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December 28, 2017
by asrai

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December 20, 2017
by asrai

Always Together

Ben and Selene

 This is a sequel to It Was Always You. It is available on Amazon, Kindle Select. Click the link to find out more.
When Ben’s mother dies unexpectedly Ben is left with more questions than answers. With Selene he confronts his past, but can he overcome his demons and build a future with Selene? Or will his traumatic past trap him forever?

Selene loved seeing her parents, but she was relieved when they returned home after Christmas, her first Christmas with Ben.

She and Ben had a routine, and she liked it. And she wanted him to have him all to herself. And the next three weeks slipped by without incident.

She was surprised when he locked the office door after a staff meeting. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her hair. “You distracted me that entire meeting.”

“I distracted you?”

“Yes. You had your pen between your teeth the entire time. Drove me to distraction.”

“I wrote three pages of notes. Were we in the same meeting?”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. He pressed his lips to her exposed throat. “Are you arguing with me kitten?”

“Never.” A hint of laughter tinged her voice.

His phone rang. He sighed and let go of her. “We’ll take this up after work, Miss.”

“Yes, Sir.” They grinned at each other, but the shrill of the phone made him leave her.

He picked up the receiver. “Yes?”

“Your brother is on the line,” Lynn said.

In the middle of the day? That was unusual. Fear spiked in his chest. Someone was hurt. This type of call was only bad news. “Put him through.”

A moment later, the beep went through. “Hey Dan-o. What’s up?”

Selene’s cell phone rang and she answered it. “Hi Mom. What’s up?” she went to the door and exited the room.

Something bad. Kent? His heart picked up the pace. “It’s Mom,” Dan said.

“What? Did he kill her?”

“In a sense he did. They were in a car accident.”

“Is she…?” He pressed the phone harder to his ear.

“Yes. Both gone.”

“How did you learn?” Ben’s body chilled.

“His daughter called.”

“He had kids?” His lungs forced him to breathe in.

“I guess so.”

“Wow.” The information shocked him into silence. He had imagined this day, but he didn’t know what he’d feel. He couldn’t describe what he felt now. Stunned was all he managed, numb. He thought the moment would occur when he was older when they were older.



“Nothing planned. There’s a will, no one knows what is in it.” He could picture Dan pacing somewhere. His older brother’s voice and calm kept Ben grounded.

“I don’t know. I have to think about it. Are you going there?”

“Yes, someone has to represent us. I’m like you, a little stunned.”

He looked at the door. He needed Selene. “I take it Kim called Selene.”

“Yes. Is that okay?”

“It’s okay. I have to think about going.”

“Okay, you have time. You’ll bring Selene if you do?”

“Yes.” He would need her support. “You’ll text me the details. When you are going.”

She returned to the office looking grim. She wrapped her arms around him from behind and her lips pressed against the back of his neck.

“I’ll talk to you soon. When I figure it out,” Dan said.

“Okay man. Talk to you soon.” Ben put the phone back it’s cradle in slow motion.

“How are you doing?” Selene whispered.

“I don’t know. I’m still a little stunned. Should we go to the funeral?”

“If it were me, I would. I think you might get closure from it.”

He nodded. “I can’t decide now. I need to figure it out soon.”

“Whatever you need let me know. If you want to talk it out.”

Talking would be the Selene thing to do. She’d tell him everything she was thinking and feeling. He wasn’t used to being open. Even with her.

“Okay. Thank you.”

“I love you.” She kissed the back of his head.

“I love you too.”

She went back to her desk. She typed her notes. He stared at his computer without seeing his work. He watched her work, feeling a little removed from the room.

She got up, grabbed his mug and left the office. A few minutes later she returned with a mug of coffee and two cookies.

“Here. Eat and drink. We can go home early.”

He took the mug and sipped it. She took one cookie and stood behind him. With one hand she rubbed his shoulders.

A half hour later, he still couldn’t pay attention to anything. She went to his desk and closed his laptop. “We’re going home.”

“I can keep working.”

“You’ve been staring at your blank screen for twenty minutes. Let me take care of you.”

“You always take care of me.”

She knelt in front of him and framed his face with her hands. “I cannot imagine what you are going through. Let’s go home where you can feel safe to feel.”

He pulled his keys from his pocket. “You drive.” He knew he would be a danger on the road. She was right when they got home it would be better.

She stood and packed her bag with her papers then some stuff on his desk. He was numb to it as he watched her. Even his own body felt foreign as if he were outside of himself. Selene wrapped her arms around him and moved him toward the door. What would they tell Lynn? Should he tell her about his mother?

“Ben’s not feeling well. Going to take him home and put him in bed,” Selene told Lynn. He sucked in a breath of relief. He watched Selene weave his car through the city traffic for the first time.

“Damn you barely need to touch the gas pedal,” she muttered.

“You don’t. It’s amazing on the highway.” The conversation sounded surreal as if everything was normal.

“We’ll do that sometime.”

He put his hand on her thigh. “Thank you, kitten.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m glad I’m here.”

“I’m glad you are here every day.”

She parked and they took the elevator up to their apartment. He sat on the sofa and his heart sank and blended with his stomach. He was going to be sick. Selene sat next to him, and he laid his head on his lap. She stroked his hair. “What are you thinking?”

“Everything. I sometimes thought someday he would die and she could be my mother again. You know, she’d be proud of me for everything I accomplished. She’d apologize for choosing him over me.”

Stupid childhood fantasies, but he could never shake the wish that someday his mother might ask for his forgiveness or she could show him she loved him.

“I’m sorry, Ben.”

He was sorry too. He closed his eyes and Selene kept stroking his hair with her hand.

“She didn’t deserve you. I never met her, and I feel sad for her. I hope she knows she lost the best man in the universe. I hope she regretted it.” Anger radiated from her on his behalf. He loved her for it, but it was a waste.

“Don’t waste your anger on my behalf.” He turned to his back and looked at her.

“The anger is not new. I’ve been angry with her for a long time. She hurt you.”

“She did. It was a long time ago. I’m okay.”

“It’s okay if you aren’t, Ben.”

“I’m probably not, but I have to say it. I don’t know how to be anything other than okay.”

“You need your own products. A stuffed animal, for instance.”

“That’s what I have you for.” He sat up and rubbed his lips against hers.

“I’ll order pizza.”

“You already made food.”

“Fuck that. We need grease. We have ice cream right?”

“I think there is some left.”

She smiled and grabbed her phone. A few minutes later she had pizza and wings on the way. All his anger and hurt melted. There was no room for any pain in his heart when he loved Selene. He could face anything with her.

“What would I do without you?” He felt the tears press against his eyes. He couldn’t even recall the last time he cried. The pain overwhelmed him and he lunged for her, burying his face in her shoulder.

She rubbed his back when the feelings broke free. They spilled over into tears. She rocked him while he cried out the anger and sadness and how much he loved her. The tears and strong emotions faded quickly. He wanted to shower the weakness off. She released him when he pulled away, except his hand. “If you run, I will chase you.” The door sounded. “After I pay for the pizza.”

“I’m going to wash my face,” he said. “I’m not running.”

“Okay.” She disappeared down to the lobby.

He scrubbed his face with his hands, but the red tinge to his eyes and cheeks remained. “Dead,” he said aloud to his image in the mirror. “She’s gone.” Another wave of sadness came over him.

Closure, Selene had said. Maybe if he went to the funeral, to the house she lived in, he would find a clue, find something that answered his questions. Did she regret her choices? Did she know what he’d become? Did she know what he’d built? Did she feel anything for him?

He heard Selene return and he left the bathroom. She was putting the pizza on plates. She had poured them each a glass of cola. “Here you go. Tons of comfort food.”

“Thank you.” When they were seated, he brought up the funeral. “We will go.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Like you said maybe it will bring closure. If I don’t go, I’ll never know. I don’t want to regret that.”

“Okay.” She blew out a breath. “I’ll call mom and dad and get details so I can book the tickets. Or I can tell Lynn the situation and let her deal with the tickets. She’s probably better at it than me.”

“We have to tell Lynn anyway, so I guess let her deal with the tickets.”

By the time his plate was empty he found peace.

When Selene finished, she curled up to him. “Do you have any good memories from your childhood?”

“Sure, I had good times with Dan. Mom was sober until I was in elementary school, or I don’t remember her drinking before then. My dad wasn’t a great dad, he was emotionally abusive, especially to Dan. We had normal meals and good Christmases and friends over for birthday parties. We were very poor though. Dad worked periodically. My grandma was amazing. She made cookies and gave us ugly sweaters for Christmas. She died a year before Mom married the asshole.”

Selene stroked his arm and shoulder while he talked. “I’m sorry.”

“Me too. She might have saved me.” He leaned his head against hers. “Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.”

“I think that’s normal. I mean I don’t know. Have you thought about therapy?”

“I did therapy, but it was little help. Work helps. You help.” He kissed her. “I don’t think I would have survived without you.”

“You would have.”

“I wouldn’t have. I was honestly suicidal when I met you. And you loved me and I couldn’t hurt myself knowing it would hurt you.”

“Oh Ben.” The pain in her voice was palpable. He saw her tears before she buried her face in his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I am suddenly aware of how fragile life is. How close I came to losing you, I wouldn’t have known it. We might have never met. We might have never loved each other. I might never have been this happy. I can’t imagine that I’d be this happy with anyone else.”

“You might have.”

