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Old TLC vs New TLC


You remember when TLC got popular, about 15 years ago. Maybe a little less, 12 or 13.

They had Trading Spaces, where they ruined a perfectly good room in a weekend, but the neighbour friendship probably stayed intact. Plus we got to look at Ty Pennington (his real name is Gary! He doesn’t look like a Gary! I didn’t know that).

Now, we have SOS Family, Toddlers and Tiaras, Big Fat America Gypsy Wedding and other classy shows.

They just released next years show list. It looks something like this:


I miss when TLC was just about watching people ruin rooms (and maybe a friendship or two). Instead we are watching people ruining their lives and the lives of others.

Instead of a weekend of people arguing with Hildi about putting hay on the walls, or arguing with Doug about, well, just about anything Doug did lead to an argument (and often, crying). (OMG Apartment Therapy did a Where are They Now? post on the designers).

Now, we have moms getting their toddlers waxed, plucked and made up with more make up than I’ve ever worn. People who pay nothing for thousands of dollars of processed foods and non-perishable household goods, and then stockpile them. Three years later, these are the same people who will appear on Hoarders because “it was such a good deal”. And the glorification of a woman who pops out a new kid every year and hands the next youngest to an older sibling to raise. (Also, check out blanket training which they’ll never show you on the show)

At least, that is if you survive the sugar shock from Cake Boss.

And we are all addicted.

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  1. You assume that ‘we’ are watching. There are other channels, like National Geographic, Science, and PBS, to name a few. That’s if one chooses to watch at all.

    • Someone is watching these shows. (Okay I’m watching the Gypsy’s when my hubby isn’t home).

      I try to keep the TV off when I can. I live video games better …

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