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On Canadians


Okay we don’t all have the accent: aboot, hoose, but we do say things like -20 with the windchill. I have three different toques but none of them are John Deere, though one might as well be, it’s pretty green. Unfortunately the picture of me in that hat is missing.

They did miss the curling yell. HURRY HARD. Yeah, yeah. Sweep hard.

I’ve done a lot of curling in my life.

A Mickey is a 12 oz bottle of alcohol. A two-six is 26 ounce bottle, it’s actually only 25 ounces. Then a big bottle is a 40.

We do have a nice video of my brother givin’ ‘er across the dug-out on a skidoo.

My dad calls Canadian Tire “Crappy Tire“, it’s also known as Canadian Trash. It’s kind of like Wal-mart, without food and tons more automotive items.

Canadian Tire

I don’t live in an igloo, it’s not freezing the entire year in most places, I have never ridden on a dog sled (though a freind of my brother’s had sled dogs), and I have never actually played hockey, but I did attend a lot of my brother’s hockey games.

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