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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Summer Fling


Summer FlingSerena Miller is concluding her first year as a teacher far away from her overbearing, older brothers. She doesn’t realize the basement suite she rents used to belong to Kyle McLachlan until he bursts into the room on his summer visit. Serena’s crush on Kyle disappears as she realizes hes as bossy as her brothers. So why is she so unhappy about his inevitable departure?


He stopped at the bottom of the stairs to take a deep breath. Here he was, home again. He opened the door to his bedroom. At least the one he’d occupied until he left to play hockey just before his eighteenth birthday. He dropped his bags on the bed and looked around.

His mother had gotten a new bedspread. And decorated the room. He frowned deeply. It smelled too good in this room. Nothing like the musty basement bedroom of his youth. It smelled as if someone female now occupied the room.

“Shit.” Someone female did occupy this room. They had given his room away to someone else. He was too stunned to react to that knowledge. Why hadn’t his mother informed him of this move before he arrived? She had to have known he was going to go straight to his room. Or what had been his room.

Before he could gather his wits, let alone his bags, there was a shadow in the door way. The first thing he noticed was her long wet hair, slicked back from her face. He glanced down and found her wearing only a towel. He swallowed hard and wished he’d thought before he’d just barged in.

No wait, this was not his fault. His tongue darted out to wet his lips and he found his mouth had gone dry. He wasn’t quite sure why. She wasn’t remarkable and he’d grown used to having remarkable women through themselves at him on a regular basis. Well, not regularly. Frequently. Often.

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