Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Life Lessons


This is in no way a criticism or jab at the very nice people who I now can call friends, but

Lessons Learned from Inviting An Entire Family (of 3+ a dog) stay in our house.

1. Don’t do it.

End of story. We thought it would be a short stay (all of us), mostly completed while the Asrai portion of the family was on vacation for 2 weeks. The rental market turned out to be tougher than we imagined and it turned out to be 2 months. but it’s all done now, I will not miss my two year old screaming “NO” at their four year old.

And I discovered, I am really a bitchy person at times. People think I’m nice and sweet and kind. I am a bitch. That’s okay. My husband is the only person that has to put up with it on a full time basis. Being pleasant all the time is EXHAUSTING.

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