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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath


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I don’t read reviews and I often skip emails from readers. I know I should reply to them, but I can’t.

Sometimes I get masochistic and read through some. And I then I get depressed for days or hours. I feel sick and embarassed and angry that someone disliked my books. Becuase it’s like disliking me.

And there is always some truth in those reviews. I did not start out with a professional book. Second Chance Romance is so very weak compared to my later books. It lacks in plot and it wasn’t edited for ages.

Mistakes were made.

I’m still making them.

I used to say I hadn’t gotten noticed until I got some one star reviews and hate mail.

Guess what? I have arrived.

I do  have fans. I have people who write me telling me they love my books. I should be focusing on them. I have 65 subscribers to my email list.

Some people will sneer at that number. But to the teenage girl from a small town in Saskatchewan, that is a HUGE amount of success. Since third grade, all I’ve wanted to do is write. There is a part of me who would rather not share my writing with anyone ever. But that’s really not realistic.

I’ll write a book I love, with characters I love and have it proofed, edited etc to the best that can be done with what I have and then readers can do what the want.  To each their own.

How do you deal with self-doubt?

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