Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Punishment, submission and pleasure


If you have not read The Poker Game, stop and go read it. These are the characters. I’ve been playing with them a bit, seeing if there’s a full story there or not. This one got away on me a little. It’s long.  3000 words long. Also if I screwed up and called her Kaylie, it’s because I couldn’t decide on Kylie or Kaylie. 


“Crawl to me,” he said. I dropped to my knees and crawled across the floor to his chair.

“Kneel there.” I eased up on my knees, my feet tucked under my ass.

Brad looked me over. I smoothed my hands over my top and skirt. Did I pass? I dropped my head, so I was looking at my hands folded in my lap.

He caressed my cheek, then guided my head up, so I met his eyes. “Nervous, miss?”

“Yes, uh, Sir?” What was I to call him?

“Since you liked it so much last night, you can call me Mr. Nash.” I sighed with relief that he could read my mind. “It adds a nice layer of naughtiness and submission.”

He got it. He got me. A smile crept onto my face. He held me from ducking my head.

“You look very nice, miss. Exactly what I imagined.”

“Thank you, Mr. Nash.”

“You still need to be spanked for last night’s transgressions.”

I gulped. I bit my lower lip and fiddled with my skirt. I had thought about it a lot today. I tried earlier in my room to spank myself to test it, to see how it felt.

“Never been spanked?”

“As a kid, a couple of times. Never…”

“By a lover.”

I exhaled. Brad Nash, my lover. It felt grown up and illicit. I shook my head. “I tried it on myself earlier today.” My cheeks heated and my eyes darted away.

His thumb stroked my cheek and he smiled. “Did you? How did it feel?”

“It hurt a little. Most it made me tingle.” My hand pressed down between my thighs as they came together.

“Did you touch yourself today?”

“Yes.” Twice but I kept that to myself.

“I would have liked to watch. Another time. Up on my lap now. Feet and hands on the floor.”

He guided me face down over his knees. I closed my eyes as I balanced over him, my ass in the air. My stomach fluttered as he lifted my skirt. He stroked my underwear, red satin. “Very lovely arse.”

“Since you are new, I want to warm you up before I deliver your punishment.”

“I trust you.” The words fell out of my mouth before I could think.

“That is one of the nicest things you could say to me. Before, if it’s too much for you, you must tell me.”

“Safe words.”

“I thought this was your first time?”

“I’ve read books,” I muttered.

“Ah so you know, red to stop, yellow to slow down, green if you are good. I want to push your limits, not break you.”

“Red to stop, green means go.”

“Do not grit through it. I am trusting you to communicate your limits. It’s not a competition.”

I wanted to get started, so I wasn’t anticipating anything. “I’ll do my best, Sir.”

“Good girl. Are you ready?”

Not really. I didn’t know what his warm up would entail. Safe words I reminded myself.

“Yes, Mr. Nash. I’m ready.”

The first slaps on my ass were so light it was more like patting me on the bottom. But they got harder as time ticked on. He stopped when they were not stinging. “Why am I punishing you, Kylie?”

“For calling you Mr. Nash.”

“For disobeying. Do you like being hurt, Kylie?”

“Not really, sir.”

“Will you disobey me again?”

“No, Mr. Nash.” I wanted to laugh when I said his name because I was being punished for the same thing. I expected if I laughed right then it would add more to my punishment. I wanted him to hit me so we could be done. The idea was turning me on and if he delayed any further, I might rub myself against him.

The first spank made me jump and squeal. I wanted to rub the spot, but I had to keep myself balanced. “Nineteen more,” he said, right before his hand came down on my ass. He counted as he spanked me, I squealed each time.

After ten he rubbed my tender skin. “Safe words, miss?”

I took a moment to realize he was checking in with me. He wanted to punish me, but only if I was okay. His hand slid down between my legs, rubbing my pussy. I closed my legs and rubbed against him. I couldn’t help it.

“Is this turning you on?”

“A little,” I squeaked.

His finger slid under the crotch of my panties and between my pussy lips. “A little? This seems like more than a little, Kylie.”

He pulled his hand away and it was suddenly in front of my face. He rubbed it against my lips. “See how soaked you are?”


“Are you still a little turned on Kylie?”

“I’m very turned on, Mr. Nash.” I wished I could look up at him. I couldn’t charm him from face down on his lap.

“Lick my finger clean, Kylie.” I followed his orders. “So what did you say about liking pain?”

“I said I didn’t like it sir. But no one as sexy as you has ever spanked me. I didn’t know it would turn me on.”

“You didn’t think I would punish you. Now you know. And you know pain turns you on. I will spank you a little harder this time. Say green when you are ready.”

I took a slow shaky breath. “Ready. Green.”

He lied when he said he would spank me a little harder. He spanked me a lot harder. At first it made me squeal, but then I got used to it, or something, and the last three just made me moan.