“No one is like you Ben. You keep yourself at arm’s length from people, but you care for them. You know every person who works for you. You know Lynn’s children’s birthdays. You are a brilliant designer, and business person. You have an intuition for knowing when to take chances.”

“I try to see myself through your eyes, but all I see is a broken boy who struggles to know if he’s making the right choices every day. Someone afraid to get close to anyone, even the woman he loves.” He brushed her cheek with his knuckles.

“You don’t have a corner on the market of inability to have a relationship. If you recall I have had one serious boyfriend, a couple dates, and I was untouched until a while ago.”

“I thought you were saving yourself for me.”

“Not on purpose.”

“It was a lot of pressure. Being someone’s first. Being with someone you love.”

“You made it good. I promise. Anyway, I know we aren’t perfect. Neither of us is. We’re complicated but we’ll make it through. We’ll go to your mother’s funeral.” She ran her fingers through his hair, the silky strands flowing through her fingers.

He had to find closure there. He needed answers. Like knowing if his mother ever thought of him again.

You can get Always Together on Amazon at US | UK | Canada.

December 18, 2017
by asrai

ELust #101

Elust 101

CandySnatchReview for Elust 101

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Welcome to Elust 101

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #102 Start with the rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

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~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Fuck Yourself


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Erotic Fiction

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Chastity Fiction: Aaron & Melissa

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Elust 88

December 16, 2017
by asrai

More than Friends: Night Three: Hard and Fast

If you haven’t been following along go back and read the previous nights before this one.

Night One: Cam Girl

Night Two: Sugar and spice


sexy cinnamon buns

oh yeah, that’s a metaphor. 😉


I open the door and lean against the jamb. My cat, Pussy, rubs against my legs. She knows better than to go further than the doorway but she pokes her head into the hallway. Who can blame her from wanting to get a glimpse of Taylor?

He saunters down the hallway, his form taking up most of the space. It’s just his confidence that makes him seem larger than life. But he could qualify to be the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. A sexy smile, dark wavy hair, and soulful eyes. I’ve looked into those eyes so many times, they no longer make my heart skip a beat. Holding a guy while he cries about his ex cements a friendship in the friendship zone.

“Hello gorgeous,” he says, kissing my cheek.

My attention moves to the box in his hands. “What did you bring?”

“Cinnamon buns.” He smiles as he holds out the box.

I plaster a smile on my face as my heart plummets. Holy shit. This has to be the weirdest coincidence in my entire existence. “Sounds yummy.” How can I even speak through my dry mouth? “Should I get plates?”

“Yeah.” His eyes hold mine. Oh god, he knows.

I rip my eyes from his. He can’t know. There’s no way he knows.

He bends to pet Pussy, singing “What’s new Pussycat whoa, whoa,” in a sexy baritone. One of his hobbies is playing guitar and singing. He’s good enough to join a band, but he refuses. His concerts are for friends only. Live, a capella for me only tonight.

I watch him croon to my cat. Nope, he knows nothing. I head for the kitchen. He joins me there as I unwrap the box. What is he going to instruct or quiz me on tonight? Since I don’t have a big brother, he’s appointed himself my guardian. If I didn’t love him so much, this would be annoying.

“I’ve been craving all things cinnamon lately.”

I freeze while reaching for the plates. The word echoes in my head: cinnamon. I sense him behind me and my hands drop to my sides. My heart is beating out of my chest, my insides twisting. His fingers press into my hips, then slowly travel up.

My heart flutters. Taylor? He knows. My body goes cold. How? “Taylor Jude.” I lift my head. “Tay.”

He cups my breasts. “Cinnamon.” He nuzzles my neck, his lips drag across my hot skin.

“TJ.” I relax against him. Questions flood my mind, concerns, anger. How long has he known? The whole time. He saw me. He chose me. He hid it from me.

I want to twist away, but he’s sucking on my earlobe and I might melt into the floor. His hands are moving under my shirt. Why didn’t I put a bra on? Oh god, he’s pinching my nipples. My pussy floods with desire for TJ. Taylor. It’s so mixed up in my head.

“I asked if this weekend was good for you. You didn’t answer, and I wanted to tease you with the cinnamon buns, but I couldn’t keep my hands off you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” The words are like smoke, I choke on them.

His thumbs soothe my nipples with light circles. I don’t care, I want him so bad. I want all those things he promised.

“Remember when you said no one else makes you come the way TJ does? It’s the same for me. But each private show, made me want to see you, Chloe. And each time I saw you I wanted to touch and taste you.” One hand slides down and cups between my legs. My body grinds against his hand. No doubts in my physical desire for him.

My mind is another story. I close my eyes. Do I want this? Am I going to ask all my questions or give into my desires?

“You’re tense. Should I stop?”

I shake my head. “I’m just thinking about if you undress me, you’ll see my underwear.” My hands flutter against my thighs.

“I’ve seen your underwear. I’ve seen all of you. I’ve dreamt of tasting you.” His mouth is close enough so the words brush against my earlobe.

I turn in his arms, facing him for the first time since his confession. His eyes are heated, sexy. Anything but boring brown.

I shake my head. It’s settled in my mind, the questions can wait. I want his, TJ’s hand on me. Taylor. I look up at him, my heat reflects back at me. “I want you.”

“You’ll let me be in charge? Be as submissive as you are as Cinnamon?”

“Tonight I am Cinnamon.” I stretch and press my lips to his.

He shakes his head. He turns me in his arms. “Call me TJ.” Taylor’s lips press just behind my ear and travel down my neck. His hands cover my breasts, massaging, teasing my nipples. “I always loved your breasts. After you took your top off it was difficult for me to talk to you without picturing you naked.”

“You are such a guy.”

“I’m glad you noticed.” Fingers squeeze my breast, hard enough to make me cringe, my knees go weak, the pain turns me on more than in chat. He kisses me, for the first time. I spent more time than I’d admit during his broken heart-phase wondering what it would be like to kiss him. And kissing TJ haunted my fantasies. Now it’s all coming true.

“Do you like that?” His mouth is against my ear.

Unsure of what to say, it takes me a few seconds to straighten my head. “I didn’t know you were dominant.”

“I am. So when I undress you, you won’t fight me?”

“I’ll be good.”

Taylor’s eyes are intense as he unbuttons my shirt and pulls it away from my body. “Don’t move.” I remain still while he circles me, his eyes caress my body. “Not my favorite outfit of yours.”

“Which is your favorite?”

“Your skin. I guess the red lacy if I have to choose.” He stops in front of me. “Bedroom then you get naked.”

I follow silently. My skin sticking at the inner thigh as I walk.

“What were the order of events I promised? Spank you, fuck you from behind, let you sleep, show me your deep throat progress, come on your body, wash you off, make love to you.”

All the liquid in my body is flowing between my legs. My mouth is dry, too dry to speak. “Yeah.”

“The first time has to be hard and fast. I’ve been fantasizing about this for so fucking long, I won’t last once I’m inside you.”

I can only stare at him as he pulls my skirt off.

He licks his lips as his eyes caress my skin. “I forgot the part where I bury my head between your legs.”

“I think we can skip the sleep part as well for now. You also forgot a spanking.” I need him to inflict pain on me.

“Good thing we have the whole weekend.”

Just the weekend? My worries are pushed away by his fiery gaze on my skin. My panties are still on, but the rest of me is bare to him. His eyes, his instructions, his touch.

My lungs burn. I forgot how to breathe. I suck in air.

“Don’t look so afraid, spice. I promise nothing but pleasure.”

I know. But… “Spice?”

Taylor grins then swoops in for a kiss. When he lifts his head, his expression is all business. “Cinnamon – spice. Pleasure.” We move to the bed and he lays me back.

He covers me, his clothes scratching my skin. He whispers for me to close my eyes. His mouth slides over my skin, shoulder to belly, my legs part in anticipation. He returns to my breasts: lick, suck, nibble. I’ve fucked him a dozen times, but it’s all been foreplay for tonight. Nothing could have prepared me for TJ in the flesh.

His mouth is so hot down my torso it’s like being branded. He lies between my legs and presses a kiss against my pussy so heated my skin blisters with the need for more. An urgency to come floods me, I grip his head. “Please, TJ. Fuck please, I need to come.”

Taylor lifts his head with a growl. “Say my name, Chloe. Say my name while you come so it’s imprinted on you. No one else can make you come like me, right?”

My fingers brush through his hair. He teases me with light flicks of his tongue across my clit. “Taylor,” I moan. “Please, Tay. I need…”

“The more distracted you get the longer this will take.”

“Taylor. Taylor Jude Denn. Taylor. Taylor… Taylor… Taylor.” His name repeats on my lips as the fireworks of pleasure detonate in my nerves. The shaking feels like it may go on forever, the pleasure echoing endlessly through my body.

My eyes are blurred but I watch him, unable to take my eyes off him for a moment. He undresses and I try to force focus on myself. I stretch my hands toward him, wanting to run my fingertips over his honey-looking skin. I can’t reach him before he grabs my wrists. “I’m in charge,” he reminds me. “You did good with saying my name.”

He pushes my wrists over my head while his mouth captures my bottom lip. I suck on him, inhaling my scent from his mouth, swallowing my desire. “Thank you,” I say.

I’m still shaking but he flips me over. “Hands and knees,” he urges me. Somehow my limbs stabilize under me and I’m on all fours before him. “Condom,” he pants.

