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Second Chance Romance on Re-Release


Well, I finally put on my big girl pants, admitted my mistakes and got Second Chance Romance edited by someone who wasn’t me. *Sigh* Part of it was shame and part of it was money.

Anyway, I’m trying to just let that go and move forward.

I’m going to leave it free/99 cents for the rest of the summer, while I work on getting Summer Fling and Complications over Coffee done. While they are much better than SCR, they do need the same treatment.

And then I’m also getting two new books ready for release this fall and winter.

But for now, Second Chance Romance is available at Smashwords and Amazon.

And, I’m offering cookies freebies for people who write me a review. I can give you a free copy of one of the books that are available now (via Smashwords coupon or I’ll just send you the file in  your preferred format). Or if you can wait a month or so, you can get a free copy of my next release.

I’m only asking for honest reviews, of course. I really want to get the word out that the book has been redone.

Free Books For Reviews Details HERE:

If you review my book after this date and want a free copy of any of my other books (or the next one), send me an email at asraidevinAT@gmailDOTcom and let me know what you would like and I will send it out ASAP.

I will be getting new cover art in the next week or two as well, but I could not wait to let people know.

Hope your summer is going as well as mine.


  1. Wrote a review on Amazon. Keep up the writing. Written under Joann Yarrbrough

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