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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

October 19th check in


Write 5 days a week.

I stopped keeping track, but I have written sunday, monday and tuesday so far.

– Finish You Can’t Choose Who You Love (working title)

I will replot this later. I think I’ve got it.

– Finish edits on Hockey Novel #4

Working on this. I got good feedback from my betas on the bones of the story. I’m on chapter 9 of a read aloud. Then I’ll put it through Editor from Serenity again.

– write Hockey Short Story #2 (possible)

In thought. I might do one more novel as well. But, I’m not happy with the dark secret of the heroine.

– Blog as per course from Kirsten Lamb on Blogging

You are here aren’t you? I’m working on it. Still learning but VERY GOOD STUFF.

– Plot out next project (if the above gets done). I like to have extra goals.

See above.

Personal goals:

– Working social media during nap times as per We Are Not Alone

Connecting with more people everyday. m Klout is 42.

– Flylady-type routines in the house to keep the house under control

Still going strong on the homeblessing hour, working on morning, afternoon, evening routines and also doing my zone work. I hate zone work.

I’m enjoying the peer pressure of checking in on my goals and even when they slip my mind, they come back.

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