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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

April 15, 2017
by asrai

Like Melted Chocolate

This must be what melted chocolate felt like. Soft and warm and sinfully good.

This is probably my favorite line I’ve written. It is from Complications over Coffee, the third book in Up in Flames series. I ran through it again to edit it and add some detail. It is available on Kindle Unlimited for another month. 

Nicole fluttered her hands. Crap, crap, crap. He was kissing her. She waited for days for this to happen. There weren’t many hours when she didn’t think about it happening.

She should stop.

She parted her lips for his tongue.

This must be what melted chocolate felt like. Soft and warm and sinfully good.

While he kissed her, his fingers undid the buttons on her shirt. His tongue moved over her throat while he removed her bra.

He licked a nipple into his mouth. Nicole sighed. “Was that a good sigh?” he asked.

“Yes. It was the sigh of a woman who feels desired.”

Corey kissed his way down her rib cage; she could feel his strong fingers as they fumbled with the button of her pants. “You are driving me crazy on a regular basis. I can’t look at other women because—ah there.” He broke off his confession as the button slipped from the hole. He concentrated on pushing them down her legs.

Because of what? Because of her? According to everyone, even his best friends, he had a new woman every night of the week. It seemed his reputation might be grossly exaggerated.

“Because of me?” Her voice was hopeful.

“Because of you what?” He was busy, working her pants off her feet.

“You can’t look at other women.”

“Oh, yeah, I keep thinking of you.”

“Everyone would have me believe that you sleep with every woman you come across.”

“Yeah.” He stopped as he pulled her panties over her hips. “I’ve been leading everyone to believe that. Locker-room bullshit.”

“So you haven’t had sex with four women in the last week?”

Corey sat back. Nicole became vaguely aware she was half-naked on the landing between her entryway and living room. She’d never come down the stairs the same away again. She’d see the spot every time she came down to the main floor.

“I shouldn’t ask.”

“Since we’re laying here about to rub against each other, you have a right. I haven’t slept with any women since September. Except you the other day. Twice.”

“Oh.” Her eyes were wide. What was she thinking? He didn’t want her to think. That was the point.

“Yeah. I was thinking about licking your hot pussy until you come. Do you want to keep talking?”

That was direct. She nodded at him. “The first thing. But it doesn’t seem fair.”

“Fair? I’m not keeping score.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of mutual pleasure.”

His brows pressed together. Then his eyes grew wide as understanding sunk in. “Then ladies on top, I think.” He removed his pants as quick as he could and lay down on the carpet. When she moved, she’d take this piece of carpet with her.

She placed her knees on either side of his head. She took her time as she concentrated on wrapping her mouth around his cock.

She found it difficult to keep her movements smooth as he licked his way inside her body. His mouth was hot against her, as he licked, sucked and caressed her to three orgasms.

She was sure she would have had better luck with his pleasure if he hadn’t kept forcing her to stop. She only stopped because she feared she would pull him in a direction that wasn’t natural. Or she might catch him with her teeth.

Shortly, after the third time she shuddered, and her body was feeling too lax to keep pleasuring him, he pulled away. “Stop,” he panted. “I don’t want to finish in your mouth.”

“All right,” she said and moved away. She wasn’t sure if she would have minded. This was the first time in her life that oral sex had ended this way. At least she thought it was ending. Maybe another time, she was too exhausted to think about it now.

He rotated his body, so he was face-too-face with her. He took her hand and wrapped it around his dick. With her hand, he rubbed himself until he came, all over her leg. It was warm, thick and sticky.

“Shit,” he said.

“Yeah.” They were still lying on the floor. “We could have probably taken it to a softer spot.”

“Maybe. This was great.”

“It will be difficult to be in this area without remembering. Who knew it could be such a hot spot?”

He kissed her cheek. “I suppose we should get cleaned up.”

She stared at him, waiting for the haze of desire to wear off. “Yeah. I have to get lunch. Do you want a sandwich?”

Corey nodded. “Yeah. I’d like that.” He stood and grabbed his pants. “Geez, Nicole. I never knew you were such a kinky woman. Sixty-nine in the front hallway.”

“It seems you bring that out in me.” She stood as well and dressed herself. His come was sticky on her leg and she wasn’t sure she wanted to clean it off yet; if she washed herself, it might dull the memory.

April 7, 2017
by asrai

It Was Always You

Ben and Selene’s relationship is complicated. Related by marriage, family by choice and luck. They were more than friends, but less than lovers.

Selene was everything pure and good in the world. She was love and light. She was his best friend, his only friend. She was the one woman he couldn’t have. So he kept his distance from her, but now he needed her.

When Ben showed up in her life again, Selene was hit with feelings she wasn’t supposed to have. She wanted to memorize the angles of his face, travel the length of his body with her hands, get drunk with lust on his taste again. She wanted to do so many things with him that weren’t allowed.

Now she’s working for him and living with him. Can they keep their feelings hidden from each other? Or is their love too strong to resist?


I am putting It Was Always You in Kindle Unlimited for the first three months. Then I may expand to wide distribution.

Amazon US | Canada | UK |



Selene watched over her shoulder and when she was sure he mom wasn’t looking she ran for the front door. She opened the door and stared him. She ran her eyes over him, hungrily, trying to memorize every detail in a moment. She realized she was staring and opened her mouth to say hello. The words stuck in her mouth and she did a weird fish move.

“Hi, kitten.” He gave her a crooked smile and she launched herself at him. He caught her into his arms and held her tight.

“Ben,” she whispered, pressing her face into the wool of his coat. “You’re here.”

He eased his grip on her but she held fast. “I am here. No more Uncle Ben?”

She let go of him and stepped back. She gave him a shy smile and shake of her head. Self-consciousness stole her words.

