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Obsessions: Short people problems

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If you fit in a group, there is a tumblr for you.

Mine is short people problems. I am 5 feet 2 and a half inches tall. That is 157 and a half centimetres tall.

When you are this tall, those half inches count A LOT.

Most of my shoes are size 5. Except my boots had to be a 7. Which was really funny because my son wears a 7 in shoes and I had to buy him a 5 in boots.

Anyway, I am small.

Working on this!

I learned to hem this week from Pinterest with the original hem. Search it!

I used to be an educational assistant in a grade 5/6 class. The girls were all hitting their growth spurts, and they all loved to come up to me and say “I’m taller than you Mrs. Devin.”

really? I hadn’t noticed. There were days I was afraid Administration would come into the room and wonder where the teacher was. *sigh*

What is your “problem”?


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One Comment

  1. Just wait until your kids say “Look, Mom, I’m taller than you!” two hundred times in one day.

    And then there’s the ol’ not being able to reach stuff. At home, having to grab a step stool for everything. At the store, either having to hunt down an employee, or climb on the bottom shelf, becaused what I want is *always* on the top one.

    Yeah, I’m 5’0″. Counting my hair! So enjoy those 2″ you’ve got on me LOL!

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