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Project Tuesday: Jan 15 edition


Project Tuesday, where you get a little update on me. Feel free to share with me what you are working on.

Crocheting has been fairly well dropped. I was getting frustrated with the Sashay yarn. But that is not the main reason.

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The main reason is I have been writing and it’s taking up all my time. IT’s a wonderful feeling, as I’ve been struggling the last few weeks to hit the right note. I think I finally have with this one. Mostly. There are some details. Names, companies.

My last WIP that I finished involved a medium to larger sized business. This current one, I switched from royalty (becuase I wasn’t writing historical, it made sense to change) to upper class rich people.

So I was writing along, using Scrivener, which I’ve been enjoying, writing along to the plot I worked out. I opened OpenOffice for related reasons (see this really cool romance beat sheet) and it recovered the plot map for this story. Only the plot map was the not the one I had in Scrivener.

I had rewritten the entire plot (and this is the second novel I’ve plotted before writing the story. Although really I wrote most of an early draft of this story before I plotted this version, so I didn’t really plot the whole thing first).

The new plot was better. So I had to spend one writing session moving the new plot into Scrivner. With folders for Acts and Chapters. I’m using the beat sheet and trying to write a certain number of words per chapter. When I wrote Second Chance Romance, the scenes were originally about 1,500 words per scene. Or was that the NaNoWriMo I wrote after that SCR?

Anyway, I am hard at work and I swear this one is going to work out and you will have a new novel to read soon. Although it’s not hockey. (See, now my mind is thinking, maybe we could make it involve hockey … and horses. I’m so not going there).

And in big news, the NHL lock-0ut is over. Maybe if hockey returns and my hubby returns to watching I’ll get some hockey inspiration. I had an idea, but it really wasn’t panning out. Perhaps I should share these things with you all.

One last, an update from last week. I have two bags of stuff to take to the local charity reseller place. Ours is goes to run a shelter for women leaving abusive relationships.

And I’m going to see Les Mis this weekend. I’m all atremble. really.

What have you been working on this week?


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