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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

More than Friends: Night Two


Night One

This isn’t necessarily 24 hours after Night One, but when I started this it was a short piece. But my muse had other ideas, so I’m not sure of anything at this point. I have never posted a longer piece as I write it. I always finish then post or they are stand alone episodes even with the same characters.




I lean back in my chair and look around the bar. It’s Saturday, but it’s early evening so there aren’t too many people here yet. I pick at the corner of the label on my beer. The woman across from me laughs at her own joke.

I am dying. My dream girl in front of me and I cannot touch her. At least I can’t embrace her the way I want.

“I need to get home,” she says. My best friend, Chloe tips the rest of her beer into her mouth. I focus on the soft skin of her throat. What would it feel like under my lips?

I can’t see anything besides her. We might was well be alone instead of at a table in a busy bar. Might be good we aren’t alone. If we were, I would start with a brush across the back of her hands and end with me buried inside her. She’d thrash around, moaning while I make her come.

“What are you doing?”

“I have work to catch up on.” She wrinkles her nose.

I know it’s a lie. I know what she really does. By day she’s Chloe, a funny cute underappreciated secretary. By night, she’s Cinnamon, a temptress and masochist.

She doesn’t know when she gets home, the money she makes will be from me. I stumbled upon her cam show one horny, lonely night. I don’t know why she does cam work. Does she like it? Does she need the money?

I signed up for one of her private spots, intending it to be a quick tease and I’d go back to my regular woman. Cinnamon/Chloe, whoever she is, differs from my best friend, she’s got a little more attitude, a little more teasing. She entranced me and I signed up for her next night, a much longer session. And another, before I realized I was in far too deep. I couldn’t disappear, and I didn’t want to give her up.

I started watching cam girls when my fiance dumped me. I couldn’t imagine getting close to someone else for sex. So I found it, anonymous pleasure. I created a Dominant persona for the website. But it’s become part of me. Something I want to explore. Preferably with Cinnamon.

I want more. I need to touch her, taste her, feel her.

How much more do I want from her? I’m not sure. I’m not ready for a romantic relationship.

“You’re always working. You need to hang with me more. I’m still lonely after Sherry left.” I’m kind of whiny about it, but I miss her.

She put her hand over mine. “I’m sorry. Next weekend, I’ll take Saturday night off and we’ll hang out.”

I lace our fingers together, and my heart skips a beat. Pathetic. Why can’t I lean over the table and kiss her? What if I’m in too deep and she’s mad I didn’t tell her it was me watching her all those nights? That my money paid for all the sex toys and for her to spread her legs.

I wish I had more money to buy all her time. I don’t want to miss a minute of her shows, her body.

She looks to the door.

“I’m sorry I’m whining about my life. You have your own problems.”

“No, I need to make time for you.” She let go of my hand and kissed my cheek. “Next weekend.”

Her scent lingers while I take my time finishing my drink. She needs time to get home, change her clothes and do her makeup. She never wears any makeup in life, but on the cam, it’s heavy. And hot.

Twenty minutes later I log on. She’s not online, so I fix myself a drink and take off my pants.

At three minutes before our scheduled time, she’s online. I watched her adjust the camera, then her hair and breasts.

CallMeSir: Hello Cinnamon.

It’s a good this is text. I almost called her Chloe. She blows a kiss at the camera. “Hello TJ. What are you doing?”

CallMeSir: I’m good. Had a drink with a friend earlier. Having another one while I talk to you. How are you?

She leans forward so her ample breasts are on display and I get a good look down her shirt. She was covered at the bar. Probably for the best. An erection may have been telling. “I had a drink with my best friend.”

CallMeSir: Two hot girls in a bar, if I had been there I would have sent a drink your way.

Misleading. I’m supposed to be getting closer to the truth not further away from it. She smiled. “I’d like that. After I accepted your drink would you come over and chat me up?”

She didn’t correct me. Interesting.

I like where the conversation is going. I can use my fantasy of how the evening would have ended, and her fantasy of being picked up. If I merge them, it will arouse me even more.

CallMeSir: I’d come over and give you both a smile, but you’d know from my gaze lingering it was you I want. Are you wearing that outfit at the bar?”

