Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



She is more in love with him than anyone, any guy before. She can barely think about anything other than how to please him.

She craves the soft murmur of “Good girl” from his commands, marks on her skin from his teeth, mouth, hands, whips, knives.

She was addicted, obsessed. Her love so deep it hurt to breath.

She would do anything for him. Give anything to him.

She opened the door and slipped in, quietly. She kicked off her shoes. A dim glow from the street lamp lit the apartment enough for her to make her away around without running into anything. She locked the door behind her.

She surveyed the room with hands on hips. A naughty smile crossed her face as she looked around. First, the kitchen, looking in some cupboards and in the fridge. She found nothing of interest in that room, so she moved into the rest of his apartment. The computer caught her attention. But it wasn’t powered off and she wasn’t willing to wait for it. He likely kept it password protected and she didn’t have time or ability to figure that out. Too bad. It would be fun seeing what kind of porn he liked to watch. With a shrug, she moved onto the bathroom.

She flicked the light on and closed the door. She sniffed the soaps in the shower. A giggle escaped, but she tried to hold it.

She looked under the skin and decided that was enough snooping. She didn’t bother turning off the light when she exited the room.

She stood in the doorway of his bedroom, staring at the bed. It was too dark to get any good view. She had to stifle her a giggle. She wasn’t sure if it was from nerves or excitement. The only reason he said no was because he didn’t think I had the temperament of a submissive. Either way, she was going to prove him wrong.

He rolled over in bed and she jumped. She waited a few more moments to see if she had been caught. His breath was even and slow, so she decided he was asleep and sighed with relief.

She undressed, dropping her clothes in the doorway. She eased herself onto the bed, careful not to disturb you until the last possible moment. She held her breath waiting for him to take notice.

No reaction.

She shook her head and pulled back the blanket. She laid beside him, her body trembling. Excitement and apprehension ran through his veins. When he woke and found her in his bed, would he kick her out?

She closed her eyes and took several slow deep breaths. She couldn’t back out now.

She put her hand on his arm. In his sleep he brushed at it. She moved her hand up to his shoulder, then down his torso. She rested on his thigh.

She wanted to wrap her hand around his cock and touch him while he was not yet aroused. Or coaxing him awake by caressing his balls.

“Who is there?” he asked.


His hand dug into her hair and pulled tight. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to change your mind.”

“If we go through with this, you accept your punishment after.”

She nodded. “Yes, sir.” Her hand cupped his balls, caressing them, coaxing his cock awake and aroused at the same time.

His body turned to her and pulled her head so he could kiss her. Holding tight to her head, his other hand squeezed her breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples. His teeth nipped her skin. No spanking, but everything she expected. Everything she wanted.

Her hand rubbed up and down on his cock. It hardened in her hand, and the tingling went between her thighs increased. His hand rubbed between her sticky thighs. He found her clit and rasped his finger over the throbbing nub.

She moaned into his mouth and rubbed her body against his. His finger pushed inside of her. She thrust her hips, fucking his finger. He pulled out and pushed her onto her back. He held her with his hand while he used one hand to cover his cock with a condom. He pushed his cock against her pussy. “Last chance to back out of the punishment.”

“I want you to punish me.” She lifted her hips, so he was buried inside. Would he spank her? Whip her? Tie her to the bed? His head dropped to the pillow beside hers and grunted in her ear.

She nipped at his ear, neck and shoulder. He growled and pulled her hair tighter. “I knew you were bad at being submissive. But this is a new level.”

“I want this. I want you. I want to submit.” She smiled and lifted her hips and ass higher. “Fuck me,” she ground out.

He thrust faster. “Nasty little bitch.” He let go of her hair, leaving a dull ache in her head. But her pussy ached worse, begging for attention and she rolled her hips against his.

His mouth came down on hers and his body hardened. His body trembled with small shudders between thrusts. When he collapsed, she squeezed her internal muscles, hoping for a quick orgasm. But she could be satisfied at being able to get him off quickly.

He rolled away and propped himself up on an elbow. He looked at her for a long time in the yellow glow from the bathroom. She was exposed and naked, and it wasn’t her lack of clothing.

“How the fuck did you get in here?”

“Amy gave me your extra key.”

His eyes went dark and he crawled over me and off the bed. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. “Kneel.”

She knelt on the floor while he dug into his closet. Would he pull out a flogger or a crop? Did he have a lot of them? What if it was a whip? A big whip. Those looked intimidating.

He came out with a length of rope. He grabbed her by the hair and tugged her to her feet. She followed his quick footsteps out of the bedroom. Okay, this is not what she had in mind.

He stopped at the dining table. “Let me see your hand.” He wrapped the rope around her wrist and tied it securely. One of those fancy knots that took a Ph. D in knot tying to remove.

“I told you not to fuck with me.” He knelt and tied the other hand to the table leg with about two feet of slack in between.

“What if I have to to the washroom?”

He went to the kitchen and she listened to cupboards opening and closing. Her heart thumped through her ears. He put a bowl beside her.

“Good night. Training starts in the morning.” He said and went back down the hall. The bathroom light went off and leaving her in darkness.

This had been a good plan when she started. She achieved her goal, but now she wasn’t sure what would happen. She thought she had it all worked out, but this was Jax. He had his own plan.

She laid down on the hardwood floor of his apartment. She fiddled with the knot, but she’d never untie it with one hand.


This was loosely inspired by BuckCherry’s song “CrazyBitch“. The original version even had the lyrics in it. But I’ve omitted them here. It’s a good song tho, if you haven’t heard it. A version of this went into my NaNoWriMo from 2006, which turned out to be a bad story. But this short version remains one of my favorite things I have written. 

This was rewritten from an old blog post. Also these notes from the blog post mean that Second Chance Romance was written for 2005 NaNoWriMo. I had to rewrite it, because the original was even more Non-Consenty than this.

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