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Lightbulb moments: blogging fiction


Ages ago when I was a young child trying to figure out why she wanted to do with life, people would ask me why I didn’t want to go in for journalism or something like that. And I would say “I don’t like writing non-fiction. I like making stuff up.”

Then I started reading this book about building community and talking about writing on topic on your blog.  During this I wrote the post about no more Corey novels, and why romances don’t have sequels in general. I’ve been neglecting the blog and considering taking it all down. But I love sharing here.

I told a real life friend of mine who wanted to watching corey get married and have children. And cheat on Nic (which would never happen). I told her to write fan fiction, short stories about Corey and what happens.  And I was also looking at my old smut blog and recalling how much I liked writing those short stories.

And then it hit me.

Short stories in the Up in Flames universe. I can do conflict in 5,00o to 10,000 or even less sometimes.

Why am I trying to blog non-fiction articles when I hate writing non fiction? I even have the first one to post next week. I wrote it over six months ago, but kept it on my computer hoping it would turn into a full size novel. but it’s dead now.

I will run one next week and then try for to put one out around the same time every month. Just once a month to start, and see where it goes. Anymore and it may cut into novel writing time.

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