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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



This is an ongoing series of a couple. You can read their previous stories here and here. Not entirely necessary but it explains their dynamic and characters, because these are getting long enough without adding in character description. This one is a fun roleplay they do, since Kylie used to babysit Brad’s children (now teenagers).

Brad’s lips brushed against Kylie’s ears. “What if you were babysitting and you came across my porn collection? Would you watch it and touch yourself?”

She bit her bottom lip. “Maybe.”



“What if I came in and found you touching yourself?”

“You’d punish me?”

“I might take you over my knee and spank you. You want to play it out? Pretend you’re a teenager again, babysitting my kids for me.”

She nodded. She used to touch herself while thinking about him when she was too young. Now she’d been had by him so many times, but every time they were together there was something new.

Like roleplay.

He left her on the sofa and went to the TV. The sounds of a DVD being put in filled the silence. He turned on the TV and fast forwarded past the credits. Soon a man and a woman in a flimsy situation were on the screen. He exited to the kitchen.

Her eyes darted between the TV and the doorway. But when the woman’s pussy was on the screen, Kylie felt electricity between her legs. She lifted her skirt and pressed her hand there to soothe the ache. Her hand got bolder as the couple progressed to fucking.

She moved her panties aside and dipped her finger into her wet cunt. She smeared the juice over her clit. And then Brad’s shadow was over her, his body obstructing her view of the TV.

“What is going on? You’re watching my porn?”

She pulled her hand out from between her legs and sat up straight. “Um. Sorry?”

“Not as sorry as you will be.” He dug his hand into her hair and pulled until she was looking up at him. Redness crept into her face as if she was being chastised.

“I got bored while the kids were asleep. It’s not like they heard anything. Then I find out you watch it while they are sleeping too.”

“That’s none of your business.” He yanked her hair harder.

He let go of her and sat on the sofa. He gripped her arm, not hard enough to hurt. If she struggled it would and he would tighten his grip. She looked at him with wide eyes. “What are you going to do, Mr. Nash?”

“I should take you home and tell your parents what a dirty slut you are.”

“Please don’t tell them.” She fluttered her eyelashes. “Please?”

“Should I punish you myself?”

“Punish me?”

“Spank you. Naughty girls get spanked, right?”

“I-I guess. If I let you spank me, you won’t tell my parents?”


“All right. How?”

“Across my lap. Hands on the floor.”

She laid across his lap and balanced herself. He slapped her ass. She counted in her head while he did it. The porn still playing on the TV. His erection pressed against her and she knew she was sopping. And damn her ass stung in the sweetest way. She had no idea she would enjoy pain so damn much. She had no idea a lot of things until Brad showed her.

She pressed her legs together. He stopped slapping her ass. His hand pressed between her thighs. “Mr. Nash?”

“You are a dirty slut,” he murmured. “Look how wet you are from getting spanked.” His fingers against her panties ground into her pussy.

She moaned.

“You like that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Sit up.” She got to her feet, rubbing her ass. Fuck.

He pulled her down beside him. “We’ll watch porn together. You like watching porn?”


“Have you had sex before?”

She stared at the TV. And the woman riding the man and imagined it was her on top of Brad. Her tits bouncing. His mouth on her. Could they get to that part?

He covered her breast and massaged it. Then he squeezed until she whimpered. “Have you had sex? Or are you a virgin?”

“I’m not.” He released his hold on her breast and teased her nipple.

“How old were you when you first had sex?” His voice was a little firmer. This was Brad her boyfriend asking, not the roleplay.

“Fifteen. To my boyfriend. It was bad. Really bad. But we kept at it for a year and it was okay by the end. Then I upgraded.” She winked at him.

He nodded. Then he shook his head. “Do you like sex Kylie?”

“Yes, Sir.” She bowed her head.

“Would you have fucked me Kylie?” Out of the roleplay again.

“I don’t know.” Would she have? She didn’t know. It wouldn’t have crossed his mind. If he had asked her, she would have been powerless to say no. Just as she was now. She didn’t want to say no to him ever. She wanted everything he offered, she wanted more. She begged him for the pain and the pleasure.

“Take off your shirt. I want to see your breasts. Or I’ll tell your parents.”

She stuck her bottom lip out and unbuttoned her shirt. He preferred she wear a white blouse and skirt with stockings or knee high socks. Tonight she had the socks. Which, she supposed, inspired his roleplay suggestion.

She tossed the shirt aside. She sat back on the sofa and thrust her breasts out. “Bra too, or you’ll get another spanking.”

She made a show of sighing and removed it.

He patted his knee. “Come sit on my knee, my little slut.”

When he called her his, it made her insides flutter. When he called her a slut, it made her slippery.  She slipped onto his knee. He cupped her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts. Your nipples get nice and hard when I touch them. Tells me you like my hands. Does it make you feel good?”

She nodded.

“I want you to feel good Kylie.” His mouth came down on her neck, his fingers tweaked her nipples, pinching, pulling.

