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project Tuesday: January 8


I opened the briefcase and words fell out

I opened the briefcase and words fell out (Photo credit: A river runs through)

It is Tuesday and that is the day I get to talk about myself and my projects. It is my selfish day and also sort of motivates me for what I’ll do for the rest of the week. My theme for this year, it seems, is going to be letting go. Everywhere I turn lately the need to LET GO of something slaps me in the face. Whether it be stuff or emotions or the need to be right or to be first, I need to let go. My project for the next three months is to get rid of the junk in this house. IT’s not even clutter anymore, it’s just junk. I have been holding onto stuff wanting it go to the right place. Mainly I want to sell it because I have a scarcity mindset.  Except in my deep heart I know no one is going to pay me what I want for the stuff I have to get rid of, and also that I don’t want to do the work necessary to sell the stuff at a fair price for myself and for other people. So, I have a  ton of piles of stuff that needs to go somewhere else. I will write about the letting go of emotions and need to be right and other letting go issues as I process them. My mind is percolating information. I have one two craft projects, but it’s almost the same project. If you aren’t into yarn you probably don’t know what Sashay yarn is. It’s lacy yarn and you take one edge and crochet it. The only application I have found is scarves and the occasional fringe on a purse or something. I have found no other patterns. Anyway, I am making myself a scarf, except I don’t really like the color so I’ll either give it to my daughter or niece or I will sell it. And I am making one for my sister-in-law. They are both half started or half finished. I need to find another application because everyone is wearing the scarves, by the time I finish this and then get the green Sashay I want, the scarves will be old business. And finally, I am so excited for this. I am making progress on my Romeo + Juliet/falling in love with the wrong person when you are bequeathed to another story. When I wrote it the first couple times, there was a Prince and she was the daughter of a high-ranking noble, except that it was a modern story. I couldn’t make the two mesh, where was this set, what was the whole royal family about, all that stuff. I don’t really want to do the research to make it historical. I also thought about making it a faerie/other world story, but other than setting there were really no magical elements to it. So I scrapped the nobles, made them rich and threw in another woman, making it not a love triangle but a square.  It’s really good times. I am enjoying it all. And I am going to see Les Misérables. Sometime if I can find someone to go with me. My hubby is really not into the whole musical thing, and he has to stay home with the kids. I’m thinking Aman, but she’s pretty busy with her new family right now. I’m almost to were I really don’t care who comes, I just need to see Eddie Redmayne. No it’s very important I have the right person to swoon over Eddie with me. Author’s using Amazon, check to see if yours is available. I’m seeing lots of people not show up. I have discovered that soaking my head with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil shampoo for 10-20 minutes rids me of the itching on my scalp. And Aveno body wash really helps with the rest. And my daughter started breaking out, and I found which suggested washing with oil and my skin is so soft. The last thing I have to do is order Playful Parenting on my ereader. And maybe something by Louise Behiel or C.C Mackenzie‘s new book caught my eye. I found out I do not want to switch Amazon Canada for the Kindle, most of the indie author books I read are not available there. I don’t know if they ever will be. Okay, that is a lot to do this week, so I think I should stop. I’m overly ambitious. I didn’t even write the house cleaning stuff that needs to get done. Let me know what you are up to this week.

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