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Things I dislike: names dropping in music


I noticed this phenomena the other day. Not name dropping other artissts, but name dropping the person singing. It’s mostly in duets, but the occasional artist will name themselves (or Jagger).


Shakira and Beyonce in Beautiful Liar. (I like the song)

Justin Beiver and Nicki Minaj in Beauty and the Beat (also Nicki Minaj in Super Bass).

J-Lo ft. Pitbull in Get on The Floor.

I found a whole list of songs who reference OTHER bands/artists etal. You can read that list here:

I think it’s just such a weird trend. Every time it happens I think “well no one is ever going to remake that song”. And then I realize that hopefully, none of these songs that I’m listening to are going to be considered decent listening in 10 years. I’m still coming to terms with 90’s music being called “classic”. I am not that old for my music to be CLASSIC Rock already. no no no.

Any music trends that bug you? Or that you like?

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