He patted her shoulder. “I guess you’re too old for that.”

He tipped his head to the side and raised his eyebrow. She realized she was frowning at him. She nodded, biting her bottom lip. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, kitten.”

She wanted to snuggle back into his arms, to revel in his nickname for her. She wanted to sit with him and study his face until she had it memorized again. His eyes were exactly as she remembered. Soft, brown, full of kindness. He wore his hair longer and he wasn’t clean shaven, a stubble covered his chin and cheeks. She wanted to reach out and touch it.

Her hand moved up to do so, but she caught herself and played with her chain. She watched him as he took off his coat and shoes and put them in the closet. “You’re all grown up. A woman now.” He looked over his shoulder at her.

Blood rushed to her cheeks, but she couldn’t look away. She clasped her hands behind her back. “Thank-you.” Did he see her as a woman when he looked at her? As an equal? What did it mean for their relationship if he no longer saw her as a girl?

“Where are Kim and Danny?”

“Mom is in the kitchen. Dad is watching hockey.”

“You’d think one of them would come greet his only sibling.”

“I wanted to see you.” She couldn’t help the little pout sneak into her voice. She wanted him all to herself. Want was too weak a word. She longed for him, needed him.

“Me too.” They stared at each other. “I should go say hi to Dan.”

“I had better return to the kitchen so I can finish cooking before I have to pick up Kent.”

He gave her one last smile then disappeared. She sighed and rubbed her hands over her face. She was wrong earlier when she told herself her feelings for him were more platonic. She loved him, capital L love. She would have to work on her imagination telling her he wanted her as well.

She could hope anyway.

He kissed her cheek and her heart twirled until it got dizzy and fell to its knees. She was pathetic. She didn’t care. Ben was here. He left his suitcase in the entryway and went into the house. She followed but took a right for the kitchen, instead of left for the living room.

Asrai’s notes:

After I wrote Just Say Uncle the characters would not leave me alone. The story felt unfinished. So I decided to add some scenes and emotions to satisfy myself, but it grew to 70, 000 words. And I knew a re-release was necessary. And then I found the picture. I had actually used a picture by the same photographer for Justin in Good Sisters Share.

By Olichel on Pixabay

When I saw this picture. I saw Ben sitting in his condo, looking out on the city, thinking about Selene.

By Olichel on pixabay

And this photograph where he’s staring at her. Tormented by his feelings for her, afraid he’ll corrupt her.

I deleted 10, 000 words from the final book, but I plan to sell them as a freebie in exchange for emails. It’s about Ben being forced to confront his trauma, and Selene struggling to support him.

You can see the rest of Olichel’s photographs here. She’s gorgeous as well.  I use her photos far too often on my Instagram. Her Instagram is here.

So the book became It Was Always You. And I love it. I love Ben and Selene. My favorite characters to date.

April 1, 2017
by asrai

Failure to follow the rules

Image from user a348363899-862395 edited with app

“Fucking hell, Jessica. You can’t wear that to the office. This is a place of professional business.” Jake paced in the hallway. He stopped and looked at her low-cut shirt and skirt so short if she bent over, everything would be exposed. And he didn’t have a hope that her underwear covered everything. His cock jumped a little at that though.

He grabbed her wrist. “Ow,” she protested.

He gave her a look and she clamped her lips together as he dragged her up the stairs. He shoved open the door to her room and pulled her inside. He let go of her and stalked to the door. The slamming of the door echoed through the room, he imagined the house, but it was his house so he didn’t give a fuck.

“Put your hands on the desk.”

She stared him, her mouth open a sliver, her chest heaving.

“Put your fucking hands on the desk, Jessica.”

She swallowed and put her hands on the desk. He opened her closet and flipped through the clothing. He checked over his shoulder. She was watching him, but there was a slight tremble in her legs.

He warned her what would happen if she disobeyed, but ever the spoiled brat, she pushed the limits to see what he would do. He would do what he should have done in the first place, punish her. Her mother was no longer there to indulge her.

He tossed a white blouse and the longest skirt he could find onto the bed. “I guess I’ll be footing the bill for your new wardrobe.” He crossed the room.

“I’ll change. I’m sorry.”

“You aren’t, but you will be. I promised you I would spank you if you disobeyed. Here we are, it’s day one, and you fucked it up already, Jessica.”

“I said I was sorry.”

He placed his hand on her shoulder. “Oh little girl. You have so much to learn.” He pushed her upper body down toward the desk.

He gripped the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down. He ripped the skirt down to her knees. His tongue darted out to wet his lips.  He was right about the underwear. He wanted to trace the thin strap across her lower back with his finger, or his tongue.

With a stifled groan, he adjusted his pants. He would have to take a few minutes to calm down after this. His stepdaughter had grown into a woman, and just like her mother she had a body made for temptation and sin.

He slapped his hand against her ass, making a good crack sound. She whimpered. He smacked her again, and again. He watched as her skin blossomed into a beautiful blush shade. As if it were embarrassed by her actions.

She went from whimpering to crying out in protest. By ten she was sobbing.

Her stopped and put his hand on her lower back. He wanted to run his hand between her legs and see if her body had any positive reaction to him. But that would cross lines, she would work for him among other issues. He didn’t need to complicate things like that.

“Get dressed, we’re late for work.”

He went to the door and exited the room. He closed it behind him and took a moment to lean on the wall and calm himself.

“Sir, Mrs. Richards would like to speak with you.”

He would catch hell for spanking her little darling, but he wouldn’t let her run his life anymore. She divorced him, and that was that. She wasn’t control of his life anymore. He adjusted his tie and straightened his cuffs before he pushed open her door.

