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#Row80 Checkin


I haven’t done a check-in for ROW for so long I couldn’t even recall when the dates where going up or down.

I have been struggling with getting an idea past the planning stage. I start planning it and it looks good, I’m excited about my characters and the premise. Then I get to the plot and I realize I have no idea how to get from point A, beginning of the book, to Point B, my perceived end of the book. Just  wholesale, no ideas for decent conflict or knowledge about how the narrative will work. I suppose I could just fudge everything, but that makes for really bad books.

Anyway, well, here is the State of Asrai’s writing career.

Did my edits on When Love Knocks, finally have a title and I owe my best friend and beta reader 0.1% of royalties for this book or something. at least a nice gift certificate for a massage or a night out. SOMETHING. I hate titles.

Anyway, I nearly threw up when I opened the edits. But then it turned out they were wonderful and I am happier with the book than before. And Now I’m chomping at the bit to get Second Chance Romance edited.  After the next paycheck comes in probably. We’ll see. I want the story to remain the same, but the typos and bad spelling, grammar and missing commas to be fixed.

I brainstormed on promotion vs. writing the next book. And the general consensus is: write the next book.

Happy birthday to my Husband. Love you sweetheart. The best thing was we ate out Friday night because we never know if he’ll be home for supper or not, and my fortune cookie read “This evening will bring romance” or something like that. It’s a good thing when a fortune cookie tells you about your romantic prospects. (He doesn’t read this blog so he won’t get the message anyway).

We went to my cousin’s wedding dance, which was supposed to start at 8 PM. We got there at 8:30 and they were still doing speeches. We found my brother (my dad had to leave because he forget his pain pills at home, he had back surgery at Christmas) and found out they had the wedding ceremony almost 1.5 hours late because the bride got lost (well actually her limo couldn’t get to where it needed to be so they had to around). That needs to be in a novel somewhere. The groom freaking out because the bride hasn’t arrived, did she get cold feet? Someone can steal it if they want, I have no wedding scenes planned … yet. But I want a thank you!

And last but not least, I think I finally have another round of Amy and Scott planned out. Originally Amy was Mac and Scott was Corey Porter. I wrote the entire novel only to toss it, thankfully, Corey’s story, Complications over Coffee, is better for it. But I have written Amy’s story three more times since then, and it never turns out the way I want it to. I think I figured it all out. Again. Try it once more.

Okay, hope everyone out there had a good week, month, few months.

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  1. It seems that round two of ROW 80 has provided challenges for almost all of the participants. I know I had my issues this round.

    Here is something to consider when beginning a new book: before you write any story (plot),write out the back story of each of your characters, starting with your antagonist; writing through your antagonist first makes it easier to see why there is a conflict with your protagonist, which should be the second character whose back story you write. For more on this concept, I suggest Kristen Lamb’s blog at Again, just something to consider.


    • my book false starts have been via plottting ala holly lisle’s how to think sideways course. So i haven’t been invested. My thrown out novels seemed sound until I read as a whole and they were just lacking something.

      i like her character planning stuff- getting motivation and the like down, when it comes to plotting scene to scene , I can’t. I can’t even do her candy bar scene stuff. But the character is more what you were talking about.

      i love Kristen Lamb I read her site religiously. i’ve taken courses from her.

      Thanks for the comment, sorry my reply was a bit ranty.

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