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Love Triangles


I’m writing another love triangle. I wrote one in Where She Belongs and I’m writing another. I’ve been writing this one for 2 years. 2 years. (Which isn’t my record, I’ve been writing another story for 8 years. But I can’t make it work, but I love the idea behind it.)

I read once, long ago, that love triangles are unrealistic. That the heroine is never so special that two guys would be chasing after her and NEEDING her.  I probably read this post-Twilight. You can draw your own conclusions about that love triangle.

Romance writers like love triangles because the conflict is inherent. Girl has to chose between boys. (Two females and one male is seen less).

I did a lot of reading about the trouble with love triangles. They are much more prevalent in YA fiction, in the most post-Twilight writing days. Especially with the explosion of YA that has occurred.

The other problem with love triangles is the choice between the two guys is usually Good Boy vs Bad Boy.

I am trying to stay away from both these problems.

I think I did okay with it in Where She Belongs. Gabe’s love was pure, while Trenton was just a user. (Good boy vs Bad boy? Not really). I didn’t want to make it hard on Shanna either when decided who to go with. She and Gabe were meant to be together.

With the (not hockey) story I am working on. It’s the typical two males, one female and an “arranged” marriage. I’m not sure it’s going to pan out, but the love triangle trope is interesting.

Do you have any love triangle book suggestions? Anything you like or hate about popular love triangles?


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