March 25, 2017
by asrai

Interspiration for March 2017

All links are NSFW unless noted.

How to create the perfect sexy playlist

Getting a grip

ElectraStim Sex

Freeze your genitals for better sex? Not for me.

Unicornland, a poly TV series. Must find this.

A lesbian sex story


Rate of orgasm by gender and sexual orientation. (safeish)

Blindspot heart eyes. OMG Jane and Weller angst is back!! I missed this all season. (safe)

March 18, 2017
by asrai
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Create and share

I listen to a lot of business podcasts. I don’t know why but I’m drawn to small business advice and internet marketing. One of my favorite podcasts is The Fizzle Show. They recently had an amazing episode where they interviewed Ross Symons, who makes his living from origami which he started as a 365 day challenge on his Instagram.

Ross embodies focus but non-attachment to the outcome. He says in the interview when he started the 365 day origami challenge he focused on what he would fold next. And he extrapolated that his creative life as his origami took off into an actual business. If he gets stressed about money or the next gig or follower count, he refocuses on what he can control: the next thing he’ll fold and share.

Creativity in the modern world can be distilled down to two essences: create and share. As a creative you should be either creating or sharing. What’s next? Create something, then share it, after you share, create something new.

I had a bit of a meltdown about two things. One, mistaking attention for respect and using me for as textual masturbatory device, I get a lot of text equivalents of dick pics. Some people are very overt, and some are far more subtle and sneak past my defenses. I have terrible boundary setting skills; I don’t talk about it much, but I have some childhood trauma stuff and boundaries were not something I learned. I realized after the fact that my gut was telling me all this in the first place, but I ignored my body’s warning.

The second thing  is anxiety about my writing future. I worry about my mailing list numbers, my follower count, my sales numbers, I flip flop on buying ads. I want to make enough money so I don’t need a job, but when I read blog posts and listen to podcasts about selling more books it all seems like gimmicks, ads. And I don’t want to market or do gimmicks or ads, so maybe I have to resign myself to needing a job while I write.

I thought about quitting. But a friend said I have to write for myself.

As I was writing this, someone in a fan fiction community *cough*DragonAge*cough* posted complaining about high reads and low likes and comments.  And I said if you are writing for likes and comments, then you are likely to be unhappy. When is it enough reviews? Or comments? Or likes? Or shares? We will always want more.

If you write what you want to read, you’ll be happy. I may never become a full time author. But I will always create stories that I love.

So I’m going to keep writing. I’m going to focus on what I can control: creating and sharing.

In an ideal world, a blog post once a week, an IG poem 3-7 days a week, and keep making up stories and publish as they are done. I’ll give them away to my email list. And I’ll continue my search for a job. I wrote better, easier, less anxiety when I was working. (I’ve been a stay at home mom for 7 years, I’m currently a substitute educational assistant and if you all cross your fingers, I’ll return to that full time this fall).

March 11, 2017
by asrai

a simple tease part 2

Part one is here. 

Kylie could barely sit on the chair while she at the meal Brad cooked for her. She looked at the table top where just ten minutes ago she was pressed against the cool surface, while he teased her, then filled her ass with a butt plug. He’d been talking about owning her ass, he’d fingered her there a few times.

Every time she shifted, the plug shifted, plus her thighs were sticky from the teasing. She had almost lost her appetite for food. She picked at the meal while she normally loved what he cooked.

“What’s wrong? Not hungry?” He grinned from behind his fork. “Eat up like a good girl and you’ll get a reward.”

She cut a piece of chicken off the breast and ate it. “Can we eat after we fuck?”

He shook his head. “This is part of you learning patience.”

She nodded. He was training her to be a good submissive. And she was trying, but sometimes, like before he teased her, she slipped into what he called “brat Kylie.” She was sassy, always had been, but with him it seemed more natural.

After they ate, he left without a word. She started clearing the dishes, dying to know if he was getting the bedroom ready to fuck her. He came back holding something, it looked like a chain. Maybe it was a collar and leash? She didn’t know. She kept at her job while watching him out of the corner of her eye. The chain disappeared into his pocket.

“See, I knew you were a good girl.” He pulled her from her job and against his body. He kissed her, his tongue spicy in her mouth. His hands slid inside her shirt each caressing a breast, teasing her nipple with a soft touch. He rolled her t-shirt up from the bottom, to bare her breasts. She thought he might use his mouth on her but he pulled the chain out.

“What is that?” She tried to get a better look.

“Tell me if I set these too tight. I didn’t close them all the way.” He slipped a clamp onto her nipple and she gasped. “Too tight?”

The pain eased into a dull ache. “I don’t know.”

The other one caused a gasp but settled into an arousing ache. She rubbed the spot above where it was latched to her. “It hurts but in a good way.” Now they could get to the fucking.

“Good. We should get these dishes cleared up before we watch the movie.”

Her jaw dropped open. “Movie?” He was going to leave her like this for an entire movie.

He grinned and she scowled. Bastard was fucking with her again. “We’ll see how it goes.”

By the time dishes were done, her pussy was throbbing. Between the plug and the nipple clamps, she was dying to get off. She might even beg him.

“If you crawl do you think your body will push the plug out?” he asked.

“It might.”

“Try. squeeze it in.” She dropped to her hands and knees and followed him to the living room. She knelt on the floor by his chair. His hand came to her hair and massaged her scalp. “You are so fucking beautiful. Are you wet?”

“Soaked,” she replied, easily. Quickly. She used to be shy discussing sex with him, but her arousal erased any apprehension she might have had.

“Show me.” She pressed hand between her legs and gathered moisture on her first two fingers. He removed his pants and boxers and sat on the chair, his cock at half-hard.

She offered her fingers and he sucked them into his mouth.