“I’m on the pill. If you trust me.” I glance back at him. “You said you wanted to fill me with cum.” Also, although some guys have a fetish for period blood, it’s not my thing, so I control my cycle so I can perform more days.

His cock probes my entrance. His fingers dig into my ass as he pushes inside. I’m shaking, instantly, primed to come. His movements are slow, teasing. I try to submit, to wait, but I want him to pound me.

“You’re so impatient, Cin.” Taylor massages my butt hard enough to make me whimper. The pain helps me relax, I can sink into it. “Your body is gripping me so sweetly. I want to savor this.” Thrust, slow pull out, breath, breath, thrust.

He squeezes my hips and pounds me. I whisper his name.

“Say it louder, Chloe.”


“Who do you belong to Cin?” He pauses.

“You. TJ. Fuck me Taylor.”

His fingers bruise my skin as he claims my body. He rams me with a howl as he comes. I collapse, the blankets cushioning my fall. He drags me up to the pillows, my head on his shoulder as he holds me.

“That was way fucking better than my fantasies.”

I close my eyes, now that the haze of lust has passed the questions are crowding in.

He kisses the top of my head. “I should have told you when I first found you. But that first live show, you turned me on. And you know how you said no one else makes you come the way I do, I felt the same.”

I nod. “Why were you on the site?”

“After Sherry left, I was horny, but I didn’t want to get involved with anyone. Porn was way too anonymous.”

A chill fills my body. I pull away a little. “So you just want…”

He holds me. “I can’t promise anything. I’m still hurting from Sherry.” He closes his eyes.

I frown. I almost say ‘I love you,’ but there are lingering questions. A breath escapes my lungs. “I was on there, because my rent was increased and I couldn’t afford where I live.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would have helped.”

“That’s why. I’m not relying on someone else to pay my rent. This works.” It pays so well I’m considering it as a full time job. “Plus the orgasms.”

“I don’t have a problem with it. I was your client. I’ll keep paying you.”

No, no no. “I’m not letting you pay me for sex.”

“Just for one show a week.”

I shake my head. “It’s too many lines. Even if you aren’t emotionally involved, I am.”

He kisses my head. “I am too, how many times have you propped me up when I thought I would die from the pain?”

Enough times. “That’s what friends do.”

“We are more than friends now.” He looks down my body. I’d all but forgotten we were naked.

“So now what?”

“I will get the cinnamon buns, maybe spank you, then cover you in come. Then clean you up.” He grins.

I smile back, my heart sinking. That’s not what I meant, but it’s okay for now. I have to move forward carefully, keeping my heart close. I don’t want to give it away to him if he won’t commit. Nor will I give up my work. But I will let him give me a few more orgasms this evening.

Night Three Part Two: Soft and Sweet

Thank you everyone for the link shares and amazing comments. I’m glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I am. There is more on the way. I’m trying to keep ahead, while getting decent edits. This one was a bit shorter than the previous parts. There is some tension coming up in the next couple weeks.

I considered calling this part TJ/Taylor comes clean and next weeks Cinnamon gets dirty. You’ll see why then.


// <3 Asrai

Last thing.
This is part of Masturbation Monday link up. Check out the rest of Week 172 at Maturbation Monday.

December 9, 2017
by asrai

More than Friends: Night Two

Night One

This isn’t necessarily 24 hours after Night One, but when I started this it was a short piece. But my muse had other ideas, so I’m not sure of anything at this point. I have never posted a longer piece as I write it. I always finish then post or they are stand alone episodes even with the same characters.




I lean back in my chair and look around the bar. It’s Saturday, but it’s early evening so there aren’t too many people here yet. I pick at the corner of the label on my beer. The woman across from me laughs at her own joke.

I am dying. My dream girl in front of me and I cannot touch her. At least I can’t embrace her the way I want.

“I need to get home,” she says. My best friend, Chloe tips the rest of her beer into her mouth. I focus on the soft skin of her throat. What would it feel like under my lips?

I can’t see anything besides her. We might was well be alone instead of at a table in a busy bar. Might be good we aren’t alone. If we were, I would start with a brush across the back of her hands and end with me buried inside her. She’d thrash around, moaning while I make her come.

“What are you doing?”

“I have work to catch up on.” She wrinkles her nose.

I know it’s a lie. I know what she really does. By day she’s Chloe, a funny cute underappreciated secretary. By night, she’s Cinnamon, a temptress and masochist.

She doesn’t know when she gets home, the money she makes will be from me. I stumbled upon her cam show one horny, lonely night. I don’t know why she does cam work. Does she like it? Does she need the money?

I signed up for one of her private spots, intending it to be a quick tease and I’d go back to my regular woman. Cinnamon/Chloe, whoever she is, differs from my best friend, she’s got a little more attitude, a little more teasing. She entranced me and I signed up for her next night, a much longer session. And another, before I realized I was in far too deep. I couldn’t disappear, and I didn’t want to give her up.

I started watching cam girls when my fiance dumped me. I couldn’t imagine getting close to someone else for sex. So I found it, anonymous pleasure. I created a Dominant persona for the website. But it’s become part of me. Something I want to explore. Preferably with Cinnamon.

I want more. I need to touch her, taste her, feel her.

How much more do I want from her? I’m not sure. I’m not ready for a romantic relationship.

“You’re always working. You need to hang with me more. I’m still lonely after Sherry left.” I’m kind of whiny about it, but I miss her.

She put her hand over mine. “I’m sorry. Next weekend, I’ll take Saturday night off and we’ll hang out.”

I lace our fingers together, and my heart skips a beat. Pathetic. Why can’t I lean over the table and kiss her? What if I’m in too deep and she’s mad I didn’t tell her it was me watching her all those nights? That my money paid for all the sex toys and for her to spread her legs.

I wish I had more money to buy all her time. I don’t want to miss a minute of her shows, her body.

She looks to the door.

“I’m sorry I’m whining about my life. You have your own problems.”

“No, I need to make time for you.” She let go of my hand and kissed my cheek. “Next weekend.”

Her scent lingers while I take my time finishing my drink. She needs time to get home, change her clothes and do her makeup. She never wears any makeup in life, but on the cam, it’s heavy. And hot.

Twenty minutes later I log on. She’s not online, so I fix myself a drink and take off my pants.

At three minutes before our scheduled time, she’s online. I watched her adjust the camera, then her hair and breasts.

CallMeSir: Hello Cinnamon.

It’s a good this is text. I almost called her Chloe. She blows a kiss at the camera. “Hello TJ. What are you doing?”

CallMeSir: I’m good. Had a drink with a friend earlier. Having another one while I talk to you. How are you?

She leans forward so her ample breasts are on display and I get a good look down her shirt. She was covered at the bar. Probably for the best. An erection may have been telling. “I had a drink with my best friend.”

CallMeSir: Two hot girls in a bar, if I had been there I would have sent a drink your way.

Misleading. I’m supposed to be getting closer to the truth not further away from it. She smiled. “I’d like that. After I accepted your drink would you come over and chat me up?”

She didn’t correct me. Interesting.

I like where the conversation is going. I can use my fantasy of how the evening would have ended, and her fantasy of being picked up. If I merge them, it will arouse me even more.

CallMeSir: I’d come over and give you both a smile, but you’d know from my gaze lingering it was you I want. Are you wearing that outfit at the bar?”

Her eyes bounce to something in front of her then back to the cam. She is looking right in my eyes, as if she can see me. It’s like a jolt of electricity. I have enough pent up energy. Maybe this can go quickly so I can get off fast. We can spend the majority of the hour chatting if she wants. But the more I get to know her, the more I realize she’s very much like Chloe, despite the bluster of her performance.

I have a thin line where I can only repeat Cinnamon comments to Cinnamon and I can only repeat Chloe things to Chloe. I haven’t mixed up their words yet, but I may soon.

Cinnamon suits her so well. Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that’s what my Chloe is made of. I can also call her Cin, which fits her on cam persona, too well.

She wants to see me next weekend. I don’t know if I can stop from touching her this time.

“Yes, I’m wearing this outfit to the bar.”

No way would Chloe wear something that revealing to the bar. Fuck, I want her to. How can I ask her to dress up like my slutty Cinnamon? She’s leaning on the desk, waiting for me to answer.

CallMeSir: I’d definitely come over and buy you a drink. If I could get through the crowd surrounding you.

She smiles and leans back, a gleam in her eye. “As soon as I saw you, I’d send my other admirer’s away. The sexiest man in the bar, the best smile. Fuck-me-eyes.” She groans. She’s good at this. Making me feel like I’m the one she wants, the only one in her world.

CallMeSir: What should I bring you to drink? A nice red wine? A girly drink with grenadine and fruit juice?

“Sex on the beach. Leg spreader. Screaming orgasm.” With each drink name she raises her eyebrows. I google them quickly. “If you’re searching for them, look up the naughty version of the leg spreader.”

Equal parts vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. That would probably lower inhibitions.

CallMeSir: I think I’d stick with the screaming orgasm and I don’t mean the drink. Partly because it’s a promise for later, and part because I like my partner to be sober.

“A promise? Are you confident or cocky, Sir?” Her tone is taunting.

CallMeSir: Confident. There’s your bratty side coming out, Little Cinnamon. Pinch your nipple.

She sticks her tongue out but grabs her right breast. Her fingers tweak her nipple through the spandex outfit. The lighting isn’t good enough so I can see her nipples tighten with need. I need the outfit to disappear.

CallMeSir: You looking to get punished?