He rubbed my sore ass. “That’s a good girl,” he crooned. “You can get up when you are ready. But don’t move too fast.”

I lifted my head. “Can you help me onto the floor? I don’t feel steady enough to stand.”

With his help I eased onto the floor at his feet. I leaned on his knees, my breathing  calming. “That was lovely.” He dug his hand into my hair and massaged my scalp.

“We have a lot to talk about.”

“I thought this was about getting naked.”

“It can be. If you want. I want more from you.”

I wasn’t used to bluntness like that. More? What more? How much more? I wanted to fuck him and I figured that would be it. I wet my lips and he tugged my head back, so I was looking at him.

“We can take it one day at a time. I won’t cry if you say no, Kylie. There’s an attraction between us and I want to explore it.”

That laid the age difference between us so plainly, so black and white. He wasn’t a boy looking for a play thing.

He tightened his grip on my hair, his other hand cupped my breast. “You respond so beautifully to me. Don’t you want to see what you are capable of?”

He was a man looking for a play thing. I bit my bottom lip. “We’d have to keep it secret. For now. I wouldn’t want Dwight pounding on your door.”

“If you want. You are a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions.” I had never felt like that before. Still in college, still living at home. But he made me want to be that woman.

“I am.” I stretched up on my legs. “I want more too.”

He pulled me forward and kissed me. “Can you submit to me, Kylie?”

I’d read books on submission and Domination. Sexy books. Books that made me long for someone to spank me like Mr. Nash had done, for someone to order me around, for someone to make me want to submit.

“I’ll try. I’ve never…“ I swallowed everything I was afraid to say. I didn’t know how to do this. I’d dated my fair share, I’d had enough sex to know what I liked and didn’t like. This was an entirely different level. I’d never felt less like the grown woman in charge of herself.

“We’ll go slow. Submission is a journey, one day at a time. As long as you remember your safe words and use them when you need them.” His voice was firm, but somehow the commands were gentle.

“Yes, Mr. Nash.”

“Take off your shirt Kylie. I want to see what I won last night.”

“You won?” My hands trembled as I pushed the buttons through their holes.

“You’re kneeling here at my feet. I’d say I won.”

I smiled. “I think we both won.” Heat suffused me as I recalled his mouth on me last night. “Did you lose on purpose last night?”

“Of course not.” The look on his face led me to believe otherwise.

I pulled my arms one at a time from my shirt and let it drop to the floor. I waited for his next command, feeling sexy and exposed at the same time.

“Take off your bra.” This bra. It had taken me ten minutes to decide which color bra to wear whether I should go with a push up or not. I chose the black lacy one, not a push up. I dropped it on the floor with my shirt.

His fingers massaged my scalp. “Good girl.” He leaned back. “Tease your nipples.”

I cupped my breasts and rubbed my thumbs over my nipples, then pinched them gently between my index finger and thumb. “I like seeing a new lover touch themselves. I learn how they like to be touched. Come up on my lap and kiss me, my little miss.”

I was hardly little. My head was spinning. So much, so fast. I got to my feet and sat on his lap. He kissed me, his tongue swirled hers. His hand covered her breast, massaging the flesh. His lips pulled from mine and closed around the nipple. His tongue flicked over the nub which tightened in his mouth.

He pulled away and lavished the attention on the other breast. His hand slid up my leg and brushed against my panties where it stretched over my pussy. I tried to move my hips so I could get a harder touch, but he pulled away.

“You’re being a bad girl now.” He pinched my inner thigh. I winced. I was being a bad girl, he was teasing me and seemed in no hurry to fuck me.

“You’re teasing me.” My mouth formed into a perfect pout.

“And I’ll continue to tease you as long as I want. You already agreed.” He pinched my nipple. “Got it?”

I nodded, looking down out of shame. “Sorry.”

He twisted the nipple and I yelped. “It’s my job to teach you. Tell me about your previous sexual experience.”

What did he want to know? I bit my bottom lip and looked at his legs.

“Look at me Kylie. When was your first sexual experience?” He teased my nipple, light twists, gentle caresses. I forced my eyes upward.

“I had my first kiss and grope stuff around fifteen. The first time I had sex was my boyfriend when I was seventeen. I’ve dated some, had some serious boyfriends. I’ve had sex, but not like this.”

“Like what?”

My face heated. He would make me spell it out. “Kinky. Pain and teasing.”

He pinched hard and twisted my nipple. “Like this?”

I nodded, whimpering the only sound I could manage. He rubbed the sore spot, not letting me soothe myself.

“Like betting oral sex at your step-father’s poker table?”

I smiled. “That was a first.”

“What about anal sex? Has anyone fucked your fine ass, little miss Kylie?”

My mouth dropped open. I’d never considered, never been asked. I shook my head.

“So you like oral, you might like spanking and pain. You’re fucking gorgeous on my floor kneeling between my legs. And your panties are soaked.”

My head dropped again. “Yes.”

