Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

On Hands and Knees


“You little slut.” Slave didn’t have to brace herself for the slap across the face. The blow knocked her back from where she was kneeling. It didn’t faze her much; her mind was racing to figure out what he’d caught her at today. Meanwhile, she brought herself to kneeling again.

Yesterday she’d failed to be ready for him when he got home. The day before she didn’t write her journal page for him. She could list her transgressions for the past three weeks. But, not today’s.

“Yes, Sir. I am a slut.” His gaze leveled on hers. “Your slut.” She hastened to add, “I am your slut sir.” She dropped her gaze.

It was too late. He slapped her again. This time it still stung, but left her sitting still.

“Apparently, you don’t remember the rules.” He snapped his fingers as he walked past her. “You’ll crawl for the rest of the night now. Unless reaching for something I’ve requested. Get me a drink and I’ll rest my feet while you can recite the rules. Again.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, she muttered inwardly, as she crawled behind him. He went to the living room while she went to the kitchen. She stood up and got the whiskey from the cupboard. She poured two fingers of the amber liquid into a glass. She tucked the bottle back in the cupboard and dropped to her knees. She clamped the glass in her teeth. Carrying things didn’t exempt her from crawling. She’d learned that the hard way a month ago.

She handed him the drink still on her knees. “I need somewhere to rest my feet.” That somewhere was her back. She crawled in front of his chair. He put his feet up on her flattened back. “Now you may tell me the rules. And we’ll see which ones you broke today.”

She spoke slow and loud, in a voice she still wasn’t used to using. “One, honesty at all times. Two, I will follow your command first, then I am Lila’s to command.” She stopped and took a breath, looking up at him. “Three, I will answer questions with Sir or Mistress. Four, I will maintain eye contact at all times possible.”

He was staring at her with no expression. She adjusted her legs a little and licked her lips. His eyebrows raised at her pause.

“I have four house rules. One, to do my daily chores first thing in the morning. Two, to write a page of my thoughts every day. Three, I am to be available for pleasure at any moment. Four, I am to meet you at the door kneeling every day. And I have three pleasure rules. One, don’t soil my panties. Two, I may come only with permission. And three, I say thank you after.”

She sighed and closed her eyes. Well, at least she’d realized what she’d done. “I’m sorry I broke the rules today, Sir.” Her panties were still wet from her encounter with Mistress Lila only 30 minutes earlier.

“I know you are pet. But to make sure I have to exact my punishment.” Of course he would enjoy it.

She wanted to protest. Mistress Lila had been so hot in bed today, moaning and squirming under Slave’s fingers. It wasn’t her fault she soaked through her panties.

She sighed. There were ways she could have kept her panties clean.

He took his feet off her back and put a hand under her chin, pulling her head to look at him. “You’re thinking it’s not your fault. You want to protest that it’s not fair.”

Rules one, honesty. She nodded. “Yes Sir.”

“We agreed on the rules, Slave. And you’ve demonstrated your knowledge of the rules. Where does that leave us?” He leaned back in his chair.

“I was wrong. And I deserve my punishment.” She was resigned to it now.

“Alright. In addition to crawling for the rest of the evening. I think twenty over my knee should suffice.”

“Yes sir.”

Lila spoke from the doorway. “And I?”

“Twenty from me. And ten from you my dear.” Lila crossed the room and knelt in front of the chair, near Slave’s feet. “Sit by me.” Mistress Lila stood and eased herself on the arm of his chair. She put an arm around him and kissed his cheek. “How was she? You may kneel slut.”

Slave came to her knees before them. She looked at the clock behind her. She hadn’t started supper.

“She was excellent, Master. Very thorough with her tongue. Very concentrated with her fingers.”

“And did you let her come?”

“No Sir.”

“Excellent. So she’s frustrated, already. Pity you are satisfied. We will give the punishment after supper. Slave, you may crawl to the kitchen and make supper now. Dishes will be done after your punishment.”

Slave nodded and crawled to the kitchen.

Forty minutes later she served Master at the table first. Then Mistress Lila. And finally, with a nod, Master gave her permission to eat. He added a provision, “Part of the punishment. On your knees on the floor.”

Slave merely nodded. “Thank you Sir.” She moved to the floor. It wasn’t the first time, and wouldn’t likely be the last. The first few times she’d felt degraded. And then it turned to shame that she broke the rules yet again. Mistress Lila reassured her at some point that Lila herself had eaten many meals on her knees while she was a new Slave.

After supper, Master reminded Slave to leave the dishes. She started to clear the table out of habit. She followed him on hands and knees to the living room.

He sat in his chair. “Take off your skirt and panties. You may stand.” She brought herself to standing, feeling relief in her knees. She removed her clothing and then he took her over his knee.

She squirmed on his lap. Earning her a preliminary slap that barely stung. “Be still while I do this, Slave. Now, count for me.”

The first three were light. He knew she could easily take more. He was teasing, testing. She only counted and made no other reaction. Lila was sitting on the sofa watching, intently. She so enjoyed these moments. Intimate as they were.

After six her ass stung. Slave imagined it was red. It would only be a problem for the rest of the evening, and she wasn’t likely to be allowed the chance to sit anyway tonight. Seven, eight, nine, ten. She was whimpering now after the blow, then gaining her composure to call out the number. Focus the mind, she thought, relaxing her body.

She braced herself for eleven. But he stopped. His hand slid between her legs. “Is this turning you on?” he asked, as he rubbed her bare pussy.

Her legs spread for him on their own. “Yes Sir.” He rubbed her softly until she relaxed. Without warning he withdrew his hand and smacked her again. “Eleven,” she said, her voice little more than a moan.


By the time he got to twenty she was crying out the numbers. Her composure long gone. He rubbed the reddened, swollen skin with one hand. Then he let it slip between her legs again, feeling how wet she was. “Do you like your punishment, slut?”

“No Sir. I mean yes. I don’t know, Sir.”

“Seems it does,” he said, thrusting two fingers into her open pussy. Without even thinking Slave’s legs opened for him.

“Turns me on,” Lila said, with a small smile.

Slave moaned and dropped her head. Half-hoping that he would take her to bed, instead of giving her to Lila. But, he withdrew again and put her to the floor. “Go see your Mistress. Let her finish and then you can do up the dishes before play.”

Slave crawled across the floor and then onto Lila’s lap. Lila’s skirt was soft on her skin, and Slave wrapped her fingers around the material, nuzzling her cheek against it.

Lila ran her hand over Slave’s red, heated ass. Lila rarely gave punishment. She had been with Master for years, but she suppressed her Dominant side for the entire time. In fact, it nearly ruined their marriage until she met Slave and found a way she could satisfy both sides of her personality.

“Slave will count,” Master said from across the room.

Lila was careful to conserve her strength during the early blows. Slave’s skin was already sore, but she needed to get it all in or else she’d end up over Master’s lap again.

Slave was wild in her lap by the end of the punishment. She lay limp over Lila, panting. Master came then and took Slave off Lila’s lap. Her caressed his wife’s cheek. “Good girl. Slave you may do your chores now and then join us in bed. Lila you may not come until Slave joins us.” With that he turned and left the room, leaving both women staring after him for a moment, before they launched into action…

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