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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Love Worth the Wait




Maria grew up idolizing Eric Thomlin, her older brother’s best friend. And as she grew, so did her feelings for him. When Eric hears Maria loves him, he runs. She’s too young and too innocent for the likes of him. Four years later, he’s back at home. Can Eric prove that he’s worthy of her love? Or will his fear of hurting her make him run again, this time for good?





Maria surveyed the destruction in the Thomlin kitchen. She rubbed her chest. The Thomlin name always made her ache.

She tossed her hair. This was her first big job, she would not ruin it by thinking she missed him

She didn’t miss him at all. He left her, moving to another city four years ago. He left because he was traded to a different team that night. But he never called to say goodbye, to let her know, to check on her.

She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. Besides, she was a grown woman, an almost engaged woman, with a business to run.

She pulled out her sketches and paced the length of the kitchen. The front door opened without a knock that must be the general contractor the Thomlin’s hired to do the work.

“Hello?” his voice called.

“In the kitchen,” she replied. “What’s left of it,” she muttered to herself.

She turned and her book dropped from her hands. Eric Thomlin. Fuck. If the thought of him made her chest ache, the sight of him made her body stop working. Her jaw dropped open as she stared at him.

He hadn’t seen her, he was surveying the kitchen. “What happened here?”

His voice clicked her brain back into working mode. She dropped to her knees to gather the papers that scattered. If only her thoughts were so easily retrieved. What the hell was he doing here? His mother assured her he rarely visited.

“Your parents are redoing their kitchen.”

“How do—”

She stood and his eyes went wide. “Maria.”

She was glad to have the advantage for once as she recovered her composure from the floor. “Hello Eric. How are you?”

Author’s Notes

This book was inspired by a picture. You can read about it on this chapter preview. NSFW content at the link. Okay, that’s most of my links.

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