“Eyes on me, miss. All I thought about since last night is putting my cock in your hot, wet cunt.”

“Me too,” I whispered.

“Is that what you thought about while you touched yourself?”


“Come and sit on my knee again and tell me. See how far you get into the fantasy before I make you come. Take your panties off. I don’t want to see you panties in my house again.”

My eyes were wide as I looked up at him.

“I want access to your cunt whenever you are here.”

I pressed my legs together.

“Get up here before I spank you for disobedience again.”

I scrambled to my feet and shed my panties. He gathered my skirt around my waist and then pulled me onto his lap. “Lean back against me and tell me what you thought about.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back against him. His chest solid against my back. One hand curled around my breast, the other was warm over my pussy.

Talk out loud about what I fantasized about? While his erection pressed against the small of my back, and his hands were all over me.

“Take a deep breath.”

I followed his instructions. “I thought about if I had lost the poker game. Getting on my knees under the table, wrapping my mouth around your cock.” My voice trailed off. What did I think about next?

“Did I come in your mouth?” The flat of his fingers ran up and down my slit.


“Do you swallow come Kylie?”

“I have, I don’t like to. But in my fantasy I wanted to please you.”

“I would like to come in your mouth and have you drink it.” His fingers parted my pussy lips and traced around my clit. “What else?”

“Then you took off my shirt and played with my breasts.”

His fingers on my breast twisted my nipple while his finger brushed over my clit. “Yes, good girl.”

“Then you took off my panties and touched my pussy. Then you pushed me onto the table face down, my ass in the air and you fucked me.”

He slid a finger inside me. I moaned, his thumb pressed against my clit. “How did I fuck you?”

“Hard, fast.” he thrust his fingers faster, his thumb harder. “Like that. You could fuck me. I brought condoms.”

“I’m not done with you yet, Miss. I want you to come like this.”

“That was the end of my fantasy. I was already turned on, so I didn’t much to get me off.”

“Then focus on my fingers.” I rocked my hips in time with his fingers, and he stilled. I fucked his fingers while he teased my clit and wished he was inside me. I came with a whimper and three deep shudders. Then I sank against him.

“Good girl.” He pulled his hands away from me. I turned and saw him licking his fingers off. “Wanted to see if you tasted as good as I recalled.”

I wanted to ask if I did, but I couldn’t get it out.

“You do. But now it’s my turn to feel your mouth and then I’m going to fuck you.” He tweaked my nipples once more. “Up on your feet for a moment.”

I jumped up and stepped back.

“Clasp your hands behind your back,” he instructed. After I did that, and my breasts were on display, he stripped his clothes off. He was in good shape. Great. I wanted to run my tongue along his ab muscles.

“Like what you see?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled. “Are your knees sore?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good. Back on your knees over here.”

I knelt at his feet again. His fingers massaged my scalp. My eyes bounced from his face to his cock, looking impressive. His free hand curved around his dick and stroked. My pussy clenched.

“Your turn.”

My hand shook as I reached for him. I squeezed lightly and stroked my hand along the ridges. Imagining it in my mouth, in my pussy made me moan.

His hand on the back of my head encouraged me forward. I opened my mouth and sucked him inside, pushing my tongue along the underside. He guided me deeper until I resisted, then he let go.

I bobbed my head along his length until his thighs tightened against my arms. His hand grabbed her head and pulled her back.

“Too much foreplay.”

His hand grabbed my upper arm and pulled us both to standing. “Should I grab my condoms?”

“I have a pack in the bedroom.” He pulled deeper into his place, into his sanctuary. I had once went into his bedroom when I babysat, it felt forbidden then. And it was similar now. But he was naked and I was almost naked.

He pulled me against him, his mouth coming down on my hard, his tongue hot and fast. He pulled my skirt down, leaving me fully naked in front of him. He eased me back onto the bed. His mouth traveled down my body, searing my breasts, my stomach.

He plunged two fingers into my pussy again. “I don’t know if I’ll last inside something this wet and hot.”

His body heat left me and my chest heaved. He rolled the condom along his length. “This makes me feel as young as you are.”

I smiled. I would ask him later if the age difference bothered him. It didn’t seem too much. His feelings for me were evident as he settled between my thighs. And then he was inside me.

He held my hips, his fingers digging so hard as he pounded me. I felt relieved that he felt the same drive I did. Wanting release, wanting an end to the teasing that had lasted too long for me.

I wanted him to be pleased, to find release. I had come so many times. And it was building again. I squeezed my eyes closed. His grunts in my ear pushed me over the edge. My nails scraped down his arms. He nipped my neck, growling against my vulnerable skin when he came.

As we came down and our skin cooled, I realized that the end of the night meant I had to go home. And I didn’t know when I would see him next. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed myself closer.

He pulled back and looked down at me. I burst into tears. “Sub drop,” he said. He pulled me onto his lap and cradled me in his arms. “I got you.”



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