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Okay, I try not to be poltical


I mean on the blog I try not to be political. I’m Canadian so American politics are on my radar, what happens down there has effects on us. I have strong opinions, but this blog is not for me to talk about them. This is my fun place. My happy place.

But this video made me laugh hysterically. Someone took a lot of time to make this video.

oh there is an accompanying Obama one.


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  1. too funny Asrai. I pay more attention to us politics, because their races go on forever. and the nominees are often such characters….LOL too funny. Imagine men standing up making comments about pregnancy as a result of rape as if they know something about it. NOT. I was so insulted.

    and their media keeps paying attention to all the stuff. about as realistic as these two videos which had me wiping my eyes.

    • We definitely pay attention in our house (and are quite opinionated) but I keep it out of this blog and away form my writing stuff.
      I could NOT believe those politicians who have made comments about rape and abortion.

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