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Tales from trick or treating

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Okay, too funny not to share.

Well not the first one.

We stopped at an elderly neighbours house and she was on the phone. She had tons of stacks of newspapers and other things  in her living room and was sitting in the middle. Totally reminded me of Hoarders, where the person has a path to their spot.

But what got me, was the stench of animal waste. I had not felt good all day and this nearly pushed me over the breaking point. Right in her doorway. She kept talking to me and the kids, and I grabbed my son (it was like -11 C and -15 or something with the windchill so we didn’t hit too many houses) and hightailed it out of there.

So we hit a couple other houses and my daughter kept aruging about outside lights being on vs just their inside lights. I told her a couple times that if the outside lights are not on, they weren’t doing candy. But some people, it was harder to tell. One house didn’t seem to have any lights, but thier kitchen was at the front porch and I could see people, so I figured they were open.

I am looking in the window and I see a guy running out of the room and down the hall. I SWEAR TO GOD, he was naked. And I’m stuttering a little, hoping Princess Sparkle was not looking in the window.

I looked back inside and caught the eye of the woman who shook her head at me. And then I had to look closer, becuase I thought she was nude as well. Turns out she had on a strapless tanktop.

Seriously people, invest in curtains if you are in the habit of going nude or even half-nude and if it’s Halloween. Even throw a sheet over that window. Man.

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  1. OMG…too funny. people are weird.

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