“You are wet. Seems I’m not as ready as you. I have been thinking about fucking your ass since the package came Wednesday. Are you ready for that?”

“If you think I’m ready.”

“I think you’ll let me know if anything feels bad or painful. Seems you like having your ass filled.”

“I do. Sir.” He didn’t demand the title, but it seemed appropriate for the moment.

“How about you suck my cock and get me hard?” It sounded like a question, but it was more like a command.

She took his cock in hand and wrapped her mouth around it, pushing him deep in her mouth. He wrapped her hair around his hand, controlling her head, sliding her mouth up and down his length. Then he pulled her off with a pop.

She smiled up at him then dropped her eyes. Moment of truth was upon her. He put his hand under her chin and pulled her up. “Do you want this little miss?”

“Yes. I’m nervous though.”

“Come sit on my lap, little girl.” She crawled up on his lap, which was a little uncomfortable. “Give me a kiss.”

She pressed her lips to his. He deepened the kiss and twiddled her nipple with one hand, his other pressed her thighs apart, fingers slipping across her inner lips, flicking her clit. He moved further back and wiggled the plug in her ass. She moaned against his lips.

“Good girl.” He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

He laid her on the bed. “On your hands and knees my little slut.”

She turned onto her hands and knees. He eased the plug from her body. She watched him over her shoulder while he covered his dick with lube. He plunged two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her until she relaxed.

He held the base of his cock while he pressed against her ass. “Just like before little miss, relax, tell me if it hurts.”

She nodded. “I’m ready, sir. Fuck my ass.”

He smacked her ass with his free hand then slowly pressed into her. She squeezed her eyes shut and took a few deep breaths until he stopped moving. She was full of him. “How does that feel little miss?”

“Good. Full.”

“You feel tight, like you’re hugging my cock, begging me fuck you.”

“I want you to.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


“Beg me.”

She swallowed. His twisted one nipple clamp untils he she squealed. Her cunt clenched and she pushed him deeper inside. “Please fuck me. Hard.”

He twisted harder. “Come on slut. You can do better than that.”

She gasped. She spoke louder, “Please fuck me, sir. Pound my fucking ass.”

“That’s my girl.” He slid his hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit, while he thrust slowly into her.

Pleasure blossomed in a place deep inside she didn’t know existed. She pressed her ass up in the air. The pleasure turned to straight need. She needed to come. She needed him to fuck her.

“I need you to fuck me hard. Please.” She hoped that she conveyed the absolute need for him to take her.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and pounded into her her. He grunted and groaned behind her while he took her. She used two fingers against her clit while she met his thrusts with equal force.

“Oh god yes, I’m going to come,” she ground out.

He slowed. “Who owns your ass?”

“You do, Sir. Please I’m so close to coming. Don’t stop.” She whimpered.

“Say it again.”

“You own my ass. And my pussy. And my mouth.”

He rewarded her answer with a renewed fucking. And there it was, the pleasure exploded inside of her, like an earthquake. It resulted in a tsunami of sensation, overwhelming her. Her limbs shook. He caught her before she crashed so he could finish inside her. His orgasm didn’t even register, but he must have had one because he eased her onto the bed. She couldn’t stop shaking.

He hovered over her. He spoke, but she couldn’t hear it over the roar in her ears. She forced her arm up and patted him. He pulled her onto his lap. “Ky, hey baby. You okay?”

“I’ve never come like that ever. The first couple times I was with you it was pretty intense, but those times were nothing compared to this.”

“So it was good?”

“It was very good. Fuck. I can’t fucking move.”

He moved her to the pillows. “I will get you a glass of juice. Do you want something to eat?”

She shook her head. Once he disappeared she dropped onto the pillow. Fuck. She came back into her body and checked to see how she felt. Sore? No, stretched, gaping. But not sore.

He came back and cuddled with her until she felt like she could move again. “It will hurt when I take these off,” he warned, toying with the clamps still holding her nipples.

“I’m ready.”

She wasn’t. She squealed when he removed them. He soothed them with his fingers then his tongue. He pulled her close and stroked her, watching for signs of drop. They were both ready for sub drop now, the first few times it hit her hard. Now she was aware, but tonight she was good. Tonight, like every night, he held her and kept her safe. What more could she want?

March 4, 2017
by asrai

a tease

Brad returned from the bed room with his new toy in his pocket. He checked on the chicken first, adjusting the temperature so he had a few extra minutes.

He turned and grabbed his girlfriend around the waist. He kissed her neck, his hand slid over her hip, across her stomach and inside her shirt. He teased her nipple until she melted against him. Then he gripped it between his thumb and finger and pinched until she whimpered.

“How’s my good girl?”


He gripped her ponytail and pulled her back. “I have something for you.”

“If it’s your dick, that’s not anything new.”

He pulled her hair harder. “Smartass.” He walked her forward. “Hands on the table and bend over.”

She complied, like the good girl. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Being a brat.” She couldn’t seem to help herself. He might have to step up the punishment.

“We must have a night where you can be as bratty as you want. Tonight, there’s punishment for it.” He pulled up her skirt, exposing her bare ass to the kitchen. With no pretense or warm-up he slapped her five times. Her skin was red, but it wouldn’t last long. He caressed the soft spot.

She stood up. He pushed her down. “Stay there.” He used his knee to nudge her legs apart. He could see evidence of her arousal already. “You’re wet already, my little slut.”

She sighed. “I can’t help it. You smack me and my body knows what’s coming next.”

He slid his finger along her slit. “Perhaps I should just leave you there without touching you.”

“Please don’t.”

“I won’t, but not because you asked. But because it’s my plan to turn you on.”

He slipped a finger inside her, wetting his skin. He used the damp on her clit, flicking across the sensitive nub until she moaned.

