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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

More than Friends: It’s a Date



If you are new to this series, which started as a plan for a sexy short story, but quickly overtook my life, you can find the chapter list here. 



I stroke Chloe’s hair. I want to fuck her. My hard-on is raging, but she’s exhausted from everything I pushed and dragged her through. Her hair is sticking to her face from sweat, her heart hasn’t slowed to normal, her breaths are too shallow. She needs care not a good fucking.

“Now I get you a snack then a shower if you want it.”

“What about you?” She gropes behind her but it’s half-hearted.

I grab her arm and press it down against her side. “Chloe, I can tie you to the bed if you can’t let me care for you. Don’t worry about me.”

I kiss her neck. I go to the kitchen and slice an apple. Adding crackers and a couple slices of cheese creates a well-rounded snack. I return to her with the snack and a glass of water.

She’s asleep. I set the snack aside and strip my clothes away. My dick is still hard from the Cinnamon experience.

Lying beside her, I stroke the shaft.

I imagine what I wanted to do with her. Order her to her knees to suck me off, fuck her, come inside her, bury my face in her cunt and lick her until she comes.

Everything we did last weekend, I want do them again. And a few new activities. Tie her up, tease her, more impact play; I purchased a new flogger and crop curious about which sensation she will enjoy most.

I let her moans echo in my head, especially from the bathroom at the bar. Her cunt gripped my dick so hard when she came I couldn’t stop myself. Calling her a slut turns her on, so did the pain from the clamps. The way her cunt glistened from her arousal, it filled the room and it took all my self control not to dive in and have a taste.

I’m so easy when it comes to her. My cock shudders, and I pump as it spurts pleasure. The warmth of her spice shudders through my body and I can’t hold back a moan.

She shifts beside me, and my heart leaps through my body. Did I wake her? She presses her body against mine, her arm coming over me.

I stroke her arm and she sighs contentedly.

I didn’t plan on staying the night, but I don’t want her to wake alone. First I turn out the light, then set an alarm on my phone early enough to return to my apartment for suitable work clothes. My office’s idea of casual Friday is no tie.

I close my eyes for a moment. Pussy shoving her way between our bodies makes me open them. The cat curls up between us and I roll my eyes before setting down again. “I’d complain but I think I’m the one intruding,” I say.

The cat is purring. I let the sound lull me to sleep.


Next morning

I wake to my alarm. Chloe swipes her arm up at the noise. I roll over and turn it off. I curl back into her, kissing her neck and shoulders.

“You’re still here,” she says.

“I didn’t want you to wake alone and feel used.”

“No?” her voice perks a little.

“No.” I kiss down her back, until I find the spot that makes her sigh and wiggle. I blow on the damp skin then kiss my way back up. “Oh my sweet angel.” Her sweet ass cradles into my lap as we spoon. Could we stay here forever?

“I’m sorry I crashed—”

I grab skin between my teeth. “Do not be sorry. I ambushed you showing up. I needed to see you and I thought it would be a good way to keep your boundary.”

Chloe thrusts her shoulder against me. “I guess it didn’t violate my polices. I don’t—”

To get her attention, I bite her again. “I have to tell you something.”

“What time is it?”

I smack her ass. “Listen, Chloe.”

She sniffs. “I’m listening.”

“Under duress. There is something you need to hear.” I roll her to her stomach and kiss up her spine. “I love you.

She tries to roll over but I hold her down. “Don’t say anything, don’t move. Just enjoy.” I nip at her shoulder, then kiss from her bicep to her wrist. I suck the soft skin of her inner wrist into my mouth and she gasps.


“I love the way you moan, the way you come, the way you gasp when I give you a command. I wanted to tell you before I have to leave.” With a sigh I roll away to check the time. Is there enough time to tease her? When I move back to kiss her good morning, she slides her hands to my dick.

Fuck yes, I suppose there is.

“I will need a morning quickie,” she says stroking me.

My cock is instantly hard. Whatever my girl needs I will provide. I part her thighs and find her slick, ready for me. There’s quick and there’s instant; I want the former. I stroke her clit with my thumb until her nails dig into my shoulders.

She rolls to her side, pressing back her butt nestles into my belly. My cock nudges between her legs. She’s so slick, so ready for me I slip in. I wrap my arm around her and stimulate her clit while I move inside her. She moves with me, her body gripping me despite the liquid.

That’s all it takes to push me over the edge. I’ve fucked her so many times and after it seems as if I want her more than before we started. I am insatiable, and not just the sex, I love being around her.

Deep inside her I shudder a release, but I keep going until it’s too painful to move. Then I slow my touches on her clit until I’m brushing, teasing. “Can you come like this?” I tease her ear with my mouth.

She shakes her head, her hips rocking as she tries to get more friction. “Harder, please.”

“Beg. Beg me to hurt you.” I scrape my teeth across her shoulder.

“God, I love when you hurt me,” she moans, her back arching. “Hurt me, TJ. Make me come, Sir.”

She’s a fucking Goddess. “You know what I’d love to do? Put the clover clamp on you here.” I pinch her clit.

She cries out and I sink my teeth into her shoulder. I would love to draw blood but we haven’t discussed that limit. I rub the squeezed clit between my fingers, making her squirm against me.

“That’s my girl. Come for me.” I soothe her with some gentle flicks of my finger as her thighs clamp against my hand. The muscles under her skin ripple as her throat pours out a song of pleasure.

I drop my head against hers as our bodies slow and cool.

After a while she groans and stretches. “I don’t want to leave this bed.”