Her eyes bounce to something in front of her then back to the cam. She is looking right in my eyes, as if she can see me. It’s like a jolt of electricity. I have enough pent up energy. Maybe this can go quickly so I can get off fast. We can spend the majority of the hour chatting if she wants. But the more I get to know her, the more I realize she’s very much like Chloe, despite the bluster of her performance.

I have a thin line where I can only repeat Cinnamon comments to Cinnamon and I can only repeat Chloe things to Chloe. I haven’t mixed up their words yet, but I may soon.

Cinnamon suits her so well. Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that’s what my Chloe is made of. I can also call her Cin, which fits her on cam persona, too well.

She wants to see me next weekend. I don’t know if I can stop from touching her this time.

“Yes, I’m wearing this outfit to the bar.”

No way would Chloe wear something that revealing to the bar. Fuck, I want her to. How can I ask her to dress up like my slutty Cinnamon? She’s leaning on the desk, waiting for me to answer.

CallMeSir: I’d definitely come over and buy you a drink. If I could get through the crowd surrounding you.

She smiles and leans back, a gleam in her eye. “As soon as I saw you, I’d send my other admirer’s away. The sexiest man in the bar, the best smile. Fuck-me-eyes.” She groans. She’s good at this. Making me feel like I’m the one she wants, the only one in her world.

CallMeSir: What should I bring you to drink? A nice red wine? A girly drink with grenadine and fruit juice?

“Sex on the beach. Leg spreader. Screaming orgasm.” With each drink name she raises her eyebrows. I google them quickly. “If you’re searching for them, look up the naughty version of the leg spreader.”

Equal parts vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. That would probably lower inhibitions.

CallMeSir: I think I’d stick with the screaming orgasm and I don’t mean the drink. Partly because it’s a promise for later, and part because I like my partner to be sober.

“A promise? Are you confident or cocky, Sir?” Her tone is taunting.

CallMeSir: Confident. There’s your bratty side coming out, Little Cinnamon. Pinch your nipple.

She sticks her tongue out but grabs her right breast. Her fingers tweak her nipple through the spandex outfit. The lighting isn’t good enough so I can see her nipples tighten with need. I need the outfit to disappear.

CallMeSir: You looking to get punished?


That’s true. I laugh. I lean closer to the monitor and feast on her face. She’s sexy and charming. I knew Chloe was, but not like this.

CallMeSir: So I buy you a drink and you kick your admirer’s out. It’s just you and me. We have a few drinks, then I put a slow song on the jukebox and ask you to dance.

“I thought this was a bar, not the club.”

CallMeSir: I don’t care. I want to feel your body against mine.

“Let’s get out of the bar then. Your place or mine?”

CallMeSir: Yours.

We both know what her room looks like. She knows what mine looks like too, but I can’t tell her that. I’ve been in her room. But she’s transformed it somehow for the show. There’s more textures, different fabrics hanging around the room, hiding her personal effects. Candles are on almost every surface for soft lighting and mood. But she has a video light on her too, it illuminates her face, so I can see every expression.

She snaps her fingers. “We’re in my room.” She grins, I love that silly grin. “Do you want a glass of wine?”

CallMeSir: We had a few drinks at the bar. I’m more interested in your body against mine.

“I know what I’m wearing. What are you wearing?”

CallMeSir: Jeans and a light blue dress sh–

I pause before I hit send. That’s what I was wearing at the bar. I delete the last few words.

CallMeSir: Jeans and a T-shirt.

“What color are your eyes?”

My eyes? I’ve never thought of it, but what does she imagine I look like. Does she think I’m some guy in his mom’s basement? Older, divorced? Unattractive perhaps? Unable to get a date?

CallMeSir: Boring brown.

“Brown isn’t boring. Brown is soulful, deep, romantic. They darken during arousal. They lighten during orgasm. Or are you calling my eyes boring?”

CallMeSir: Your eyes? Never. Not one part of you is boring. Can we get the part where I strip your dress off?

“You want me naked do you? Not very gentlemanly.”

CallMeSir: I’m not feeling like a gentle man. Get naked, Cinnamon.