“Stay there, I’ll show you the new toy that arrived. One of them. I spent some money, but we’ll unveil the new toys slowly.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the plug. He set it on the table within her view. “Is that for my ass?” she asked. He didn’t know if he’d fucked her enough times or it was her arousal that erased her usual shyness. It had slowly been dropping, but the blunt question was unusual.

“It is.” He picked it up and pressed it against her pussy. He used it to rub her clit. He thrust the plug inside her. He dropped his hands away. “I forgot the lube, hold that until I get back.”

He went quickly to the bedroom, but when he got back, he found her wiggling it inside of her.

He coughed and she dropped her hands away. “You’re a bad girl tonight, little miss.”

“I haven’t seen you all week.” He had his teenage daughter’s for the week while their mother was out of town and explaining why their former babysitter was sleeping over with Daddy was out of the question.

“Poor little slut.” He pulled the plug from her pussy and coated it with lube. He pressed it against her ass, wiggling it. She tensed and he pulled away. “You will push down a little while I put it in. If it hurts tell me.”

He watched the spot relax and he moved slowly until he was all the way in. He rubbed her lower back. “How does it feel?”

She wiggled her hips. “Okay. Strange.”

He curled two fingers against her clit. “Better?”

She thrust back against him. “Much.”

He removed his hand and smoothed her skirt down. “Stand up.”

She stood stiffly. Her hand rubbed over her ass cheek. “That’s it.”

He kissed her cheek as the timer went off for the potatoes. “That’s it until after we eat.”


part 2 next week 😉

February 25, 2017
by asrai
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Interspiration February 2017

What inspired me in February? Here’s a glimpse. Lots more on my Twitter.  All links are NSFW unless otherwise noted.

Is a man with a motorbike hotter than just a man? Probably. Who knows why (safe)

This is a fun pic. Makes me feel like I’m peeking through the door.

Direct me. oh yes, that was sweet.


Would you ever get out of bed if he was in yours? Noooo. (fairly safe)

Oh, this is one of my fave fantasies. from

Best sex ever?

Sweet spots. Also ordered one of these recently.

The Promise In His Kiss: Sexy Quickie #2

Your soft, sweet skin. I want to run my hands over it. Then see if you taste better than you smell.

Delicious storyline. > Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss via

Bisexuals breathe fire.  The secret is out.

Nothing is ever the same after that kiss.

Excuse me while I go fan girl over this next tweet. *flails*

Since we were discussing long socks they showed up in my RSS feed.

She wanted everything he offered, she wanted more”

Morning love letter

Painted seduction from has been in my blog reader for days finally have time to read it.

Excuse me while I fan girl over this tweet as well.

BDSM is like sex on steroids. I’m struggling with enjoying writing vanilla sex. I think it’s full out kink for me.

Will Babygirl promise to love, honor, and OBEY Sir ’til do they part? Find out in FOREVER BOUND

I need to get a nice pair of stockings like this. I miss mine. also NSFW warning. 🙂

Sexiest movies list. Anything missing?

Life goals right here. #sorrynotsorry This one is very safe for all ages.

Tiny details.

February 18, 2017
by asrai

Consent is sexy: a steamy sexy quickie

He held her hand and brushed his lips over her knuckles. He turned her hand over and kissed his way up her forearm. His head came level with hers, their eyes met. “Can I kiss you?”

He always asked. It took time to get used to that. Ten dates now. She might be in love. She was definitely in lust.


His lips brushed over hers. Then his mouth pressed down, pulled her open to him. His tongue, the same as always, sweet. But this kiss was different. He moved a little slower, lingered a little.

His fingers rubbed the material of her shirt between them. He pulled from the kiss. “I’m going to kiss your neck.” How did he say it so naturally, sexy and sweet?

She tipped her head and his mouth came down on her neck. He skated over her skin, with a nip and a suck.

“Tell me if there is anything you don’t like.”

She nodded.

“I need to hear you say yes.”

“Yes. I like kissing you.”

“You arouse me. Do I arouse you?”

She bit her bottom lip and looked down. Her face heated. She had never been asked so boldly. “Yes.”

He kissed her again. His tongue stroked hers until she felt dizzy.

“Can I touch your breasts?”

She nodded. His eyebrow raised. “Yes. Please.”

Part of her wanted him to hurry, part of her wanted to see how far he’d take the questions of consent.

They kissed again, this time he caressed her breast over her clothes. He kneaded one then the other.

“Do you want to take your shirt off?”

She bit her bottom lip. “Do you want to see my skin?”

“Yes.” He ran the back of his hand over her throat. “Your soft, sweet skin. I want to run my hands over it. Then see if you taste better than you smell.”

She grabbed the arm of her sweater and pulled her arm loose. The second arm came free and he pulled it over her head.

“I want you to touch me.”

“Tell me where.” He nuzzled her neck. “Tell me how.”

She took a deep breath of him. Power filled her head and made her dizzy. She was fully in control.

“My-my shoulders. Like a massage.” His fingers were there, pressing into her muscle. She rolled her neck.

She took a few deep breaths while she got the courage to keep directing him. “Run your hands over my stomach while you kiss my shoulders”

His hands moved back and forth over her abdomen while his mouth kissed over from one shoulder, the hollow of her throat to the other shoulder.

She twisted her arms behind her back and unsnapped her bra. He slid the straps down her arms and let it drop off her fingers.

He looked over her breasts and she’d never felt so naked. She squeezed her eyes closed, her face hot.

His finger touched under her chin. “Look at me. How do I look?”

Her eyes fluttered open and she focused on him. His eyes were darker than she’d ever seen, deeper. His mouth was open. He looked like he wanted her.

