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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

More than Friends: Morning One




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Morning One


I wake to something banging. Was that my front door? Did someone break into my house? Did one of my fans track me down? I sit up and clutch my blanket to my chest.

Ow, fuck. My ass hurts.

Oh right, one of my fans tracked me down. Or rather my best friend stumbled on my cam show and needed to fuck me. It’s sort of confusing in the post-orgasm haze. Many, many orgasms.

I flop back to my pillows. TJ is out there in my living room or kitchen. Or something. Please let him be making coffee. I roll over and press my head into the pillow he occupied last night. It smells amazing. Like sex and spice and Taylor Jude. TJ. I should have realized.

I have questions. To get answers, I will have to move my sore ass out of this bed. Should I get dressed? Maybe my robe. I don’t want to advertise there may be more sex. We need to talk. I shouldn’t have asked him to spend the night.

Pussy jumps on the bed and nudges against my hand. I scratch behind her ears and she purrs. “What’s new Pussycat? You saw some new things last night.”

She remains unphased as she pushes against my side. There’s more banging, it sounds like pots and pans this time. Did he buy food to make breakfast? This isn’t what I thought when he said he wanted to wake me.

I thought there would be oral sex, handcuffs, or pain. Probably all three. Breakfast wasn’t even in my thoughts.

I snuggle back under the covers. Should I go out there?

I stretch over and grab my phone. I check my email, my private show schedule is full for the next week. There are several too personal emails, I toss them in the trash.

I throw back the blankets, I should help him. Pussy jumps off the bed and runs to the door. I pad to the door where my robe hangs. Taylor is at the doorway, his body blocking my escape. He surrounds me, my heart skips a beat as my eyes dart up.

I could love him.

Love is dangerous for us. We are friends. I don’t want to lose that. His heartbreak is not fresh, but the pieces are only taped together, waiting for time to mend him.

There is also the layer of Cinnamon and TJ. Does he want Chloe? Or does he want Cinnamon? Is Taylor different from TJ? Or is the domination just something I’ve never seen.

He grabs my chin and kisses me. “Back in bed. I’m making you breakfast.” He pulls the robe from me, slowly the satin slides through my nerveless fingers, the way he slid in me last night, the way his tongue is sliding in my mouth right now.

My limbs are limp when he breaks the kiss. “I know that. I was coming to help.”

His lips twitch into a smirk. “You will come all right. For now you stay here. Get your vibrator and use it, but don’t come.” He waits for me to retrieve the vibrator and lie on the bed before he turns away.

I flick the switch and moan as it touches my pussy lips as he gets to the door. He turns and winks before he exits the room.

Don’t come, I repeat to myself as I rub the vibe against my clit. He better fuck me as soon as he gets in here then. A shiver slithers up my spine, circling my head. Is he hard thinking about me? I’m fucking wet thinking about him, about what he might do, about what he did to me. All those times on chat, all the things we talked about doing.

If he had told me in the bar or somewhere neutral, I would have been embarrassed. Instead telling me, while he groped me, I couldn’t be anything other than turned on. It’s embarrassing I didn’t know. I should have… TJ… Taylor. TJ could be initials for a hundred combinations of names. It only seems obvious now.

My legs tremble and I rip the wand away from my body. It hurts to be close and not come. “Hurry,” I call.

“You can’t hurry perfection,” he replies. “Take a break and cool down.”

I flip the switch off and pull the sheet over me, curling on one side. I grab my phone again, there’s a message from Joelle, a mutual friend of ours. “Joelle wants to know what I’m doing today.”

“Getting fucked until you can’t walk and don’t know your name,” he says, at the door holding a plate.

I type back a message. “Hanging with Tay today?” I say.

“No, if she’s bored she’ll want to see us. Just say you’re working.”

“I don’t want to lie.”

“I’ll pay you then it’s not a lie.”

“You aren’t paying me for sex again. Ever.” I level my stare at him.

He looks unimpressed. “What do you want first?” he waves his hand over the plate.

I reach for the fork and he pulls back, avoiding my grasping fingers.

“I’m going to feed you.” He picks up a piece of bacon and waves it.

I snap my teeth at it, but he doesn’t let me grab it.

“Say please and open your mouth. It’s your food getting cold while you dick around, not mine.”

“Speaking of dick…” I drop my gaze to the region of anatomy.

“You’ll have my dick in you again soon enough. You need to eat to keep your strength up or you won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you, but not for good reasons.”

I shiver at the threat. “Please may I have bacon, Sir?” My voice is saccharine sweet, but I open my mouth and he pushes the salty meat inside. I chew it while watching him. He cuts up the pancake.

“So you went out and bought stuff to make pancakes?”

“No, I went to my apartment, as I needed extra frying pans. You have one. How do you live?”

“I only cook for myself. How many do I need?”

“I’ll buy you another, otherwise I won’t be able to cook here. You won’t be able to cook for me.”

“You aren’t allowed to buy me gifts anymore unless it’s my birthday, Christmas, or goddess help us, our anniversary.”

“I’ll buy you whatever I want.” He gives me an indignant look and presses a piece of pancake to my lips.

I take it into my mouth. The syrup is on my tongue first, but the fluffy dough melts my thoughts. We are silent as he feeds me bites of pancake, bacon, and egg. He watches me to see when my mouth is empty before offering another piece. It’s the most intimate experience of my life.

