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Thank goodness for spell check


So every time I type because it comes out ‘because’ unless I’m deliberately trying to mistype it of course.

I don’t know when it started. I suppose I could go check my old internet blogs and website, and I’m so not telling where those are. I was 18 … I’m 30 now. Yeah nuff said. And you’ll never find it. And if you do I will deny it was me.

All I really have to say is thank you for in-browser spell check. I now get those wiggly red lines under all my misspellings and can correct myself before I hit the submit button and forever embarrass myself.

My daughter just finished 4th grade. She was tested last year at a 8th grade level for spelling. They didn’t do this here (she was tested for reading speed and she reads like triple what she should be at with a 90% comprehension for silent reading, and double for reading aloud). Anyway, she spells better than me with spell check. If she hadn’t been so nervous at her spelling bee she would have gotten higher than 6th out of the entire school.

So anyway, spell check is a necessity in my writing life. Or my life in general. I was looking at my WIP and I had to turn off the spell check so those wiggly red lines wouldn’t glare at me. My fingers go faster than my brain so it looks like a fucking landmine hit my draft. Misplaced final consonants and transposed vowels. It’s first draft, if I stop and fix all my typing and spelling I will have no words left on my backspace button from overuse. Also they love to yell at me for being passive.

I am waiting on my final edits, yay, to be returned then I will do formatting for my latest Up In Flames series, tentatively called “Loving Again”. I have a theme going here with single parents, should I keep going on it? I should have a cover for everyone who has asked about my next novel.

I’m going to shoot for after the weekend, but no promises, I’m on a new babysitting venture a few days a week, and I have to have my niece over before they leave on holidays, otherwise her life will be in ruins because she didn’t see her favorite person on the planet, my son. (She is 12 and has Down Syndrome and she loves babies more than anything, and my son, who isn’t exactly a baby, in particular).

It’s long weekend in Canada? What are your plans?

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