That’s true. I laugh. I lean closer to the monitor and feast on her face. She’s sexy and charming. I knew Chloe was, but not like this.

CallMeSir: So I buy you a drink and you kick your admirer’s out. It’s just you and me. We have a few drinks, then I put a slow song on the jukebox and ask you to dance.

“I thought this was a bar, not the club.”

CallMeSir: I don’t care. I want to feel your body against mine.

“Let’s get out of the bar then. Your place or mine?”

CallMeSir: Yours.

We both know what her room looks like. She knows what mine looks like too, but I can’t tell her that. I’ve been in her room. But she’s transformed it somehow for the show. There’s more textures, different fabrics hanging around the room, hiding her personal effects. Candles are on almost every surface for soft lighting and mood. But she has a video light on her too, it illuminates her face, so I can see every expression.

She snaps her fingers. “We’re in my room.” She grins, I love that silly grin. “Do you want a glass of wine?”

CallMeSir: We had a few drinks at the bar. I’m more interested in your body against mine.

“I know what I’m wearing. What are you wearing?”

CallMeSir: Jeans and a light blue dress sh–

I pause before I hit send. That’s what I was wearing at the bar. I delete the last few words.

CallMeSir: Jeans and a T-shirt.

“What color are your eyes?”

My eyes? I’ve never thought of it, but what does she imagine I look like. Does she think I’m some guy in his mom’s basement? Older, divorced? Unattractive perhaps? Unable to get a date?

CallMeSir: Boring brown.

“Brown isn’t boring. Brown is soulful, deep, romantic. They darken during arousal. They lighten during orgasm. Or are you calling my eyes boring?”

CallMeSir: Your eyes? Never. Not one part of you is boring. Can we get the part where I strip your dress off?

“You want me naked do you? Not very gentlemanly.”

CallMeSir: I’m not feeling like a gentle man. Get naked, Cinnamon.

She strips her dress off, exposing her nipples, a shade darker than her skin. The entire evening with her at the bar I thought of this moment. It took all my self control not to reach over and cover one of them with my hand, to tease her perfect nipples.

She dances around in front of the camera, showing off her body. She still has her panties on, but I don’t comment. It’s a good thing she had jeans on at the bar, the temptation to touch her bare thighs may have overcome me. And I wouldn’t have stopped under her skirt, I would have made her come before I let her go. Right there in the bar, I would have made her scream.

CallMeSir: You are so fucking gorgeous.

I hit enter. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s crossing lines, emotional lines.

“Thank you.” She slides back into her chair. Her hands cup her breasts and she plays with her nipples. Just how I like to start off our play.

CallMeSir: I bet your skin tastes like honey.

“Mmm.” She rolls her nipples between her thumb and finger.

CallMeSir: How has your deep throat practice been going?

“Fine. You want to see?”

I want my dick down her throat.

CallMeSir: Yes, little miss.

She reaches down to the floor and pulls out the dildo. The one I bought her. She wets it with her tongue, while she stares into the camera, right into my eyes.

I drool as she sucks on the end of it. My hand palms my dick through my boxers. I lean back in my chair to watch the show, but she continues teasing me.

CallMeSir: Cinnamon, are you being a bad girl? Suck that fake dick for me.

I want to go back to the bar and instead of letting her go home, I take her into the bathroom or the back alley and push her against the nearest wall and fuck her until we both come. Then take her home and make her come over and over for the rest of the night.

On screen, she pushes the dildo into her mouth. I watch her throat bob as it disappears. She gags a little and pulls it out. “I’m getting good at it TJ.”

CallMeSir: You are.

I can’t wait until her lips are wrapped around my dick. If she’s not too upset it’s been me on the other end of the chat screen.

She swallows the dick once more. Mine jumps to attention.

CallMeSir: Rub it against your pussy. Through your panties. I want to see them wet.

She tips the camera so it’s on her crotch. I watch, pretending it’s my body rubbing against hers. It will be soon. I will make a plan to tell her the truth. But this is too good, too fun. Once she knows, emotions will be involved. I’m not ready to be vulnerable again.

CallMeSir: You were looking for pain earlier. Slap the dildo against your pussy. It had better hurt.

She hits against her, but I can see it’s not hard enough to hurt. I can’t hear it. My fingers are on the keyboard, but the next slaps come through clearly and she whimpers.

CallMeSir: Good girl.

I never would have guessed Chloe was a masochist. I guess she wouldn’t guess I’m a sadist either.

The camera pans back to her face. “Is that good Sir?”

I check the time. We have twelve minutes left. I want her to come more than once.

CallMeSir: Yes, for now. Take off your panties, fuck yourself with it. Make yourself come for me.

I wrap my hand around my dick. She pans the camera back to her nether, so I can see her being spread wide open for my pleasure. She pounds herself with it, her other hand rubbing her clit.

I want to bury my face between her legs. I want to pound into her. I want to make her shake under my touch. Her legs wrapped around me, her moans bouncing off my skin.

I’m tempted to log off and show up at her doorstep and show her real pain and pleasure.

She’s shaking already, coming from my instructions, getting off knowing someone is watching.

“Fuck that felt good, TJ. It’s been awhile since I had a good orgasm. No one, I swear no one, gets me off like you do. I tell other people that, but with you it’s true.”

I smile at my screen. She’s being sincere, I know her tells. I know her better than she knows herself.

CallMeSir: Good. I like that. I’ll be slow to type because I’m jerking off too. Get your vibrator and make yourself come again.

She groans, but she follows the instructions. “You’re a sadist.”

CallMeSir: You have no idea.

She smiles as her vibrator buzzes to life.

CallMeSir: I want to see your face this time.

The camera stays on her face, the vibrating pleasure device disappears from the screen. I can still hear it, and I know it’s on her because her face changes. “Back to the scene. You’re here, you get me naked, then what? You push me down on the bed and pound me until you fill me with your cum?” She continues the fantasy we were buiding.

CallMeSir: No, first I’d spank your ass. Then I’d torture your nipples. Use the clamps and twist them.

I want to jerk off thinking about being inside of her, while I watch her come over and over. But creating the fantasy is a mindgasm, another type of pleasure.

CallMeSir: I’d put you on your hands and knees and pound you until you came on my dick. Then I’d have you lie on your back and I’d lick your pussy until you begged me to stop. Then I’d crawl over you and make love to you, slow and sweet until I couldn’t take the teasing, then I’d fill you with my cum.

Her mouth is hanging open. “Fuck,” she says softly.

CallMeSir: I’d let you sleep for a few hours, then I’d wake you so you could clean my dick off. I’d fill your mouth, or splatter your breasts. Then I’d put you in the bath, wash you off. Once you were dry, we’d start over again.

Her eyes have rolled back in her head. I imagine she’s moving the vibrator around on her clit.

CallMeSir: Is next weekend good for you?

Her eyes widen, but then her shoulders jerk. She’s close. I grab my dick and stroke faster. She’s coming, her body is shaking. I type as fast as I can with one hand.

CallMeSir: Keep the vibrator on you. Don’t stop until I say you can. I haven’t come yet and you need to take care of me.

“I can’t,” she wails.

CallMeSir: You can do it for me Cinnamon. I want you to keep going.

I keep stroking my dick, watching her face. Fuck, she’s gorgeous.

I use my typing hand to stroke my balls. She looks distressed but determined. “That’s right girl,” I say to the screen. “That’s my good girl Chloe. You keep that on you until I come. I’m so close, baby.”

I push back from the computer so I don’t mess up my keyboard. Ah there it is. I feel the peak and my hips jerk as I ejaculate. It spurts several times before relaxing in my hand.

CallMeSir: You can stop.

She shakes her head. “So close,” she says.

CallMeSir: One more, Cin.

I watch the screen while I wipe my mess up. She looks tense, but then I see her shaking. It starts with her shoulders, and moves down her body. She moans deeply as it flows through her. And something thumps to the floor, the vibrator I assume.

CallMeSir: Are you okay?

She opens one eye. “Yeah. I’m definitely going to bed. I had a few drinks with friend before this. And I’m done for.”

CallMeSir: Thank you Cin.

I add a tip to her account.

CallMeSir: I’ll see you next weekend.

“I might not be available Saturday, might be Sunday.”

When I was at the bar she promised to see me next weekend. I have to tease her.

CallMeSir: You have a date?

“I’m seeing my best friend. He’s still hurting after a break up and I haven’t spent much time with him recently.”

I love her. Both parts of her, Chloe and Cinnamon. I don’t know why she started this, and if she wants to keep doing it, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s her life. But I can’t see her again without touching her, without making her come in person.

I log off and shower before crawling into bed. I open my phone to find a message from Chloe. A selfie of us she took at the bar, making a silly face. She’s beautiful and I need to let her know.

Night Three Hard and Fast.

Night Three Part Two Soft and Sweet

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December 2, 2017
by asrai

More than Friends: Night One


I became a cam girl a few months ago when I was low on funds. My rent was increased, my job cut my overtime, and I didn’t know of any quick options other than begging my friends for money. I couldn’t take the embarrassment, so I turned on my webcam, found a website that paid well, and made it work.

I’m looking at my options. A better paying job, cheaper place, stripping for strangers on the internet as my full-time job. Cam work pays well enough, plus the orgasms. I fear what I would tell my family and friends.