“You look hot. Ready. Turned on.”

“I am all those things. I want to make you feel the same way. I want to know you like my touch. Every step, I want you there with me.”

“I am.” Her voice was barely a breath.

“Can I touch your breasts? Tease your nipples? Kiss them?”

They tightened with anticipation. “Yes, you can.”

He pressed her body against hers. “Thank you.”

His hand cupped her breast, his thumb brushed over her nipple. “Do you like it soft or harder?”

She pressed her lower body against his. She rubbed her legs together. “A bit of firmness.”

He rolled one between his thumb and finger. “Like that,” he said. “You gasp a little when I do it. Now for my taste of your skin.” He kissed from her collar bone to her nipples. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her.

Who needed spontaneity? It was hotter when he asked for consent. It was hotter knowing ahead of time.

He pulled the heat of his mouth away and blew on the hardened tip. It tightened a little more.

He licked her other nipple. His tongue made slow, big circles around the tip.

“Take off your shirt,” she panted. “I need- I want- can I touch you?”

His eyes were hot on her as he stepped back and did as she requested. “I’d love your hands on me. A little firmness in my stomach please. Too light and it will tickle.”

She hissed in a breath as she looked over his muscled body. Did he feel as naked as she did when his eyes roamed her?

His body pulled her hand. She recalled his instructions for a firm touch. She traced the lines of his muscles. She traced a circle around one of his nipples. “Does that feel good? Like when you touch mine?”

“If an orgasm is ten and hand holding is one. Where does nipple touching fall for you?”

She rubbed her thumb against the soft nub. “A touch like this four.” She bent her head and sucked him into her mouth, flicking her tongue against him. “That’s a five. On the right day a harder pinch is a six or seven.”

“That good, huh? The first touch is a three and the lick-suck parts are four maybe five.”

“What’s kissing for you?”

“Kissing you is a solid eight.”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. He stayed still. She bit his bottom lip. “Can I kiss you?”

His lips twitched. “Yes.”

“I want your hands all over me.” She breathed out the confession before pressing herself against him. She tipped her head to deepen the kiss. Tongues, teeth.

He ran his fingers from her neck to her hips.

She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down. She broke the kiss to remove them.

“Can I take you to bed?” He rested his hands on her waist, his fingers moving restlessly on her skin, almost a tickle.

“Please. Yes please,”

He took her hand and pulled her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and looked up at him. He brushed his hands across her cheek. “Do you want to lay down?”

She scooted across the blankets and stretched out on the pillows. He removed his jeans and then stretched beside her.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. “Touch me, everywhere. Make me come. I want you inside me, I want you filling me.”

He kissed her, his tongue filling her mouth. She hoped that her words answered his questions of consent. His hands caressed from her shoulder to her knees. He parted her knees, then slid his fingers up her inner thigh. When he brushed over her panties where the covered her, she shivered. He pulled away from the kiss. She slapped her hand on top of his. “Keep going, please. A little harder.”

“I’m getting harder,” he quipped.

She moved her hand to the front of his underwear. “Yes,” he whispered against her lips. He pressed up into her hand.

“Skin,” he hissed. “I need to feel skin.”

”Me too,” she moaned against his mouth. She shoved her underwear down and kicked it off her feet. He squeezed her eyes shut as he did the same. They were naked. Her heart was already pounding when she opened her eyes. It came out of her chest when his hand ran from her hip to her knee then back up her inner thigh.

She spread her legs to encourage him. He bent over her. “How do you like to be touched?”

Was she supposed to know? “I’m not sure. I never thought about it.”

“Direct me then. Tell me harder or softer. Right or left.”

He brushed his fingertip over her clit.

“Harder. A little more pressure. A little left. Perfect. Should I touch you as well?”

“Enjoy this for now. Do you prefer this or if I put my fingers inside you?”

A shiver ran down her spine. “This. Maybe move in a circle.” he followed her direction. “Vary the pressure a little.”

“Can you come like this?”

“Probably.”  She bit her bottom lip. His mouth would help.

He bent his head and whispered. “Tell me what you want.”

“Your mouth, your tongue on my clit.”

He smiled and perched between her legs. “Ask and you shall receive.” His tongue slide over her slit, splitting her. He flicked his tongue against her clit.

She arched her back. “Yes. Like that.” Her moans climbed higher as he used her words against her sensitive parts. She gripped his hair as her nerves exploded with pleasure. He tried to pull back, but she held him there for a moment, and he got the message and continued licking her through the climax.

She let him go and he sat back. A smile on his face while he wiped his chin with the back of his hand.

“Sorry, I was too busy screaming to give instructions. I needed a little more.”

“That’s okay. I got the message. Can I kiss you?”

“You better. What do you want now?”

“Let me show you how to touch me.” He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and stroked himself. He showed her how to use her thumb over the head, which made him gasp. He took her other hand and moved it over her ball sac. He let go of her hands and let her stroke him. She watched his face as she varried the pressure and speed she used.

“Do you want a blow job?” she asked.

“I might come and I was thinking I wanted to be inside you when I did that. What do you think?”

No problem there. She wanted to give as good as she got right now. She wanted him to feel as good as he made her feel. “I want to be as giving as you are. I’m ready for the sex.”

“You are, I promise. It’s all sex though.” he winked at her. “Tell me what you want.”

“For you to fuck me. To come inside me. Well, with a condom.”

“Of course.” He leaned over and opened his drawer. He pulled out a box and set it on her chest. “Brand new box.”

She opened the security seal and pulled out one wrapper. She set the box on the table next to her. “You or me?”

“Let’s see your skills.”

She covered him quickly. He kissed her again, deep, hot as he rolled over her body. “Like this?” he asked.

