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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Love Can’t Wait


Amy Black is in the middle of divorcing her cheating ex-husband, when she meets Scott Jones. After a night together, she discovers he’s not only her ex’s team mate, but her brother’s best friend. She has no choice but to ask him for help when her husband drops their cat off at her no pets allowed building.

Scott Jones doesn’t want a relationship. Especially one with his best friend’s sister, his team mate/enemy Adam Johnson’s ex-wife, or the girl he picked up for a one night stand. Unfortunately, he can’t stop running into her. But he owes his buddy Doug Black, so he says yes to helping her with her cat.

She feels obligated to return the favor and they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives. And before long Amy starts questioning if returning to Ontario is the best option, while Scott wonders if he wants to be alone.

“Hey, little sister. You sick?”

“No, hung over. I got pissed at shit-face and went out and got drunk.” And slept with one of his teammates. Who was making her toast. Didn’t one-night stands try to get rid of you as fast as possible? Crap on a cracker.

“Well, surprise! I’m in town. I tried to get in last night so I could catch the game, but no seats. I thought I’d drop in on you.”

” Can we meet for brunch. That should help you. My favorite hangover cure was always tons of maple syrup.”

She cringed. “Seriously, are you human?”

“Maybe not. I’ll text you the restaurant info. I’ll find one near your place. I’ll see if my buddy Scott can join us. He used to live with me in Calgary. He plays with Adam, but he’s not a bad guy.”

Great. She needed a shower and to get the hell out of here so she could meet her brother for breakfast.

“Hey, got your toast. Oh, you got out of bed. You were supposed to stay in there so I could rejoin you.” He held out the plate.

She sat on the edge of the bed and held up her phone. “My brother just made a surprise visit so he could check up on me. So I have to get ready to go.” She dropped her phone and took the toast. “I need this first, then I’ll shower and head on my way.”

“That works, too.”

His next comment was interrupted by music from the other end of the room. “Excuse me,” he said. “My phone is now ringing.”

She stared at Scott as he crossed the room. She shoved the toast in her mouth as fast as she could, while he answered the phone. There had to be a huge twist of fate where two Scotts played on the same team. Please, please, please…

“Hello. Hey man. You’re in town? Did you come to visit me?” He turned around slowly. “You came to visit your sister. Am I doing anything? Not really. I guess. Join you? No, I don’t think I can. I partied pretty hard last night. Really, maple syrup? Gross. Yeah, I guess I could join you and your sister for breakfast. I don’t really have any reason for not joining you. Okay, text me the address. Yeah I know the area. I live in the vicinity.” He closed his phone with a snap while he stared at her.

“So you’re Doug Black’s little sister?”

She nodded. “Yeah.” She smiled. “Good toast, perfect butter-to-bread ratio. Few people can do that.”


“Oh, in the spirit of full disclosure, my soon to be ex-husband is Adam Johnson.”

His eyebrows knit together as he looked at her. “You might have mentioned that last night.”

“When I was sober, I hadn’t planned to sleep with you. And after that, I figured this was a one-night stand and I’d slink out before you woke up and we’d never see each other again. That was a one-night stand right?”

“Yes, but…”


“But nothing I guess. You are right. So now what? I couldn’t think of a decent excuse to get out of breakfast with Doug.”

“Let’s just go to breakfast. Separately. We will pretend we’ve never met and we will never see each other again.”

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It’s also available via OverDrive, Axis360 and LibraryDirect. All my books are free to libraries, so inquire to your local librarian about how to order.

Asrai’s notes:

I tried to write Doug Black’s sister with Corey Porter, but eventually I realized he needed to be with a woman with kids. (Which is sad, because the initial scene was great. She gets the wrong room and falls asleep in Corey’s bed, he comes in and he kisses her, she punches in the nose, and Doug comes into the room).

Then I started writing Doug’s book When Love Knocks and you can see there’s a minor mistake in that book about Amy, because I wrote it first. I finally got Amy pinned down. I didn’t like the book for a long time, but upon reading it recently, I found despite the flaws I can see, there are some very funny moments.

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