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The Chair: Masturbation Monday


Kylie sat in Brad’s chair. He wasn’t home yet. She usually knelt beside this chair, sometimes sat on his lap here. But she had never sat in it. Now she was.

She wiggled around in it. She imagined Brad kneeling next to her. That made her giggle. She pulled her skirt up around the waist. She trailed her fingers over her the crotch of her satin panties.

Her body hummed to life. She could have a little appetizer before Brad arrived. A small orgasm before he got here. She’d be wet and ready for him.

She lifted her hips and pushed her panties off. She wet her fingers with her tongue before pressing them against her clit. She moved in circles until she found the sweet spot, then she concentrated on that.

She heard the door open, but she was so close. A moan escaped her. She saw him in front of her, but she was so fucking close. She rubbed faster, harder. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her body.

She whined. He grabbed her chin and lifted her face to look at him. “You’re in my chair. And you didn’t even wait for me.”

“I didn’t think you’d be here for a while longer. At least another half an hour.”

“I left early. I would surprise you. But you surprised me and I missed the show.”

“I haven’t finished yet. I was so close to coming.”

“Were you? That’s a shame.” He pulled her hand up and sucked on her fingers. Fuck, that made her so wet.

“Can I finish now, please, Sir?” She pressed her lips into a small pout.

He let go of her fingers. “Strip down and start again. I want to watch.” He left the room and she took off her shirt and skirt. He returned with chair from the dining room and set it across from where she sat.

“All of your clothes, my beautiful slut.”

She stripped off her bra and panties.

“Ah there it is. Sit, please” He gestured toward his chair.

She sat again, feeling slightly self-conscious being naked in his living room, sitting on his special chair. The one he dominated her from so often.

“That chair is ruined,” he said. He picked up his phone. “Turn so your face is hidden. I want a picture.”

She turned and put her hands up on her face to obscure herself from his lens. The phone replicated the noise of a photograph being taken.

“Touch yourself my love. I want to see you come on your own fingers.”

She licked her index and middle finger then slid them over her clit again.

“Spread your legs. Put them over the arms of the chair.”

She followed his orders, keeping her eyes close. He was watching her with scrutiny now. She followed her pleasure and pressed against the sweet spot. She rubbed it fast and hard, wanting to get off quickly.

“Slow down. I know you’re a little frustrated. But I don’t want this to be over in a few minutes.”

She took a few deep breaths.

“Open your eyes and look at me.”

Her eyes fluttered a few times before her eyes focused on his.

“Do I look like I like what I see?”

She studied his face. “You do.”

“Then watch me watching you.” His voice was firm, almost angry. She bit her bottom lip, but kept her eyes on him while she masturbated for him.

“Come for me, my little miss slut. So impatient.”

“I know.

“Come for me on your fingers. Then I’m going to fuck you properly.”

“Help me, Sir.” She asked, looking up through her lashes.

“Kylie Anne, get yourself off.”

His voice made her tremble. “Order me again.”

“Little miss if you don’t get off Im going to spank you.

She pressed her fingers harder. His eyes on her was so hot, she exploded. She grabbed the arms of the chair to keep from sliding to the floor while her body shook. Her legs trembled the longest, but eventually everything cooled down. Brad lifted her from the chair and took her spot, then placed her in his lap. He kissed her cheek. “That was a nice welcome home.”

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  1. Love!

    And I’d probably be a little naughty like that, too. 😀

  2. Love the idea that she is sitting is sitting in HIS chair


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