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OUGH and my long term memory


Another high school story. But it starts with this card from Grammerly:

My high school English teacher was kind of an ass. He enjoyed saying things as they were spelled. Like saying the silent ‘k’ in the words ‘knife’ and ‘knight’. And scissors and so on.
I don’t recall the reasoning, but he gave us 8 words to write a sentence with. One of the words was “plough”, but he would pronounced it as if it rhymed with “rough”.
We all wrote our 8 sentences diligently. And someone said something about the world “plough”, but with correct pronunciation.
And a girl in my class says “Oh, that was PLOUGH. I didn’t know what “plough” (rhymes with rough) meant, so I didn’t write a sentence for that.”
It took her ages to live it down. And obviously, some of us still remember moments like that.
These are what I remember. But when I walk into a room, I can never remember why I went in there in the first place.  Do you have better long term or short term memory?

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