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Stupid $%^&*() password


My wifi card crapped out on me sometime the middle of June. I left it for a while, thinking I’d be more productive. I wrote more, but it put me behind on blog reading and way behind on Social media interaction.

So off we go to Future Shop (Canada’s best buy). I used to live in a place that had both best buy and future shop and other places. But here you have two independent computer shops and Future Shop.

I researched it a bit and decided a USB wireless would work out. Hubby wanted me to buy a new laptop and give this one to our daughter.

Anyway, I schelepped down and found one in my price range (low to mid-priced). I bought it, did some other running around, anxious to get home and have my wifi restored to the bedroom.

I couldn’t do anything until Sunshine Boy went down for his nap. Touching the computer while he’s awake means he’ll either run over and push the sleep button repeatedly until I’m insane or he’ll find other trouble.

Finally he went down, I unwrapped my new shiny thing for the week and wondered why it had a cord with a usb end.

I read the instructions, which were in French and Spanish- no English, while the computer booted. Then I popped the CD in and waited some more.

The driver installed and then I followed the directions, plugging it into the computer.

Despite sitting 3 feet apart, the USB could not find my modem. It did find six others in the vicinity, but not mine. I finally got it to find mine and Sunshine Boy awoke, he’d been asleep for about 20 minutes so I went to cuddle him back down, laptop on my lap.

Found my modem, lost it, found it. Tried the long cord with the support end. i realized that using it was was a necessity.

Then for the next two days I could only get limited connectivity. SO I searched on line. It’s a DCHP issue. I know more about DHCP then I ever wanted to know and I have no idea what it stands for or why my internet didn’t like DCHP.

It was like watching a bad date. They had nothing in common. DCHP wouldn’t accept my computers overtures of affection. DCHP was DNS blocking me. Bastards. It got to the point where I was begging the DCHP gods to grant me my connection. I need it (my daughter asserts I never NEEDED the internet, but she hasn’t hit the teen years yet).

Back to the God-given Internet. (I saw someone post a Facebook forward “If you pass this on within 5 minutes, God will do you a favor within 120 seconds”. Right, God is watching my Facebook feed I’m sure). I needed to modify my registry. First back it up, then search for my controller registry assignment, which is buried about 15 layers deep. Then go find it in my internet settings, 15 layers in another file system, then add a file and modify a value.

save, reboot, plug in. still limited connectivity. They had some “other” suggestions for me this afternoon. Reinstall the driver, driver up date and somewhere I stumbled upon someone saying they’d get limited connectivity if the password was off.

yeah, three days of work, searching, poking at my computer and it was the password. I never did figure out the proper WEP key as I triple checked and i had the right one. I changed to WPA and it works fine. Now I have to reset all the other wireless devices in the house.

I have internet in the bedroom again. It’s slow like dial-up, I can’t load more than one page at a time, but I can read my blogs and visit on Twitter and I can sync my Dropbox.

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  1. Oy! This is when I throw the laptop at my husband and tell him to fix it. Yeah, I know I’m not doing myself any favors with that, but at least it will work and I’ll save myself the freaking headache/temper tantrum. That, and I only understood about half of what this post said. I’m a technodork and proud of it. Kind of. I hope it all gets worked out so you’re zipping through cyberspace like an errant jedi knight hunting down sith lords. Or something like that.

  2. i so get it. my sil does all this for me and although he occasionally sighs heavily, i t’s worth it so I don’t throw the darned thing out the window.

    by the way, i meant to comment last week – i hired an editor for my book as well. got tired of the comments so I got the 3rd editor to go thru it. sheesh

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