Tonight a regular has requested a private show. His username is CallMeSir, but the first private show we did he told me to call him “TJ.” I don’t know TJ outside this realm. He doesn’t use voice, like other regulars. He types what he wants from me. It makes it more difficult to follow orders because I have to be close to the screen to read his words. But we make it work.

I have my hair done in waves. TJ complimented on my hair a few times. In the mirror, I put on my brightest red lipstick, my red push up bra, and lacy red panties. He likes lace.

I have my box of toys nearby. I arranged it earlier in the way TJ usually instructs me to use the toys. Nipple clamps, paddle, this lube with menthol he instructed me to buy that makes my clit or nipples more sensitive, and the vibrating dildo. There are more dildos in another box, butt plugs, just in case he has a new request.

I log on and test my cam and mic. I arrange myself in a pout and watch the screen.

CallMeSir has logged on.

It begins.

“Hello TJ. How are you?”

CallMeSir: Hello, Cinnamon. I’m tired after a long day. How are you?

“Mmm. I’m okay. Work was nothing special. I thought about you all day. Wondering what  you would make me do tonight.” I slide my index finger between my lips and suck on it, giving him a coy look.

CallMeSir: I thought about you too. I only went to the bathroom once to masturbate. What about you?

I didn’t have time. But that’s not sexy. “My panties were soaked all day, but I didn’t want to waste an orgasm at work. I wanted to save it for you.”

CallMeSir: I think that’s better. I like the idea of you on edge all day while you think of me.

I’ve made him an avatar in my head. He’s probably nothing like I imagine. But I see him tall, dark, and handsome. Piercing green eyes. Or blue. Or dark soulful brown. So the eyes change depending on the mood. He has that scruffy look that’s hot. It would scrape my inner thighs.

I want to keep talking to him. I want to ask him personal questions. But when I have tested the waters, he’s been evasive. I know he has a right to be anonymous, but we talk a couple times a week, at least once in private per week, and then he joins my public shows sometimes. But it lacks the intimacy of our private sessions. And the way he makes me feel in them. I’ve done the cam shows for a five months but only know TJ for about two months, I’m addicted. I look forward to them way more than I should. I use his words, his instructions every time I touch myself.

“Should we get started?” I shouldn’t be so blunt. Maybe I should keep flirting until he asks.

CallMeSir: I love the red lipstick. I’d like to see your lips wrapped around my dick.

“I’d like to have your dick in my mouth. Listen to you moan while I use my tongue on you.”

CallMeSir: I bet you get all sloppy when you suck dick.

I do. I love a good sloppy dick sucking session.

CallMeSir: Get that purple dildo, the one with the veins, almost like a real dick. It’s bigger than most guys, but show me.

“You’re bigger than most guys, though.” I bend to my toy box beside me and open the latch on top. He can’t see my smirk. Every guy thinks they are the biggest and best.

I find the dildo he requests and pop back onto the screen with it. I wiggle my hand and make it flop around with a grin.

CallMeSir: You’re being a brat tonight already, Cinnamon. I might have to spank you.

        Yes I am bigger than most guys.

I avoid shaking my head. Whatever you want to believe, sunshine. It’s his money.

I stroke my hand along the fake dick. I put on my best sexy voice. “TJ, you have the biggest dick I’ve seen. I don’t know if I can handle someone this big.”

CallMeSir: You’ll take it, my slutty girl. Now suck on the tip.

I part my lips and suck on the head of the dick. I pretend it’s human, warm, it’s attached to the tall, dark, handsome man and he’s standing above me while I stroke him, while I taste him.

One eye is on the screen, waiting further instruction.

CallMeSir: Take it deeper. Show me how deep you can get.

He knows it’s not deep. He likes making me gag on it though. My sick bastard. I press my tongue down on the floor of my mouth and shove it deep until I can’t handle it. I swallow hard, but my gag kicks in.

CallMeSir: I think that’s deeper than last time. I want you to practice for the next week once a day hold it as deep as you can for as long as you can. If you improve, there will be a tip.

I nod, staring straight at the camera, my mouth full of purple dick. Hopefully straight into his eyes. I imagine they are dark tonight. Dark and brooding.

CallMeSir: Get sloppy down on it. Let me see your spit run down your chin.

I use my tongue around his dick, loosening my lips enough so he can see my tongue working the flesh. Saliva drips from my mouth down my chin. I struggle to stop myself from wiping it away, instead I force myself to push more out.

CallMeSir: Good girl. I’d fill your mouth with my come and watch it drip down your chin. Down your chest. If I had enough money to buy a night with you I’d cover you in my come. Take the dildo out and tell me if you’d like that.

From him? Probably.

“Yes, Sir. I’d like to be filled with your come, covered in it.”

My pussy is wet and electrified. I want to touch myself.

CallMeSir: You’re such a dirty girl. After I filled your mouth, I’d push you on the bed and spank your ass red.

This is the part he enjoys most. Making me hurt myself.

No, it’s him hurting me. I’m his proxy.

“Should I get the paddle?” I bite my bottom lip.

CallMeSir: Let me see your panties first.

I tip the cam so it shows my underwear. I get on my feet and turn in a circle so he can see them. Is he smiling? Does he like them? “I bought them for you.”

My face heats, embarrassed because it’s true. I thought of him while I picked out seven new pairs of panties at the lingerie store. One for each night. If you wear the same panties too often, the regulars pick up on it and complain. Fuckers. But for TJ, I’d do anything to please him.

CallMeSir: Red is my new favorite color. The color of your skin after I’m done spanking it.

A moan escapes me. I slap my hand over my mouth.

CallMeSir: Don’t cover up your moans. I want to hear them all.

Sit on the chair and show me how wet your panties are. Have you ruined them already?

I bite my fingertip and nod, with a naughty smile, the girl caught in the cookie jar. “Yes, Sir. I’m wet.”

CallMeSir: Show me how wet. Sit in your chair and put your feet on the chair, spread your legs and show my your wet panties.

I sit and adjust the camera so it’s zoomed in on my crotch. The first time I did this I thought I might die. But now it’s nothing new. There’s a small damp patch.

CallMeSir: You aren’t soaked yet. Take them off and show me the inside.

The patch inside my underwear is bigger. I hold the red lace close so he can inspect. We haven’t done enough to get me soaked. Perhaps after the spanking.

CallMeSir: Not bad from sucking a fake dick on a camera. You like being a bad girl.

“I do TJ. I like being your bad girl. I never would do these things if you didn’t ask.” My voice is a whisper, I lean closer to the mic so he can hear me. But that is difficult. I’m confessing truths, but I don’t know if he knows i’ts the truth. It could be a persona I’m playing for him. It’s not, but he may believe that. All cam girls have a persona. I do too, but with TJ it’s different.

CallMeSir: I know. That’s why you are my favorite. Get the wooden paddle. I wish I could be there in your bedroom, bend you over the chair and spank you like you deserve.

I set my panties on the computer desk and retrieve the wooden paddle. Not what I imagined he would want, but he always exceeds my expectations.

CallMeSir: I might have to work more overtime to afford more private sessions with you. I could buy your time and keep you all to myself.

I slap the paddle against my inner arm, it doesn’t hurt, just makes a slap sound.

CallMeSir: Do you have the nipple clamps on?

I shake my head. “No, Sir. I was waiting for your permission.”

CallMeSir: Take off your bra and put them on. Get close to the cam so I can see how tight they are.

I move close, my nipple fills the screen and I clip it around the sensitive nub. Fuck. I bite my bottom lip until the initial pain fades. The flash of chat catches my eye as I move to the second side.

CallMeSir: For the other one, let me see your face.

I sit in the chair and set up the second clamp. I make sure I’m looking into the camera before I release it against my skin. The pain shoots through me, making me hiss.

CallMeSir: Some women can get off from just their nipples.

“I’m more sensitive I think than average, but not that much. I need my clit touched to get off.” If only it were that easy.

CallMeSir: Noted. Slap that paddle against your thighs. Make it hurt.

I slap it against my thighs, three blows each, hard enough to make my mouth drop open. “Good?” I ask in a tight voice.

CallMeSir: Good enough. Stand up, turn around, and massage your ass with both hands. Warm up the muscle. A couple minutes is good. Then turn around for more instruction.

I set the paddle aside and turn around. I grab my ass with both hands and grip as deep into the tissue as I can. After two minutes passes, I whirl around to see his next words.

CallMeSir: Warm yourself with the paddle. You can turn around every ten spanks to check in.

I pick up the paddle. It’s new to me. He bought it for me, and we haven’t used it yet. We used other lighter tools, but this was a special order. I rub a finger over my lip while staring into the camera while I find a good grip on the paddle.

My nerves are simmering with a mix of arousal and anxiety.

CallMeSir: Do you want to do this?

My hesitation is noticeable. “Yes, Sir.”

CallMeSir: If you don’t want to we can do something else.

It’s not the pain holding me back. I like the pain. “I’m afraid I won’t live up to your expectations.”

There’s no reply for several breaths. I reach for the mouse, ready to refresh the page in case something froze up. But the three dots that tell me he’s replying pop up. I slap the paddle against my hip until his reply comes up.

CallMeSir: You always exceed my expectations. Take the first ten slow, steady. It’s a warm up.

I’ve learned so much from him about where the lines of pain and pleasure blur. He speaks in poetry, but the dirtiest fucking poetry you’ve read. He can arouse me with a few keystrokes. Submission to him is not just for the money anymore. It’s him. It’s TJ. It’s my Sir.