When the plate is empty, he sets it on my side table and rolls me to my back. His body covers mine, his weight balanced on either side, then his mouth comes down on mine. For a moment it overwhelms me and I struggle to breathe or think.

Taylor pulls back from the kiss. “You’re tense.” He shifts to the bed beside me. “Roll over.”

I give him a nervous look, but then roll to my stomach. When he comes into view, he’s sitting on the side of the bed removing his clothing.

“Going to spank me?” I ask.

“Maybe later.” He straddles my prone body and his fingers press into my shoulder muscles.

My breath hisses between my teeth. I’m far more sore than I knew.

“How bad?” he asks, kneading the muscles. His hands are strong. I wish I’d known he could do this months ago, I would have hit him up for a massage long before this.

“Just shocked me how sore I am.”

“Focus on relaxing. No worrying about tomorrow or who’s in charge. Focus on breathing, through your nose.”

I close my eyes and focus on my breath. His hands warm my muscles and it still hurts but not as bad. It maybe even feels good. He moves down my back, stopping when I tense a little, reminding me to breathe. My lower back, my hips, my ass, then down my legs.

Taylor stops at my feet and puts his hands on my ankles. “Now that you are relaxed, let’s get more intimate.” He pulls my legs apart and kneels between them. His hands grip my inner thighs and dig in until I writhe. “I love watching you squirm.”

He kisses my lower back upward to my neck. His mouth sucks my shoulder, and his teeth clenching my muscle makes me squeal. The stubble on his face scratches my neck and cheek as he nuzzles me.

“Do you want to be fucked, Cinnamon?”

“Yes.” The word is little more than a breath.

His hand comes down on my ass.

I stretch my neck. “Yes Sir. Please, fuck me Sir.”

“Good girl.” Taylor kisses me once more on the cheek. He stretches across the bed and I don’t know what he’s doing until he presses my vibrator into my hand. “For later.” He probes between my legs, scratching the stubble, then two fingers stretch my pussy, sliding against my slick inner walls. “I love how wet you get when I touch you.”

His fingers withdraw. I whimper at the loss.

“So impatient,” he murmurs. He squeezes my ass, the head of his cock presses against my opening.

“Taylor.” I arch my back trying to motivate him into filling me.

“Chloe.” He pinches my side, but I know he wants this too when he surges inside of me.

“Yes.” I relax down again. “You feel so fucking good inside me.”

“Turn the vibrator on and put it on your clit but don’t come until I tell you.”

“You want to torment me.”

“Always, baby girl.”

I sigh, but it’s for show. I love the games he plays. The vibration against my belly makes me giggle as I push it down between my thighs. I moan as it hits my clit.

“Don’t come,” he reminds me, before he slides his cock inside me.

Right. Don’t come.

“Focus on your breathing, it will make it easier.”

I close my eyes again as his thrusts quicken. My body tightens, a wave of pleasure slithers through my thighs. Oh god, oh god, oh god. How will I not come like this?

“Focus on your breathing.” His fingers dig into my hips, pulling me back to him in mind and body. I hope he presses hard enough to bruise me.

I force my focus to my breathing, slowing it to a count of four. The focus off my pussy helps to slow my descent into bliss but the effect only lasts a short time. The buzz on my clit intensifies as he grips me harder, fucks me faster. My moans match his movements. “Please,” I say between gulps of air, “I need to come, TJ.”

“Not yet, Cin. Do you need to move the vibe off?”


“You can take a little more for me.”

For him, sure. I think. I open my eyes and focus on the artwork on my wall. A few more thrusts and my need to come reaches fever pitch, I arch my hips away from the vibrator.

“Come for me, Chloe. Squeeze my cock and make me come.”

Taylor reaches around and presses the vibe into me, halting his thrusts until I’m quaking. I let a out guttural sound as my body is racked by agonizing ecstasy. He grabs my hips, driving into me, shaking me deeper until he overflows with rapture. I feel his legs quiver against mine.

He collapses next to me, half on me. I smile, unable to move, my gasps turning to panting.

“Fuck.” I don’t know who mutters that, it’s echoing in my head.

He turns his head, so he’s facing me. “It’s never been this good.”


“Not just sex. When I fed you, my heart was beating out of my chest. Like it was in your chest.”

“Yeah. That was intense. Everything has been intense since…” Since when? The computer, I suppose. “Since TJ messaged me. Did you know it was me?”

“I knew it was you. I thought I’d have a laugh, maybe even tell you it was me. You were so fucking hot, Chlo, I couldn’t stay away. And then it got hotter and I could barely keep myself from touching you. Every minute I was with you I would fantasize how you taste or feel. It was out of control and last night I couldn’t take it one more day.”

I kiss him with my heart in my throat. I have many conflicting thoughts. Glad is the dominant feeling. The sex is amazing. Taylor is amazing, I’ve always known that. But the doubts in my mind need to be addressed. Maybe not today or this weekend, but before I fall in love.


As always submitted to Masturbation Monday. Warning link is a dick pic. 🙂  But some good sexy times in there.


  1. I am loving this….the reality of their feelings and the kinky fuckery.

  2. I love these two, so glad you are continuing their story.

  3. This was a great, intense ‘climax’ to the earlier parts of this story. I can see you need a ‘break’ from them now, but please come back to their saga soon!

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