She squirmed in his lap, his cock twitched under her ass. “Stop rubbing your legs together,” his voice was gruff.

“I can’t.”

“Do you know why?”

She shook her head, playing the role of almost innocent girl. “No.”

“Your body wants me to touch you. It’s asking for me to get you off.”

She rubbed her legs together. Yes, she need his hands on her. His fingers pressing into her. His cock inside her, pounding her.

“Ask me to touch your cunt.”

“Please, touch my…” She didn’t need to pretend to hesitate here, she was still shy sometimes. “My cunt.”

His fingers stroked her slit through the soaking fabric. “Fuck, you’re soaking.” He pushed the crotch of her panties aside and pressed two fingers into her. She squeezed her eyes shut as they slipped in and out of her. She arched her hips, trying to get more.

He pulled his fingers from her and rubbed them on her lips. “Taste yourself.”

She sucked his fingers into her mouth, using her tongue to lap up every drop. His fingers pulled from her mouth with a pop, and he grabbed the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips to let him remove them.

He slipped out from under her. He knelt in front of her and pulled her ass until it was on the edge of the cushion. He pressed his mouth against her cunt. She spread her legs and relaxed against the back of the sofa. His tongue slid along her slit, then split her open.

She ran her fingers through his dark hair, silky between her fingers. His tongue flicked against her clit, and she shuddered. She pressed against his face, trying to ride him.

He pulled back and grabbed her hips. “Be still, or I won’t let you come.”

“For how long?”

“As long as I want. I’ll get you right to the edge and then stop.” His eyes narrowed up at her.

She sat back. “I’ll be good.” He did to her one night, three times before he let her come.

“I know you will.”

He pushed her legs apart and used his fingers to open her. She watched as his thumb brushed her clit. Then his tongue and that was it. She pressed her hands into the sofa as she came apart. The orgasm ripped through her without warning. He held her against his mouth as he ate her through the aftershocks.

When she slowed down, he sat up and kissed her. “You taste like heaven,” he whispered against her lips.

“Are you a good girl, Kylie?”

“Yes, sir. I try to be.”

He got up and changed the DVD. “We’ll watch something new while I teach you how to touch me.” He shed his pants while he fast forwarded through the opening scene. “If you want me to believe you’re a good girl, you need to know how to please me. Do you want to show me what a good girl you are?”

“Yes sir.”

He took her hand and pressed it to the bulge in his briefs.

“Slide your hands inside my shorts and stroke my dick.” She did as he instructed. His hand came to her scalp and massaged. “Good girl. That’s my good girl.”

She watched a new couple fucking on the TV. She had missed the premise behind this one. She wasn’t sure it mattered.

“Have you ever had a dick in your mouth?”


“Have you ever sucked cock?”

She shook her head. Fake Kylie didn’t, she hadn’t.

“Time for you to learn. Like a good girl. On your knees right there.” He indicated the spot in front of him. She withdrew her hand and knelt on the floor. He removed his briefs, his dick waved before her face. She reached for it then, recalled she was waiting for his instructions. She rested on her heels to wait for him.

“Wet your lips.” His fingers massaged her scalp again. “Open your mouth, but relax. Take the tip of my cock inside. Swirl your tongue around the head. That’s my girl.”

She followed his soft voice. Slowly, she took him deeper. Her hand cupped his balls, fingers feathering the soft skin. She wrapped her hand around his base while she bobbed her mouth along his ever hardening length.

“I’d love to come in your mouth, watching you swallow. But I have to finish up with you and get you home.” His hands in her hair pulled her off his dick. “I guess we should hope for your sake I can go slow.”

He pulled her around to the edge of the sofa. He pressed her onto the arm rest, her arms flopped onto the seat cushion. He plunged a finger into her cunt again. “Are you still wet or did sucking me off get you wet again?”

“Both,” she groaned.

His thighs bumped the backs of hers as he positioned himself against her. He thrust into her without warning, without further pretense. “Umpf.” She tossed her head against the cushion, her face almost pressed into the back of the sofa.

She squeezed her inner muscles around him. He groaned. “You know more than you show,  you little slut.” His voice was close to her ear, then he raised himself and fucked her hard. He gripped her head and pulled her head back, his hand wrapped around her throat lightly as he took her.

She was so close to coming when he grunted against her shoulder, shuddering. He pulled out of her and turned her over. He took his cock in his hand and stroked himself furiously until he spurted on her stomach, up to her chest. “I like seeing you painted in my come.” His shoulders heaved while he came down.

She was still on edge. So close it hurt.  “I need to come,” she whimpered.

Mmm. Have you been a good girl? You already came once.”

“Yes.” She squirmed under him. “Please sir.”

He brushed his finger over her clit. She tried to move her hips to get more friction. She was a little surprised and grateful when he pressed harder, his finger on the spot that made her quiver. She closed her eyes and indulged in the sensation building until it overflowed and she released.

“Good?” he asked.

She opened her eyes a little. “Much better, thank you sir.”

“You were a very good girl tonight, Kylie.”

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