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Speaking of Doms, Subs and Erotica…

When I wrote about Closer by NIN, I meant to follow it up with the following:


I read an erotica book last weekend. It was an BDSM book, total submission. The characters annoyed me, they were kinda flat and lacked motivation for their actions, the book spun around the submission theme.

The heroine has a Master at the beginning, he not only controls their relationship, but also the heroine’s career. And she wants out, we don’t really know why, other than she doesn’t like how controlling he is to the point of kind of being abusive, I guess.

This master was the only character I was interested in. His brutality, ruthlessness. His demands for total control. He left me all ashiver and I spent the rest of the book hoping he’d come and take what was his. He was given the heroine for awhile because she wasn’t entirely over him. But when he came back, he was a bit weak and didn’t have the same “you’re mine” brutality and control he showed earlier.

So I’m toying with the idea of writing this Master the way I’d like to see him. I’ve never been succesful at writing anything erotica that was longer than a blog post.

Maybe I’ll just resurrect my old series on my smut blog about Slave, Master and his wife. *link not safe for work, children or people who are not into explicit sex, whips and chains and pain, and things like that.

I think what I have in mind would work well with Slave’s Master.
It is a really good thing my son is going to playschool this fall. I might be able to get some of my ideas on paper.

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