She strips her dress off, exposing her nipples, a shade darker than her skin. The entire evening with her at the bar I thought of this moment. It took all my self control not to reach over and cover one of them with my hand, to tease her perfect nipples.

She dances around in front of the camera, showing off her body. She still has her panties on, but I don’t comment. It’s a good thing she had jeans on at the bar, the temptation to touch her bare thighs may have overcome me. And I wouldn’t have stopped under her skirt, I would have made her come before I let her go. Right there in the bar, I would have made her scream.

CallMeSir: You are so fucking gorgeous.

I hit enter. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s crossing lines, emotional lines.

“Thank you.” She slides back into her chair. Her hands cup her breasts and she plays with her nipples. Just how I like to start off our play.

CallMeSir: I bet your skin tastes like honey.

“Mmm.” She rolls her nipples between her thumb and finger.

CallMeSir: How has your deep throat practice been going?

“Fine. You want to see?”

I want my dick down her throat.

CallMeSir: Yes, little miss.

She reaches down to the floor and pulls out the dildo. The one I bought her. She wets it with her tongue, while she stares into the camera, right into my eyes.

I drool as she sucks on the end of it. My hand palms my dick through my boxers. I lean back in my chair to watch the show, but she continues teasing me.

CallMeSir: Cinnamon, are you being a bad girl? Suck that fake dick for me.

I want to go back to the bar and instead of letting her go home, I take her into the bathroom or the back alley and push her against the nearest wall and fuck her until we both come. Then take her home and make her come over and over for the rest of the night.

On screen, she pushes the dildo into her mouth. I watch her throat bob as it disappears. She gags a little and pulls it out. “I’m getting good at it TJ.”

CallMeSir: You are.

I can’t wait until her lips are wrapped around my dick. If she’s not too upset it’s been me on the other end of the chat screen.

She swallows the dick once more. Mine jumps to attention.

CallMeSir: Rub it against your pussy. Through your panties. I want to see them wet.

She tips the camera so it’s on her crotch. I watch, pretending it’s my body rubbing against hers. It will be soon. I will make a plan to tell her the truth. But this is too good, too fun. Once she knows, emotions will be involved. I’m not ready to be vulnerable again.

CallMeSir: You were looking for pain earlier. Slap the dildo against your pussy. It had better hurt.

She hits against her, but I can see it’s not hard enough to hurt. I can’t hear it. My fingers are on the keyboard, but the next slaps come through clearly and she whimpers.

CallMeSir: Good girl.

I never would have guessed Chloe was a masochist. I guess she wouldn’t guess I’m a sadist either.

The camera pans back to her face. “Is that good Sir?”

I check the time. We have twelve minutes left. I want her to come more than once.

CallMeSir: Yes, for now. Take off your panties, fuck yourself with it. Make yourself come for me.

I wrap my hand around my dick. She pans the camera back to her nether, so I can see her being spread wide open for my pleasure. She pounds herself with it, her other hand rubbing her clit.

I want to bury my face between her legs. I want to pound into her. I want to make her shake under my touch. Her legs wrapped around me, her moans bouncing off my skin.

I’m tempted to log off and show up at her doorstep and show her real pain and pleasure.

She’s shaking already, coming from my instructions, getting off knowing someone is watching.

“Fuck that felt good, TJ. It’s been awhile since I had a good orgasm. No one, I swear no one, gets me off like you do. I tell other people that, but with you it’s true.”

I smile at my screen. She’s being sincere, I know her tells. I know her better than she knows herself.

CallMeSir: Good. I like that. I’ll be slow to type because I’m jerking off too. Get your vibrator and make yourself come again.

She groans, but she follows the instructions. “You’re a sadist.”

CallMeSir: You have no idea.

She smiles as her vibrator buzzes to life.

CallMeSir: I want to see your face this time.

The camera stays on her face, the vibrating pleasure device disappears from the screen. I can still hear it, and I know it’s on her because her face changes. “Back to the scene. You’re here, you get me naked, then what? You push me down on the bed and pound me until you fill me with your cum?” She continues the fantasy we were buiding.

CallMeSir: No, first I’d spank your ass. Then I’d torture your nipples. Use the clamps and twist them.

I want to jerk off thinking about being inside of her, while I watch her come over and over. But creating the fantasy is a mindgasm, another type of pleasure.

