Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



I decided that Adam is not going to cooperate. And Libby (subject to
change yet), isn’t going to start cooperating either.

So I’m at 30, 000 words.

Instead of finishing this book, instead of dealing with characters
who refuse to do what I tell them. I had an idea.

I am going to kill them in a fiery car crash.

As a friend of mine said: PlotplotplotplotCARCRASHdeath.

Sorry for everyone who wanted to see a happy ending to Adam’s life.
sorry to everyone, including my stubbron muse, who thought hew as
merely misunderstood and needed a little extra guidance.

sorry, sometimes people die before tehir time. Before they get a
satsiying ending to the world’s prblems, or eeven their personal
problems are resovled.

(Okay, I’m mostly joking. But there is a part of me who wants to do
this to a novel that I didn’t finished and then put it on KDP and
the rest, and see what kinds of reviews I get.)


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