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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Thursday Thoughts #1


Jeff Goins central piece is his writer’s manifesto and along with that he has a challenge to write one. To clarify my message, to hone in on why I write. I’ve written a couple manifestos in the past, but I’m really enjoying this one.

I write fiction that is:

1) Romance

Romance gets a bad rap, something for women. Pictures of flowers, candy, trinkets float through our heads.

Romance is a flowery word for relationship and connection.

Everyone wants relationships. Everyone wants to connect to another person.

Romance is not a gender-centric idea. Everyone regardless of gender, sex, or orientation wants someone to connect and share our lives with.

Almost every story genre contains a romance in it, a relationship.


Romantic relationships, for most people, lead to sex.

Sex is pleasurable, Sex is natural. Sex is connection, intimacy, release, and creation.

Sex is whatever you want it to be and more.

For myself, sex is a challenge. I struggle to express my sexual and sensual being freely. Sex was a childhood wound, and I’m working on making it an act of connection, intimacy, release and creation.


Characters in my fiction grow. People in real life grow and change. Relationships often reflect our wounds and challenge us to grow. Sometimes we can’t rise to those occasions, but in fiction, the characters always grow together, stretch themselves to be the person who can love and support their partner.

We are all imperfect beings. And we all want this connection and we all have a history and wounds that bump against our partners desires and history and wounds. And to connect, to really connect, we have to clear those up.

It’s not easy. But like characters in fiction we can do it.


I love me some angst. The push and pull of will she, won’t he? Will they kiss? Will they make love? Will they say I love you? I FREAKING LOVE IT.

My favorite book I wrote as It Was Always You. It was full of angst. Ben and Selene loved each other so much, but their own rules kept them apart. Unless their desire became too strong or inhibitions lowered and they lapsed. Only for a moment.

The push to keep in their identity, to protect themselves from pain and the pull towards the one they love gives me shivers. The best books I can find are page turners full of that push and pull that angst. I know that they will end up together, because it’s a romance, but how they get there is more exciting than the ending.

And then we hit the crisis moment where one person says “I can’t keep using my self control to keep you at arm’s length. Either you love me or you don’t.” And the person has to look inside and change or lose their perfect partner.

Its romance so they change, and the couple fall into bed, kiss, say I love you, and live happily ever after.

Beautiful words

I love words. I love that we created these letters to represent sounds, and then string the sounds together that represent the world Words are entirely made up. If we come across something we don’t have a word for, we make one up. And if it’s used widely enough, it becomes an official word.

I love that some words are forbidden for reasons we don’t really understand. I love that different words make you think of different things. Wet, soaked, sopping, damp are all variations of the same thing. But each one has a slightly different connotation, a slightly different meaning.

I love that words can have more than one meaning. Pussy, mine, patient, spare, ship. A ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships. (Google it). The only time incorrectly is spelled incorrectly is when it’s spelled incorrectly.

I hang out on a lot when I’m writing. Looking for just the right word to describe Chloe’s cunt, or TJ’s erection, or the feeling that shakes their bodies when they come. The shivers, the quivers, the trembles, or maybe a flutter, palpitation or vibration.

The right words will make you shiver and quiver or rage or cry or jump for joy. Only in the hands of the skilled creator who puts them together just so for you to consume. Or at least that’s what all of us writing are trying to do.

There it is the stories I tell, the characters I create, the worlds I spin, the reasons I write.


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