Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



Submit. Surrender. Give in. Let go. Live in the moment. Acceptance. Be. Flow.

The mundane or spiritual surrender.

In any of the 12 steps program you are asked to surrender to a high power. Religion and prayer are about the same thing. Giving over to a higher power.

You don’t need to subscribe to any religion to submit. The act of letting of of control is freeing, liberating.

You don’t have to get on your knees and pray, but doing so deepens the experience. It is a physical cue that you are getting real about surrender. You are going to be in the moment. Right here, right now.

That is the mundane, everyday submission practice: to the higher powers, to the Universe, to yourself.

Then there is the more erotic version.


At least it is erotic to some of us. Submission to a dominant, another person.

You might hate the idea. You might resist. You might be afraid to give it try. Give it a try.

Or maybe you are drawn to it. Kneeling at someone’s feet, following orders; being at their mercy turns you on. Or maybe holding the whip, being in control of someone else is what does it for you. Embrace it. Go for it. Ask your partner.

CSI: Las Vegas did a couple episodes over the years on Domination and submission. I recall Gil talking to a Dominatrix Lady Heather (portrayed by Melinda Clarke) and say something along the following: In a consenting D/s relationship, it is the submissive who has the power. The submissive has the power to use their safe words and stop the action. On the other hand, the Dominant has to listen and actually stop.

Maybe all control is an illusion, a story we make-up. In the end the only control we have is over ourselves. That is what surrender is about, letting go of trying to control everything else.

Overall, playing with power dynamics is a lot of fun. Letting go or taking control can everyone a new perspective.

Do you submit in everyday life? Are you a submissive or Dominant in the bedroom? Do you practice surrender anywhere? Do you think control is an illusion?

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