I can’t tell him any of that, I simply turn around and slap my ass ten times. I return to him.

CallMeSir: Ten more.

Ten, becomes twenty. He instructs me to hit harder every time until it hurts. I want to wail on myself, to hurt, to show him how much I want to please him with my red skin. But that self-preservation kicks in. I wonder where he lives. If I could see him. If I could let him slap me hard enough to please us both.

No, taking this off the internet is too dangerous. He could be a serial killer, or something…. I don’t want to ruin this fantasy. Meeting me might ruin his fantasy of me. Part of the excitement comes from the fantasy.

I cry out for the last ten. My skin is red, I can see it in the screen over my shoulder. My muscles will be sore tomorrow from holding the position and the rough treatment of my ass. And I would revel in it. It will be the best fucking day ever.

CallMeSir: That’s enough. How do you feel?

I stand there staring at the screen. The camera angle cuts off my head. “Good. A bit trippy.”

CallMeSir: Move the cam. I want to see your face. Are you turned on?

I realize I’m breathing heavy as I move the cam back to my face. Am I turned on? I close my eyes and tune into my body. “I don’t know. It was overwhelming for me. That was… intense.”

CallMeSir: It was. Maybe we should stop here.

“No!” Oops. I grab my chair and sit. I pull my tone back. “No one has come yet.”

CallMeSir: That’s true. I’m okay though. That session gave me enough for a week of masturbatory fodder.

I pout. “You don’t want to see me come?”

CallMeSir: I want to make sure you are okay before my selfish desires.

“Oh. Well, I want to come. I want to make you come while you watch me.”

CallMeSir: I want that. I want to watch you fuck yourself with that purple dildo.

I grab the dildo and a bottle of lubricant from my box, pull my legs up and look at the screen. “Can you see me?”

CallMeSir: I can. But move back so I can see your sexy cunt and face.

“Tell me when.” I edge backward until he gives the word.

CallMeSir:  I’m glad you let your hair grow out a little. Don’t be offended, I don’t like a bald pussy.

I smile as I rub the dildo against my slit. “I’ll remember that. I’m going to pretend this is your dick rubbing against me. We’d lie on my bed, on my silk sheets and you’d be over me, rubbing your dick against my slit, teasing me.”

CallMeSir: I have my dick in my hand, and I’ll imagine that as well. I’d like to get slick from your pussy.

Get the dildo wet in your pussy then suck it off.

I use my fingers to part my lips and nudge the head into my opening. Together they make a slurping sound. I lift the purple dick to my lips and suck my juice off. “It’s good, but I wish it was my pussy served from your real dick.”

I push the dildo inside my cunt and thrust it slowly. “You’d fuck me slow for a few minutes, real slow, teasing me. Then shove your dick in my mouth and our tastes would mingle. A beautiful new recipe.”

CallMeSir: oh yes, Cinnamon. Fuck yourself with the dildo.

I thrust the dick faster. Wish it was TJ jackhammering me. His mouth covering mine to swallow my moans. I let them out, loud and proud.

My arousal mounts to the breaking point. I can’t get off like this. I can’t come from penetration alone. A groan escapes my mouth. “I need a vibrator to come. Do you mind if I switch?”

CallMeSir: Grab whatever you need. I’m close. I’m imagining tugging on your nipple clamps and making you scream my name. Then I’d strum your clit like my guitar.

He plays guitar? Good to know. I make a note and toss the dildo on a towel on the floor otherwise they get cat hair on them.

I get my favorite vibrator. It’s a fancy one that has a million vibration settings. I flip through to find one that’s strong and steady. I want to get off as fast as possible.

CallMeSir: Make yourself come for me, my beautiful slut.

I make sure my pussy is in the camera view before I spread my cunt lips and press the vibrating silicone against my clit. Its hum electrifies every nerve in my body. I close my eyes and imagine my tall, dark, and handsome TJ between my legs, licking my pussy like it’s he’s starved for it. His eyes are dark on mine as he devours me.

The shaking starts from my clit and spreads through my hips and thighs. I use one hand to grip the chair as the orgasm overtakes me.

My mouth drops open. “TJ. Fuck, yes. I’m coming so fucking hard.”

The orgasm leaves me limp in my chair.

The screen is flashing, so I open my eyes.

CallMeSir: I came too. Fuck that was hot.

                Good thing I thought ahead and brought a towel tonight.

               Are you okay?

“I’m okay. You didn’t kill me. Good thing I don’t have plans to move after you’re done with me.”

CallMeSir: That good? It looked good.

“It was fucking amazing, TJ. You make me come better than anyone.”

CallMeSir: Good. I’m glad. I wish I could take you to bed, and cuddle you all night.

“Then wake me with more great sex, right?” This fantasy sounds way better than it should.

CallMeSir: Yes! 🙂 Before I go I want to watch your face when you take off your nipple clamps. You’ve been wearing them a longtime tonight, should be a good one.

“You’re a sadist.” I give a fake growl.

CallMeSir: I’ve been told it’s my best quality.

He’s much sweeter than he gives himself credit for, but he enjoys seeing me in pain. I plant my feet on the floor and grab the right clamp and release it. Pain shoots through my body as the blood rushes back in. I drop the clamp and grab my breast as the air whooshes out of me.

CallMeSir: I never tired of watching your face when you take them off.

I glare at the screen, then peel the second away. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” My hand cups my breast and my palm tries to soothe, but only inflames. But in less than a minute the pain wanes and disappears into the ethos of my memories.

“Fuck that hurts like hell. I love it before you ask. I’m almost aroused all over again.” I duck my head as my face heats.

CallMeSir: I’m glad you had a good night. I did too. You’re a good girl. You deserve a reward. We will chat again soon.

“Good night, Sir.”

He logs off, then I close my computer down. I clean my toys and pack them away. When I open the bedroom door, the cat sneaks in and curls up on the end of my bed. Without dressing, I slide into my silk sheets. A luxury I managed last week with extra tips from the cam job.

My phone beeps from the nightstand and I check it. Email, a tip. My eyes widened. A big tip from TJ. With the message, “Don’t forget your deep throat practice.”

I won’t. I’ll email him in the morning about it. And everyday until we have another private show. My body is still buzzing. I grab my wand from the nightstand and press it between my legs, bringing myself to orgasm again, remembering all the things he said and I did tonight.

This is bad. I’m in over my head. I’m addicted to this man. And his honeyed words and the way he makes me feel, the things he does to me. It’s too much, too fast, too strange.

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November 18, 2017
by asrai

Interspiration November

I first read about this from Rebel’s Notes. A few weeks ago Girl on the Net called for Sex Bloggers to unite and share each other’s work, as more businesses shun sex workers. This shun of sex includes book sellers, erotic topics don’t show up on certain bookseller’s websites,, and taboo topics, such as pseudoincest, are refused entirely by most. Selena Kitt wrote this article a few years ago but the information is still accurate. These bans leave me at a loss of what to do with my latest work involving stepdad and stepdaughter. It’s romance at the heart of the story. But my own issues are not the point.

If you enjoy these topics, let your voice be heard, and share works by your favorite smut authors. And don’t forget to leave good reviews all over the internet. Reviews are the good karma authors and artists run on.

I do it on Twitter daily, but I’ve been dropping the ball on doing a sexy round-up of everything I’ve shared. So I’m going to commit to doing this once a month. For more sexy follow me on Twitter. And check out the hashtag #soss on Twitter.

Every day I share sexy stories from around the web. All links are NSFW unless otherwise noted.


Wasted luxury


Possession via @mischa_eliot bringing back #onehandread 🙂

Wet via @fdotleonora Well I know I’m wet now. 😉

Sarah is punished and rewarded via @Livvy_Libertine

Sexy learning. #masturbationmonday


Knickerless girls shouldn’t climb trees. That could be up for debate.

Songs that make me want to use your cock. a dirty shadow as he treated her like anything but porcelain. I took my two fave lines and made them one. <3

Kitten is greedy. #onehandedread #tease via @fdotleonora

This never happens to me when I lose my keys.


How to have car sex. #lifetips

Top sexy roleplay costumes.

What you think you know about fetishes is probably wrong.

Dan Savage’s new show about great sex stories.

Taking him in hand

What is sex addiction?

Why couples stop having sex is the wrong question.

Out of sexting ideas? Try these. I saved this. I’m a terrible sexter.


What is the difference between kink and fetish? via @TheCaraSutra

5 things to put on your sexy bucket list.

Why you need to redefine love.

Age play via @thereon_cara I’m a big fan of older men too. 🙂 i also like seeing you happy.

in praise of porn and @WhoresofYore

4 ways masturbation improves your life

Women like porn just not shitty porn.

The Do To Me List.


Tooting my own horn

Brad has two unique ways to punish Kylie Caught Part 2: The Punishment

Kylie makes good use of Brad’s chair

“There isn’t one thing in this apartment, I haven’t paid for. Including you.”

November 17, 2017
by asrai

Elust 100!! Woot woot.

Welcome to Elust 100

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #101 Start with the rules, come back December 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


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I’m a feminist but…

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Pain Sluts and Brain Squirrels

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~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~


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Over exposed?

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Soaring in Space
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Radical Acceptance In Relationships
So… ghosting is an acceptable thing now
What giving a collar means to me


Reflections on us and the blog



Elust 88

November 11, 2017
by asrai

Caught Part 3: The Reward

Part One: Caught
Part Two: Caught: The Punishment


His hand grip my ass cheeks, pushing and pulling the flesh painfully. I bit my bottom lip to keep from whimpering, my body and mind too drained to respond. “I think that’s enough punishment. Perhaps a reward.”

