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The worst thing I’ve ever written


I’m sure there are people who would argue my writing is bad. But, I wrote something when I was a teenager that was … unbelievable. There’s some back story to this, but I started thinking about this after talking to the girl behind the names, this evening.

back story

I grew up in a small town. A village. A hamlet. Population 400. True story. The population base of the school was higher, because there were a lot of surrounding farms. From Kindergarten to Grade 6, I went to school with the same basic group of people. There were some comings and goings. Like the boy in kindergarten, Danny, who moved away, my only memory of him was some older girls calling him my boyfriend. And some people came in, but most didn’t stick around.

Then grade seven, we moved on to high school. We made it.

Down the road about ten minutes to the west, there was smaller town. If you’ve ever seen Corner Gas, when they say the name of the next town, Woolerton, they spit. That’s how we felt about this town. Watch the first five seconds of this clip (watch the entire clip later). Everything you need to know about small towns is in Corner Gas.

Their “high school” closed was shipped to ours. High school was grade seven through twelve. And we got a bunch of new students. The first day they walked into the room, one of my classmates ordered them to the other side. The merger brought us two new girls, for a total of six of us (in grade 11 there were seven, when someone moved to town. Seven girls, seven deadly sins. I got lust, but I digress).

For a bit the six of us were best friends. Inevitably, we broke off into groups, cool kids and not. (I was in the not). But, we were best friends.

One of the girls had the idea that she could make up names for her future children using our middle and first names reversed. Drea Ann, Lora, Robyn, Raelyn, Kinley (which was actually her mother’s maiden name, but was better liked) and one whose middle name I forgot.

I got it into my head I should write a story based on us, using the names. The story would be set after our first year of college.

And that’s when things went downhill. *Please keep laughing to a minimum*

One girl (who had, at the time, moved in with her older boyfriend) got pregnant, but I adopted the child. And my mom was raising him while I went to school.  (What??)

Another girl was an alcoholic and … promiscuous. And unable to use birth control. Probably why I forgot her name, I don’t think I liked her much when I was writing the story.

One girl was living with her boyfriend, being a good Catholic , it was a chaste relationship. He had a yellow truck, that was her dream vehicle.

Kinley and I were room mates. I cannot for the life of me recall what I sent the other two off to do, but it was probably really, horribly bad. Can you believe these people talked to me after that?

As with most things I wrote when I was sixteen, I wrote a few dozen pages, got bored. I think I left it at my dad’s at some point and it disappeared from there. Probably for the better.

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