT BUNNIES.


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