We’ve never played a scene this long before. He’s never pushed me this far. I take a shaky breath, the firmness returns to my leg muscles.

“You still with me little miss?” His fingers still massage my muscles deep and painful.

“Yes, Sir.” The pain brings me back into my body.

“I’m testing your limits today.”

“Yes, Sir.” That’s a fucking understatement. He tests them every day, but today feel so much further. He makes me want to stretch myself, to test myself, to see how far I can go.

His hand slaps my ass. It hurts, but it doesn’t make me cry out or jerk. It’s a warm up for my muscles. I close my eyes and drift as the blows become harder. My skin heats from the fire under my skin.

He stops suddenly, but the closet door opening tells me he’s grabbing a toy. My skin stings. A flogger, not the mean leather one that is punishment, a softer one. Brad hits me three times. “Check, little miss.”

“Good. It hurts but good. Green.” My safe word, the one that will bring a halt to the activity, is poker. It always brings a smile to my lips to think it. We started fucking after a high stakes poker game.

The slaps of the flogger move up and down my ass, right to left, down my upper thighs a little. I’m already a little buzzed on endorphins from the repeated orgasms, the pain is easy to bear.

The blows quicken, harden making my breath come out in pants. My body twitches as he his me harder; harder than I have ever been hit before. Fuck, fuck. My mouth drops open with a scream, but the blows become soft again.

He pushes my thighs apart with his fist. His fingers slide easily over the sweat and arousal on my skin. His finger brushes over my clit, so fucking light I almost cry. The softness after the harsh blows is unexpected. “I need your help, love,” he whispers, his lips at my ear. “Put your hand between your legs.”

I wiggle my hand down as a vibration presses against my clit. “Hold that right there. Don’t let it slip.” He presses a kiss to my cheek as the vibe slips into my hand.

I press it against my clit, the vibrations reaching the deepest parts of my body. He slaps my ass again with the flogger while the vibrator works its magic.

“I want to see you come once more, Kylie. I’m going to use the cane.”

Is he serious? My body thrashes. He is. He brushes it over my back from my shoulders to my calves then back up.

This horrible weapon always makes me use my safe word. But the orgasm is building and it will reach the point of no return soon. If I don’t feel the pain, I don’t get the pleasure either.

“Okay, Sir,” I manage from my dry throat.

“Your body is ready for the pain. And the pleasure will make it bearable if not pleasant. I want to teach your body that the sting is enjoyable.” He hits me with the cane but it doesn’t hurt. “Get the vibrator on the sensitive part of your clit and don’t forget to breathe.”

I roll it to the side that’s more sensitive. My thighs press together, my hips thrust against it. “Ready.”

“Relax.” The cane comes down against my skin and I jerk. “I want to see the lines on your skin when this is over. Think of how beautiful it will be.”

He hits me again and I whimper. He likes leaving marks on my skin. I think of his enjoyment.

I breathe through three stinging whacks on my backside. But the fourth makes me cry out. He pushes his hand between my legs and guides my hand to push the vibrator more firmly on my clit. “Focus on this. Right here.”

He hits me twice. Then he soothes the pain with his fingers in my cunt, thrusting. Three whips of the cane, then more teasing.

“Your skin looks amazing. You might have to lay across me all weekend. You will definitely be naked all evening so I can see them.”

Three more and he lays the cane beside me. I snarl at it, but I got through the pain this time. He lies beside me, prying the vibrator out of my hands. “Check once more.”

I don’t know what to say. I’m floating right now. “Maybe.”

“Maybe what?” His fingers probe between my legs.

“Maybe I’m a person.

“Did I push you too far?”

“No. I’m in subspace I think.”

“Can I make love to you?”

“Yes. But I can’t move.”

“No need to move, my love.” He kneels between my legs and lays over me. His cock pushes into me and his weight presses against my back. I hiss, as his thighs press against the stripes on my ass.

“It feels good, good pain.”

He settles against me, and thrusts into me. The angle and the depth stimulate something different, deeper in my pussy. I try not to move so I can keep the sensation going.

And deep inside my pussy, my soul, the orgasm ruptures. Desire pours from my body, shaking me everywhere. My mouth is open, deep moans coming from within.

Brad is moaning, his chest rumbling against my back.

I feel him pour into me, filling me with his release. And his weight drops on me, we are depleted from the experience.

He rolls off me and I take a few deep breaths. He’s quivering more than I am. Is he dropping?

Fuck. I am still shaking but I force myself up to grab a blanket from the closet and cover us. I lay against him, finding comfort in his body.

He wraps an arm around me. “I might have pushed myself too far.”

“Should I get you a drink? Or something to eat?”

“Just stay with me. How are you feeling?”

I run my hand over his chest, but my fingers are shaking. “I haven’t come back down yet. Or maybe I went past it faster because you seemed more affected. I was definitely in subspace for a long time. Longer than I’ve ever been.”

“How did it feel?”

“Surreal. The cane hurt, but I can’t explain it. Once I come back down, I think I’ll feel the sting more.”

“I’ll do some skin care later. Would you like a nap?”

“Yes. I told my mom I wasn’t coming home tonight. She knows I have a special friend. She’s demanding to meet you.” I hide my face in his shoulder.

“Whenever you are ready. I know it will be difficult for all of us. But I love you, miss Kylie Beth. We need to face telling your parents, and my kids.”

Stepmom Kylie. I’m only a decade older than his kids. I try to work out in my mind how they will feel. What my parents will say, Brad is one of my stepfather’s closest friends. His poker buddy. They work together. Also I will have to face his ex-wife. I used to babysit for her, but she’s not part of my world, she didn’t remain friends with my mom. She’s remarried, but how will she feel about her former babysitter fucking her husband.

“We won’t know how they’ll react until we tell them. All that matters is we love each other.”

I’m only a couple months away from graduation. Then I’ll have to get a job, think about moving. Think about my actual adult future. With Brad? I don’t know.

He kisses my temple. “Don’t think about it now. We have this weekend together. Let’s nap then I’ll order pizza, and we’ll see how sore your ass is.”

He grins and I know what he has planned for later. If it’s not sore now, it might be later.

“I love you too, Brad.” I don’t say it enough to him.

“Go to sleep little miss.” He pulls me closer and I close my eyes, letting his love envelope me.

What can I say? They begged me to keep going.

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November 4, 2017
by asrai

Caught Part 2: The Punishment

Part One

Brad nods solemnly. “First, you need to study for an hour, little miss. I won’t allow distraction from your studies.”

I nod and get off the bed. He wraps me in a robe he bought for me when I sleep over.

I lumber out to the kitchen and sit at the table again. I open my books and my laptop, and focus on studying, trying not to wonder what he’s doing. The shower goes on and off that takes about ten minutes of the hour. I don’t know how he showers so fast.

In case he returns, I make myself focus on my work. I fill in the blanks of my lecture notes from the reading. I get through my Friday class notes and reading. Last, I have to find a topic for my essay, so I am forced to re-read the notes I just made.

“Your hour is up,” Brad says.

“I’m almost done.” I don’t look up. I don’t even focus on him in my peripheral view.

He’s watching me as I make notes for potential topics, but I pretend my work is more important. Maybe it is. Brad has quickly moved up the list of my priorities. So fast, so much, it’s scary. But the exhilarating kind of fear. I want more.

When I finish the notes, I put my books in my bag and close my laptop. I fold my hands in my lap and stare at the table. “Finished,” I say, pretending I’m a good submissive. I’m not. I’m a brat. He reminds me daily. I can’t help it. I’ll do anything to see him smile.

My pussy is humming with anticipation. The spanking is coming. I turn and smile at him. “Yes, sir.”

He stands behind me. “Stand up, hands behind your back.”

I raise to my feet and clasp my hands behind my back. I feel something soft wrap around my right wrist then it tightens, the sound of velcro scraps my ear drums. The second wrist is wrapped the same way.

His lips wrap around my ear lobe, teasing me until I sag against him. “I know you want a spanking.”

I nod, eager for the pain. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s why you aren’t getting one.”


“That would be a reward.” He grabs the back of my neck and moves me into the living room. He sets me on the sofa and opens my robe. One hand grabs my chin and the other plays with my nipples, soft touches then a rough pinch and twist. Then soft again. Rough and soft until I’m panting. Then he bends down and kisses me harshly.

He pulls out a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket and attaches them to my body. I close my eyes sinking into the delicious pain.

He turns his chair to face me. I have so many memories of kneeling beside that chair. Sucking him off, being teased, confessing my deepest desires.

He strips his clothes off and and sits down.

“I want to hear a story.”

“A story?”

“More specifically, a fantasy.”


Brad looks down my body. “Spread your legs for me, little miss. If you can’t keep them apart, I’ll get the spreader bar.”

I open my legs, exposing my pussy to him. I lean back against the sofa as much as I can with my hands behind my back.

“Okay. A fantasy.”

“I want your fantasy. The one you were using to masturbate when I caught you.”

“I told you, a threesome.”

He shakes his head. “I want it in detail. What type of girl. What you were doing, what was I doing? What was she doing?”

I swallow a moan and drop my head to my chest. He’s going to have me detail my fantasy, while I can’t touch myself and my nipples are being stimulated. He’s good at erotic torture, punishment.