CallMeSir: I’d put you on your hands and knees and pound you until you came on my dick. Then I’d have you lie on your back and I’d lick your pussy until you begged me to stop. Then I’d crawl over you and make love to you, slow and sweet until I couldn’t take the teasing, then I’d fill you with my cum.

Her mouth is hanging open. “Fuck,” she says softly.

CallMeSir: I’d let you sleep for a few hours, then I’d wake you so you could clean my dick off. I’d fill your mouth, or splatter your breasts. Then I’d put you in the bath, wash you off. Once you were dry, we’d start over again.

Her eyes have rolled back in her head. I imagine she’s moving the vibrator around on her clit.

CallMeSir: Is next weekend good for you?

Her eyes widen, but then her shoulders jerk. She’s close. I grab my dick and stroke faster. She’s coming, her body is shaking. I type as fast as I can with one hand.

CallMeSir: Keep the vibrator on you. Don’t stop until I say you can. I haven’t come yet and you need to take care of me.

“I can’t,” she wails.

CallMeSir: You can do it for me Cinnamon. I want you to keep going.

I keep stroking my dick, watching her face. Fuck, she’s gorgeous.

I use my typing hand to stroke my balls. She looks distressed but determined. “That’s right girl,” I say to the screen. “That’s my good girl Chloe. You keep that on you until I come. I’m so close, baby.”

I push back from the computer so I don’t mess up my keyboard. Ah there it is. I feel the peak and my hips jerk as I ejaculate. It spurts several times before relaxing in my hand.

CallMeSir: You can stop.

She shakes her head. “So close,” she says.

CallMeSir: One more, Cin.

I watch the screen while I wipe my mess up. She looks tense, but then I see her shaking. It starts with her shoulders, and moves down her body. She moans deeply as it flows through her. And something thumps to the floor, the vibrator I assume.

CallMeSir: Are you okay?

She opens one eye. “Yeah. I’m definitely going to bed. I had a few drinks with friend before this. And I’m done for.”

CallMeSir: Thank you Cin.

I add a tip to her account.

CallMeSir: I’ll see you next weekend.

“I might not be available Saturday, might be Sunday.”

When I was at the bar she promised to see me next weekend. I have to tease her.

CallMeSir: You have a date?

“I’m seeing my best friend. He’s still hurting after a break up and I haven’t spent much time with him recently.”

I love her. Both parts of her, Chloe and Cinnamon. I don’t know why she started this, and if she wants to keep doing it, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s her life. But I can’t see her again without touching her, without making her come in person.

I log off and shower before crawling into bed. I open my phone to find a message from Chloe. A selfie of us she took at the bar, making a silly face. She’s beautiful and I need to let her know.

Night Three Hard and Fast.

Night Three Part Two Soft and Sweet

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  1. What a great read – really enjoyed it – looking forward to finding out what happens next;-

  2. Me too! Great dialogue! They didnt notice he called her Chloe right near the end – or did they?

  3. There is so much here that I absolutely love…the exploration, her willingness to be good to her friend but also her need to be on that cam for “TJ” ALL of it. But you know what I really adored? How he’s not at all possessive of her cam girl work. He accepts it about her, even though he wishes he knew why, not once is there a trace of implied ownership like he thinks she belongs to him completely – even though, if I get the happy ending I’d like – maybe she will in some way. He’s open and accepting of her work and appreciates what she does…I REALLY like that part…I love it, in fact.

  4. This is such a pleasure seeing the other side through his eyes.

  5. Holy fuck. I’ve just read a few paragraphs… they know each other in real life!

    • Okay, I’m hooked on this story. Do Not tell me there is going to be no Night Three. This was good seeing his side of the story. Workmates and friends, she unsuspecting, but both falling in love with the other, or at least Chloe falling into infatuation with Sir. Your characters, Asrai, have become real and I can’t wait to see what happens. Good story.

      You used the word ‘mindgasm’, I haven’t heard that in a long time. It would certainly apply, although it is a real technique, to a sex fantasy you make up in your mind. I sure as hell write a lot of stories in my head intended for MM or WW, a few have made it on paper and into my blog. (actually never on paper)

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