“I love everything about tonight,” she said.

He pushed inside her, slowly. She ran her nails lightly down his back. “Me too.” He kissed again and moved inside of her.

She moved with him, meeting his thrusts. Faster, deeper. He grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter to him. Their moans mingled in their kiss.

The faster his thrusts, the harder his fingers grip her. Almost painful, driving her closer to coming. He grunted and shuddered. She held onto him as he came. Her pussy throbbed around him.

“Shit,” he said. “Hold on.”


“You didn’t come again. Are you still aroused?”

“A little.”

“Stay there.” His cock slipped out of her and he left the bed to toss the condom. He laid down beside her. “Do you want me to make you come once more?”

She looked at him, her pussy throbbing. “Yes.”

He thrust two fingers inside her and curled them against her inner walls. He brushed his thumb over her clit. She rocked her hips while he finger fucked her. She grabbed the sheets as the pleasure overtook her.

He kept moving against her, inside her while she shuddered. She lay still and he let his fingers slip from her. He pulled her against him. “Good?”

“Very good. That was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

“Good.” he kissed her and pulled the blankets up over them “Very good.”

I’ve seen people bring up consent and someone will say “so I’m supposed to ask every time. that will ruin the mood. That takes away the spontaneity.” I think it’s more “I’m afraid my partner will say no.” But that’s a hidden script.

So this was my answer.

If you practice requesting consent, asking gets lets scary, less intrusive, more sexy.

February 11, 2017
by asrai


This is an ongoing series of a couple. You can read their previous stories here and here. Not entirely necessary but it explains their dynamic and characters, because these are getting long enough without adding in character description. This one is a fun roleplay they do, since Kylie used to babysit Brad’s children (now teenagers).

Brad’s lips brushed against Kylie’s ears. “What if you were babysitting and you came across my porn collection? Would you watch it and touch yourself?”

She bit her bottom lip. “Maybe.”



“What if I came in and found you touching yourself?”

“You’d punish me?”

“I might take you over my knee and spank you. You want to play it out? Pretend you’re a teenager again, babysitting my kids for me.”

She nodded. She used to touch herself while thinking about him when she was too young. Now she’d been had by him so many times, but every time they were together there was something new.

Like roleplay.

He left her on the sofa and went to the TV. The sounds of a DVD being put in filled the silence. He turned on the TV and fast forwarded past the credits. Soon a man and a woman in a flimsy situation were on the screen. He exited to the kitchen.

Her eyes darted between the TV and the doorway. But when the woman’s pussy was on the screen, Kylie felt electricity between her legs. She lifted her skirt and pressed her hand there to soothe the ache. Her hand got bolder as the couple progressed to fucking.

She moved her panties aside and dipped her finger into her wet cunt. She smeared the juice over her clit. And then Brad’s shadow was over her, his body obstructing her view of the TV.

“What is going on? You’re watching my porn?”

She pulled her hand out from between her legs and sat up straight. “Um. Sorry?”

“Not as sorry as you will be.” He dug his hand into her hair and pulled until she was looking up at him. Redness crept into her face as if she was being chastised.

“I got bored while the kids were asleep. It’s not like they heard anything. Then I find out you watch it while they are sleeping too.”

“That’s none of your business.” He yanked her hair harder.

He let go of her and sat on the sofa. He gripped her arm, not hard enough to hurt. If she struggled it would and he would tighten his grip. She looked at him with wide eyes. “What are you going to do, Mr. Nash?”

“I should take you home and tell your parents what a dirty slut you are.”

“Please don’t tell them.” She fluttered her eyelashes. “Please?”

“Should I punish you myself?”

“Punish me?”

“Spank you. Naughty girls get spanked, right?”

“I-I guess. If I let you spank me, you won’t tell my parents?”


“All right. How?”

“Across my lap. Hands on the floor.”

She laid across his lap and balanced herself. He slapped her ass. She counted in her head while he did it. The porn still playing on the TV. His erection pressed against her and she knew she was sopping. And damn her ass stung in the sweetest way. She had no idea she would enjoy pain so damn much. She had no idea a lot of things until Brad showed her.

She pressed her legs together. He stopped slapping her ass. His hand pressed between her thighs. “Mr. Nash?”

“You are a dirty slut,” he murmured. “Look how wet you are from getting spanked.” His fingers against her panties ground into her pussy.

She moaned.

“You like that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Sit up.” She got to her feet, rubbing her ass. Fuck.

He pulled her down beside him. “We’ll watch porn together. You like watching porn?”


“Have you had sex before?”

She stared at the TV. And the woman riding the man and imagined it was her on top of Brad. Her tits bouncing. His mouth on her. Could they get to that part?

He covered her breast and massaged it. Then he squeezed until she whimpered. “Have you had sex? Or are you a virgin?”

“I’m not.” He released his hold on her breast and teased her nipple.

“How old were you when you first had sex?” His voice was a little firmer. This was Brad her boyfriend asking, not the roleplay.

“Fifteen. To my boyfriend. It was bad. Really bad. But we kept at it for a year and it was okay by the end. Then I upgraded.” She winked at him.

He nodded. Then he shook his head. “Do you like sex Kylie?”

“Yes, Sir.” She bowed her head.

“Would you have fucked me Kylie?” Out of the roleplay again.

“I don’t know.” Would she have? She didn’t know. It wouldn’t have crossed his mind. If he had asked her, she would have been powerless to say no. Just as she was now. She didn’t want to say no to him ever. She wanted everything he offered, she wanted more. She begged him for the pain and the pleasure.

“Take off your shirt. I want to see your breasts. Or I’ll tell your parents.”