“I guess she’d be a brunette. I think you like brunettes.”

“Based on what?”

“Your wife was. I am.”

His mouth curves up. “I guess I am partial to brown hair. Blonde is fine if you are into it.”

“Maybe a redhead. Fiery and passionate.”

“Sounds good so far.”

“She’d have freckles in her intimate parts, because she sunbathes nude sometimes. For short periods because delicate redhead skin.”

“Why did you choose a girl for this fantasy?” He tilts his head to the left, his eyes never leaving mine.

“I wanted something softer.”

“Have you ever been with another woman?”

“I’ve kissed a few. But never touched one.” I squirm. My arms are sore from holding the same position for so long. I roll my shoulders up and back to stretch them.

“Are you bisexual?”

“Perhaps. Curious, I guess is the best description.”

“Bi-curious. Go on.” He watches me while I consider my next words.

“It’s something I fantasize about occasionally. Another woman. The kisses are softer, even rough kisses. We’d all be on your bed, you’d sit beside us while we kiss and undress. She sucks my nipples. I suck hers.”

Brad wraps his hand around his growing erection and strokes. I want to touch, to feel. My pussy throbs with wanting to feel him. I squirm, hyper aware of the restraints. I press my knees out, hoping for a reward if I keep myself open as demanded.

Right now, I’d take the kiss over anything.

“Go on little miss. Keep telling me about fucking another woman.”

My mouth is suddenly dry. I lick my lips hoping to find my voice again. “I put my hand between her legs and rub her clit.”

“How wet is she?” He looks relaxed. He is relaxed. He’s not bound and forced to confess.

“Really wet. Soaking my fingers. It drips down.” I close my eyes so I can see the fantasy instead of him.

“I want to taste her.”

“That wasn’t part of my fantasy.”

“We’re changing it.”

“You lick my fingers off, suck them. And I touch her again, more, harder. She’s moaning. Her fingers are between my legs as well, rubbing my clit.”

“How wet are you?”

“Soaked. Like as wet as you got the first night I was here.” I am. I’m soaking his sofa. My pussy needs to be touched. I open my eyes, so I can see what he’s doing.

“You’re that wet every night, little miss. You’re a slut.”

I bow my head a little. “I am.”

His lips twist into a grin. “I like you being a slut. It’s fucking hot.” He strokes his cock pulling it out to show me how much it turned him on. I like turning him on, it makes me feel powerful, exhilarated.

He strokes slowly again. “Keep going little miss.”

“You reach down and pinch my nipples and make me squirm. That’s when you caught me. And I came right after that.”

“What if I hadn’t caught you? What if the fantasy went on? What would you do next?”

I feel bold now. He’s got a firm grip on his cock as he strokes. I want to get him off. To see him come. It would be better if he got me off as well, but that seems unlikely under the term of punishment.

“She’d kiss her way down my body, put her head between my legs and lick my clit. Suck on it. While you pinch my nipples. I reach over and stroke your cock while she licks me toward orgasm.”

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“Okay, I lean over and take your hard cock into my hot wet mouth and suck my cheeks in just right, the way that makes you roll your head back and moan. I take you deep into my mouth, my hand wrapped around your cock, while I use my mouth to fuck you.”

“Good girl. How turned on are you right now?”

“Very. Extremely. I’m dying to press my legs together. I keep pulling at my restraints wanting to relieve myself.”

He moves to me, still stroking his cock. With his other hand he probes between my legs, rubbing across the trimmed hair on my mound, parting the lips and gathering wetness. Two fingers thrust into me. My head drops back with a moan and his hand is gone. He’s back in the chair.

My pussy aches with longing for his touch. I whimper as my head snaps back up.

“Keep going little miss. Does our mystery woman make you come?”

“No. She stops, you tell her to stop. You tell me to get between her legs and make her come. And I get down there and taste my first pussy. And I suck her clit.”

“No, wait. Tell me how it tastes.”

“Tangy, sort of sweet. I love it. I shove my face in, sucking, licking, wanting more. And she comes because I’m so intense.” Goddess, I need to touch myself. I need to come. I rock my hips, maybe I can come through thought alone.

“Open your eyes, Kylie.” His words cut through my desperation. Pulling me out of the fantasy of coming before he does. I look at him, licking my lips. My eyes drift down to where he’s really jerking it. My hips move in time to his strokes. Small movements from me, like I’m urging him on, or fucking him.

“And then you are behind me, she sits up so I don’t drown in her pussy. And you fuck me from behind, holding my hips tight, you’ll leave bruises on my hips and my cunt, because it’s so hard and fast and I don’t have time to come because you come. And I’m left wanting again.”

I watch in fascination as Brad strokes himself so fast I think he might start a friction fire. Watching him is incredible. My pussy demands satisfaction, but I resist. I squeeze my inner muscles because it’s all I can do.

And his cock jerks in his hand and spurts cream. And I lean back on the sofa because I want to lean forward and taste it. Touch it. I want to touch him. I need that more than I need to come. To feel his skin, smell his sweat, taste his kiss. I didn’t know how much those mean to me.

“Good girl. Come here.”

I move to sit on his knee and he pulls me close. He presses his fingers to my knees, pushing my legs apart. “Ah there’s my sweet little miss. Do you feel you were punished enough?”

I nod and whimper. “Yes, Sir.”

He kisses my neck. “Do you want to come?”

“Please, Sir. I want to come.”

“Oh little miss slut. You will come.”

He picks me up and carries me to his bedroom. When he drops me on the bed he has a smile on his face. “Get ready to beg.”

I can beg to come if he wanted me to. Zero problem. I open my mouth but he shakes his head. “Not yet.”

My brow furrows. He pushes my legs open again and dives in. His tongue parts my pussy lips and he licks up the desire. His tongue inside me almost tickles, but it only lasts a moment before he starts on my clit.

I’m so hot already, it doesn’t take much before I’m over the edge. My arms ache as I fly apart under his tongue. He keeps licking until the trembling is over. He crawls up and kisses me. His fingers rip apart the velcro that’s restraining me. He rubs my arms.

“My hands are asleep,” I complain.

“Aww poor little miss. I have a way to help you.”

“Oh?” I think he’ll massage my sleepy limbs. Instead, he pulls the clamps from my nipples and pain shoots through my body.

He soothes the pain with his fingers, and then pain subsides, and his attention becomes teasing. His head drops to my chest, his teeth rasping over the nipple, his tongue soothing.

“Brad.” My voice is a plea, a prayer.

He lifts his head from the sweet torment. “Yes, little miss?”

I swallow my demands, my questions.

“I denied you pleasure earlier little miss. Now I want to give you pleasure.” His hand splits my thighs, his finger on my clit, swirling.

I lay back and close my eyes, somewhat grateful. He stops as my body is warming, and my eyes fly open. His body weight is moving away and I press my lips together to keep from frowning. My eyes track his movements. He opens his nightstand. He’s getting a toy to use on me. I hear the buzzing of the magic wand, my new favorite toy, before I see it.

He presses it between my legs. “Tell me when I find the good spot,” he whispers.

“There. Right fucking there.” My thighs close on the toy, holding it in place.

His mouth returns to my breasts, teasing me again. My second orgasm takes longer, even with the toy. The teasing didn’t last as long as the first time. But Brad is patient with me, adjusting the toy a few times so nothing turns numb.

The build up comes, my inner muscles getting tighter and tighter. Not just my pussy, my arms, my back, my chest. It all pulls in to the centre of my pleasure until I explode. My nerves popping with gratification.

My thighs drop open, letting the wand loose. Brad grabs it and pulls my pussy lips apart. He pushes the vibrating head against my sensitive clit and my body twists on instinct.

“Stay still.” His voice is low, but the command is clear.

He’s going to force me to come over and over. It’s more punishment. Maybe that shouldn’t thrill me. He promised me once to find out where my limits are and push me past them.

How many times can one Little Miss come? How long before pleasure becomes torture?

His eyes find mine and wait to see if I’ll rise to the challenge. I nod once, telling him I accept the challenge. I can safe word out, I have before. Today I want to know where the real line is.

His body disappears again, but I can feel his hand is still holding the wand against me. The vibrations shake my teeth. I take a slow breath, relaxing my jaw, my legs. I look up at him, knowing he’ll take care of me.

In his eyes, I surrender to his demands. He rubs the vibrator up and down my open slit. “You look so fucking sexy. I’m so hard again.”

My eyes can’t focus as the passion intensifies. My hands twitch at my sides and I want to roll away. Brad grabs my hand, holding me still with his presence. I shake my head instead. “I can’t, I can’t. Oh god, let me come.”

“Come for me again little miss. I want to watch you lose yourself.”

The orgasm erupts on his command. My mouth opens wide and I moan louder than I ever have. My pussy erupts as well, a flow of desire I’ve never felt. He moves the vibrator along my limbs.

It isn’t until his hands massage my thighs that I realize I’m the source of vibration. He puts pressure on my muscles and joints until I’ve calmed down.

My eyes flutter open. “Fuck.”

“Mmm,” is all he says, looking down on me. “You soaked my sheets.”

I look down. Indeed I have.

He flips me over and I’m so drained, my body can’t resist his manipulations. He slaps my ass. I barely have the energy to enjoy the pain. Is he going to spank me now? Fuck me? Make me come again?

to be continued …

We aren’t done torturing poor Kylie yet. I started writing and I can’t seem to stop.

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Part Three: The Reward

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