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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Love scars


Romantic relationships are on the pedestal when it comes to the relationship hierarchy.

We will do anything for love. Nothing is more sought after. No one can wound us more than this relationship. Few things cause more stress. Or joy.

Romance novels take all that drama, excitement and passion and distil it into 50,000 to 100,000 words.

Our past leaves scars on our souls. These scars make us afraid to do things. Or they prod us to do things that we’d never normally do.

In a romance novel, the heroine and often the hero as well, have to face their emotional scars. Their partner, the love of their life, makes them look at what they are afraid most afraid of.

This was the weakness in Second Chance Romance, Mandy’s emotional scarring was weak. Kip didn’t have any issues at all. He just wanted to make Mandy his queen, despite their differences.

Serena’s was being dominated by her brothers. And if Kyle really loved her.

Corey’s was his father and therefore his own temper. Nicole’s was her cheating ex-husband, and thefore Corey’s inability to commit to anyone.

Amy’s was trusting someone after Adam. Scott wanted to be free after taking care of his family as a kid.

Doug’s had no issue. Sophia’s issue made up for his lack. SHe had four kids and a dead husband. This was the shortest novel I’ve written, and the most emotionally charged. I think I could have done a better job if I explored certain situations more.

Adam’s issue was he was a selfish ass. Libby’s issue was the guilt she felt for letting herself get taken by a con artist.

Now we are onto Corey’s little sister, Tonya. when we met Tonya back in 2008, she was fifteen. Now we are approximately five years later, and she’s twenty. She’s moved to the city to go to school, except she feels paralysed.

And I had her past all written out. She was the outcast in her little town and her mom was a little indiscriminate, being an older, single mom, she had stress. Some popular boy thought like mother like daughter, except she kicked his ass, but she’s never trusted someone who was charming and handsome again.

Of course, Sam is all sorts of charming and handsome.

It’s not working for me. There’s no long term fear for me. No challenging moment. It seems like something she’d drop pretty quickly after being with him.

I need something stronger.

So I’m looking at my friends and family and thinking “if you were a romance novel character what would your scar be?”

So, tell me what are your love scars. Or what scars your favorite fictional characters has?

Maybe you’ll be in my next romance novel. haha.

If you got this far without having “Love Hurts” by Nazareth, you’re welcome.

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