I nuzzle her. “Me neither.”

“I’m tempted to call out of work. I haven’t missed a day in months.”

“That is rather tempting.” I flip my head to the side, my heart picking up pace.

She rolls over and grabs her phone. Her eyes stick to mine as she speaks to her boss in a weak voice. “Too sick to come in. I don’t want to pass this on to anyone else.” She’s a good actress, and it makes me wonder if she’s cultivated her skill from acting on camera.

I hold my breath until she hangs up and I call in myself, but I’m less tense. My boss doesn’t give a fuck.

When I’m done, I roll her to her back, kissing her deeply. “We’re free for three days.”

“I guess drinks tonight are out.” I notice a hint of disappointment in her voice. We haven’t been out at all. I’ve been treating her like Cinnamon because I can’t keep my hands off her or my dick out of her. But she needs romance, she needs to know I want her outside the bedroom.

“Let’s go out tonight. What sounds good? Dinner and a movie? Dancing and drinks?”

“Dinner and drinks.”

I brush my lips over her her eyes and cheeks. “You won’t get me drunk and take advantage of me will you?” I rest my forehead against hers, enjoying the moment.

She rubs her nose against mine, which is also her shaking her head. “Tay?” her voice is a whisper. Her body is tense.

I roll away from her and turn her to her belly. I bite her shoulder. “Chloe, my sweet Chloe.” I brush her hair to the side and kiss the back of her neck. My lips travel down her spine, my tongue darting out to taste her salty skin. I stop at her lower back and kiss across to her hip. I grab her ass with my hands, pressing hard into her muscle.

My lips move back up her body until she’s limp and primed. I lay body across hers, pressing her down with my weight. I tease the outer shell of her ear. “Sweet Chloe, I never told you how you make me feel.”

“No.” She isn’t tense.

“I love you Chloe.”

“You don’t want Cinnamon?” she gives voice to her fears. Has her worry been building in her the whole time?

“Cinnamon is an aspect of you. If pretending you are someone else helps you during sex, that’s fine. It’s you who I want. All of you. The sexy slut and the sweet good girl.”

My dick stirs against her leg, and I ignore it. I can’t help how she turns me on.

“I’ve been afraid to love you. Afraid that you still had feelings for Sherry.” She buries her face in my shoulder. “I love you so much Tay. All the times we cried together and laughed. We’ve shared so much.” Her voices cracks and her body jerks.

I draw back to look at her face and I realize she’s crying. My hands cradle her face. “Oh sweet angel. You are my best friend. You’ve been my everything since—when I needed you.” I roll to my back and tug her so I can hold her. She crawls between my legs, her head on my chest, still sobbing.

“I’m not unhappy, just overwhelmed,” she manages.

I stroke her hair thinking of everything we’ve done, everything I’ve demanded of her, and she’s risen to every challenge. Has it been too much? “I’ve been a selfish Dominant, only using you for what I needed, what I wanted. I haven’t been mindful of your wants.”

She rubs her cheek against my chest, wiping the tears away. “I wanted everything we’ve done Taylor. I was the one who demanded you make good on all your promises the first weekend.”

“I let you over extend yourself for my selfish whims. And then I sprung my deep feelings on you when you were vulnerable.”

She pulls away, the tears of overwhelm replaced with lightning. I’ve unleashed a storm and here comes the thunder. “I am an adult. I can make my own choices. If I have a hard time after that’s my problem, not yours. You might top me, but I’m still capable of saying yes or no to you. Right? If I said donkey or stop, you’d stop?”

“Yes. You are right.” I squeeze her. “I hate when you are hurting.”

She relaxes again and my heart constricts. I want to take care of her, but I can take it to extremes. Something Sherry and I fought about more than once.

I kiss Chloe’s head.

“Can I tell you something?” she asks. “About why I won’t rely on you for money.”

My heart leaps. Yes. “Please.”

“You know I have an older sister.”


“She got married just after college. And she got pregnant right away and quit her job. Her husband turned out to be an ass and she was screwed for a couple years. I was still in high school when it happened, and it was pretty horrifying. It’s not personal, but I don’t want to be in a position where someone else can control me. Or fuck me over. I mean if something happens I’ll be fucked up emotionally, but losing my ability to take care of myself will fuck up my life.”

She twists in my arms so she can look up at me. “I hope you understand. I can give you more details.”

I pull her closer. I want to assure her I’d never do something that could fuck her over. But I know better. Even what seems like the best relationship can break. “I want to say I’d never do that, but I never thought I’d get dumped months before my fucking wedding. So we’ll figure things out.” I cover her hand with mine and lace our fingers.

“I love you,” she says her face still tipped up to mine. “I’m sorry I freaked out.”

“I’m sorry I wanted to fix it and stopped the cleansing.”

“We should get up, shower and eat. Were you serious about going out tonight?”

“Do you want to go out?” She deserves to be treated like the angel she is.

“I’d like that.” She smiles, relaxed, happy.

Guilt punches me in the gut. “I should have asked you earlier but I couldn’t keep my hands off you. I don’t know if I can manage tonight.”

“Nothing I didn’t want. I was the one who dragged you into that bathroom.” She lifts our hands and kisses my fingers.

“Then I bent you over the sink and called you my dirty slut.”

She groans and stretches. “That was so fucking hot, Tay. I used that so many times to get off.”

My dick flexes. “You are a dirty slut.”

She smirks. “I am your dirty slut.”

I wiggle out from under her once my feet are on the floor I pick her up. “Come on then dirty girl, you need to get clean.”

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