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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Love By Design


LoveByDesignLibby Theron spends her time outside work making the world a better place to assuage her guilt for her past mistakes. Adam Johnson has made many mistakes but feels regret for none of them. Libby is assigned to stage Adam’s condo to help maximize it’s market value where Adam finds himself fascinated by Libby’s desire to better the world. Will he be able to convince her that she can let go of her guilt? Can she convince him he’s changed his playboy ways?





Adam was surprised at the mousy little woman who showed up on his doorstep. She was supposed to be the premiere stager in the greater Vancouver area.

Given what he was going to pay this, woman he expected her to be taller. More substantial. And blonder. He preferred blonds. That was a ridiculous thought. Why did it matter what he preferred? He wasn’t sleeping with her. All that mattered was that she could sell his place faster and for more money. And he wasn’t paying her, he was paying her firm.

With little more than hope, he opened the door. “Hello.”

She balanced a clipboard on her left forearm, attached to a hand that held an enormous bag and extended her right hand to him. “Hello, I’m Libby Theron.”

“Adam Johnson. Nice to meet you.” He shook her proffered hand, but realized she was already edging past him into the condo. She set her bag by the door and started scrutinizing the place.

She spotted the closet just inside the door and smiled. “Great, front entrance closet. Buyers always want storage.”

Unsure what else to do, he stood and watched her hang up her coat. It was a bit like watching a peep show as she revealed herself. At least, his body reacted as if he were watching one.

He followed her knee high boots to a scant inch of skin, before cutting off at a gray knit dress, that looked soft. He could especially appreciate where it stretched over her breasts. When his eyes made it to her face, he saw her disapproving eyes behind her glasses.

So she had the naughty schoolteacher look down. He cleared his throat. “Right, would you like something to drink? Water, a glass of wine?”

Good grief, why was he suddenly attracted to her? “Nothing right now, thank you. I apologize for starting assessing your place as soon as I walked in the door. I’m not much for small talk.”

“Me neither. Right to the point.” Right into bed. He blinked. He should stop, this was a professional woman. On the other hand, he’d never been a professional a day in his life. He lived for fun and excitement. And right now, what excited him most was wondering what the patch of skin between her boots and skirt felt like. What it would taste like.

Book 7 in the Up In Flames Series is the follow up to Love Can’t Wait. I’m a big fan of a character redeeming themselves, and if anyone needed redemption it’s Adam. Luckily Libby came along to teach him.

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