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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Lust, love and crushes


I went to a small high school. It was a K-12 school. The next closest town was even smaller than our small town and grades 7-12 were pushed together. Between the two we had about 250 in the entire school. I graduated with 16. My brother graduated with 9. And one of my cousins had 7.


Somewhere along the way, we realized that we had seven girls in our class. Either it was around the time the movie Seven came out, or we were watching it in school. Either way we also noticed that there were Seven Deadly Sins.


seven deadly sins: lust

seven deadly sins: lust (Photo credit: ashley rose,)

I recall getting LUST. really,me, lust? I thought at the time. I’d never had a boyfriend, I never went out.


But I always always always have a crush.

My friends can attest to the many in high school. (NO NAMES!!)

My husband.

Alistair (rather the voice of Alistair, Steve Valentine) from Dragon Age.


Eddie Redmayne.

Steven Stamkos.

Kip Turner. Kyle McLachlan (not the actorI didn’t know!!)

Corey Porter. Scott Jones. Doug Black.

Adam  Johnson, despite his previous actions, is turning out quite deliciously.


Anyone I should be crushing on out there? A fine gentleman (or woman, althought I didn’t include in this list) I have missed?
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