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Stats junkie (TMI editioN)




So, I wrote about 50 Shades and caning versus Canning and it got me a gazillion hits. And 3 comments. So thanks for that. But those page views and site hits are starting to dwindle and I’m feeling like I need a infusion of stats. I am no longer happy with 10 page views a day, I want a hundred.

I could write about all the 50 Shades of Gray “copy cats” or follow-ups being served for the masses. I feel sorry for author’s who get promoted as “if you loved FSOG, you’ll love this as well”.

I could write about the women who attempted to have FSOG lingerie parties, but received a cease and desist letter from James. But you could Google it yourself and boggle over a woman who published Fan fic telling people they can’t use her idea either. (Besides, I didn’t think titles could be copyrighted. At least in the US it cannot, but it can be trademarked, but FSOG has not yet? If they are pursuing it, does that mean it can’t be used by someone else?)

I think if could get those topless photos of Kate Middleton that would garner me a few hits, but they were destroyed I’d believe and Ii I was going to post photos of naked anyone, I would want the model to give consent. And the only person I’d be willing to ask is myself and I really have no qualms about it except my husband’s objections. I’m still nursing so half the population of the small city we live in has seen them in the past year. He’s always pulling them out for me to show off or unlatching and running away before I can pull up my shirt.

What do you think would “asrai topless” gain me more hits? I’ll add it to my tags and let you know if it does.

I’ve been looking on Amazon at some books I’d like to own for reference and every time I’m still shocked by Kindle prices being significantly higher than the paperback. It pisses me off actually and some of the time I’m tempted to not buy any copy of the book. I know it’s like not seeing a movie because of something the actor did in real life. No one is going to feel me not buying it, other people will and my silent protest, means NOTHING to anyone.

And the last thing? DO you have a belly bulge? That lower belly pooch. It may be from tight hip flexors are. and according to Pinterest, there is an easy way to combat the issue.

From ovulation to menstrual bleeding, my hips shift to a bad place, they feel “out” of place and my entire body suffers. My family suffers, I am crabby and whiny (oh I whine A LOT). Right now my neck is sore on the right side and my shoulder is on the left (I did the above exercise but it made my shoulder hurt).

And last, but very not least, happy birthday to my favorite 10 year old.

If you have any ideas for how I can feed my need for hits, other than writing useful content, let me know in the comments.


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  1. LOL I can relate! You tags (and the post) made me smile. Hopefully that’s worth something!

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