She stuck her bottom lip out and unbuttoned her shirt. He preferred she wear a white blouse and skirt with stockings or knee high socks. Tonight she had the socks. Which, she supposed, inspired his roleplay suggestion.

She tossed the shirt aside. She sat back on the sofa and thrust her breasts out. “Bra too, or you’ll get another spanking.”

She made a show of sighing and removed it.

He patted his knee. “Come sit on my knee, my little slut.”

When he called her his, it made her insides flutter. When he called her a slut, it made her slippery.  She slipped onto his knee. He cupped her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts. Your nipples get nice and hard when I touch them. Tells me you like my hands. Does it make you feel good?”

She nodded.

“I want you to feel good Kylie.” His mouth came down on her neck, his fingers tweaked her nipples, pinching, pulling.

She squirmed in his lap, his cock twitched under her ass. “Stop rubbing your legs together,” his voice was gruff.

“I can’t.”

“Do you know why?”

She shook her head, playing the role of almost innocent girl. “No.”

“Your body wants me to touch you. It’s asking for me to get you off.”

She rubbed her legs together. Yes, she need his hands on her. His fingers pressing into her. His cock inside her, pounding her.

“Ask me to touch your cunt.”

“Please, touch my…” She didn’t need to pretend to hesitate here, she was still shy sometimes. “My cunt.”

His fingers stroked her slit through the soaking fabric. “Fuck, you’re soaking.” He pushed the crotch of her panties aside and pressed two fingers into her. She squeezed her eyes shut as they slipped in and out of her. She arched her hips, trying to get more.

He pulled his fingers from her and rubbed them on her lips. “Taste yourself.”

She sucked his fingers into her mouth, using her tongue to lap up every drop. His fingers pulled from her mouth with a pop, and he grabbed the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips to let him remove them.

He slipped out from under her. He knelt in front of her and pulled her ass until it was on the edge of the cushion. He pressed his mouth against her cunt. She spread her legs and relaxed against the back of the sofa. His tongue slid along her slit, then split her open.

She ran her fingers through his dark hair, silky between her fingers. His tongue flicked against her clit, and she shuddered. She pressed against his face, trying to ride him.

He pulled back and grabbed her hips. “Be still, or I won’t let you come.”

“For how long?”

“As long as I want. I’ll get you right to the edge and then stop.” His eyes narrowed up at her.

She sat back. “I’ll be good.” He did to her one night, three times before he let her come.

“I know you will.”

He pushed her legs apart and used his fingers to open her. She watched as his thumb brushed her clit. Then his tongue and that was it. She pressed her hands into the sofa as she came apart. The orgasm ripped through her without warning. He held her against his mouth as he ate her through the aftershocks.

When she slowed down, he sat up and kissed her. “You taste like heaven,” he whispered against her lips.

“Are you a good girl, Kylie?”

“Yes, sir. I try to be.”

He got up and changed the DVD. “We’ll watch something new while I teach you how to touch me.” He shed his pants while he fast forwarded through the opening scene. “If you want me to believe you’re a good girl, you need to know how to please me. Do you want to show me what a good girl you are?”

“Yes sir.”

He took her hand and pressed it to the bulge in his briefs.

“Slide your hands inside my shorts and stroke my dick.” She did as he instructed. His hand came to her scalp and massaged. “Good girl. That’s my good girl.”

She watched a new couple fucking on the TV. She had missed the premise behind this one. She wasn’t sure it mattered.

“Have you ever had a dick in your mouth?”


“Have you ever sucked cock?”

She shook her head. Fake Kylie didn’t, she hadn’t.

“Time for you to learn. Like a good girl. On your knees right there.” He indicated the spot in front of him. She withdrew her hand and knelt on the floor. He removed his briefs, his dick waved before her face. She reached for it then, recalled she was waiting for his instructions. She rested on her heels to wait for him.

“Wet your lips.” His fingers massaged her scalp again. “Open your mouth, but relax. Take the tip of my cock inside. Swirl your tongue around the head. That’s my girl.”

She followed his soft voice. Slowly, she took him deeper. Her hand cupped his balls, fingers feathering the soft skin. She wrapped her hand around his base while she bobbed her mouth along his ever hardening length.

“I’d love to come in your mouth, watching you swallow. But I have to finish up with you and get you home.” His hands in her hair pulled her off his dick. “I guess we should hope for your sake I can go slow.”

He pulled her around to the edge of the sofa. He pressed her onto the arm rest, her arms flopped onto the seat cushion. He plunged a finger into her cunt again. “Are you still wet or did sucking me off get you wet again?”

“Both,” she groaned.

His thighs bumped the backs of hers as he positioned himself against her. He thrust into her without warning, without further pretense. “Umpf.” She tossed her head against the cushion, her face almost pressed into the back of the sofa.

She squeezed her inner muscles around him. He groaned. “You know more than you show,  you little slut.” His voice was close to her ear, then he raised himself and fucked her hard. He gripped her head and pulled her head back, his hand wrapped around her throat lightly as he took her.

She was so close to coming when he grunted against her shoulder, shuddering. He pulled out of her and turned her over. He took his cock in his hand and stroked himself furiously until he spurted on her stomach, up to her chest. “I like seeing you painted in my come.” His shoulders heaved while he came down.

She was still on edge. So close it hurt.  “I need to come,” she whimpered.

Mmm. Have you been a good girl? You already came once.”

“Yes.” She squirmed under him. “Please sir.”

He brushed his finger over her clit. She tried to move her hips to get more friction. She was a little surprised and grateful when he pressed harder, his finger on the spot that made her quiver. She closed her eyes and indulged in the sensation building until it overflowed and she released.

“Good?” he asked.

She opened her eyes a little. “Much better, thank you sir.”

“You were a very good girl tonight, Kylie.”

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