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November 18, 2017
by asrai

Interspiration November

I first read about this from Rebel’s Notes. A few weeks ago Girl on the Net called for Sex Bloggers to unite and share each other’s work, as more businesses shun sex workers. This shun of sex includes book sellers, erotic topics don’t show up on certain bookseller’s websites,, and taboo topics, such as pseudoincest, are refused entirely by most. Selena Kitt wrote this article a few years ago but the information is still accurate. These bans leave me at a loss of what to do with my latest work involving stepdad and stepdaughter. It’s romance at the heart of the story. But my own issues are not the point.

If you enjoy these topics, let your voice be heard, and share works by your favorite smut authors. And don’t forget to leave good reviews all over the internet. Reviews are the good karma authors and artists run on.

I do it on Twitter daily, but I’ve been dropping the ball on doing a sexy round-up of everything I’ve shared. So I’m going to commit to doing this once a month. For more sexy follow me on Twitter. And check out the hashtag #soss on Twitter.

Every day I share sexy stories from around the web. All links are NSFW unless otherwise noted.


Wasted luxury


Possession via @mischa_eliot bringing back #onehandread 🙂

Wet via @fdotleonora Well I know I’m wet now. 😉

Sarah is punished and rewarded via @Livvy_Libertine

Sexy learning. #masturbationmonday


Knickerless girls shouldn’t climb trees. That could be up for debate.

Songs that make me want to use your cock. a dirty shadow as he treated her like anything but porcelain. I took my two fave lines and made them one. <3

Kitten is greedy. #onehandedread #tease via @fdotleonora

This never happens to me when I lose my keys.


How to have car sex. #lifetips

Top sexy roleplay costumes.

What you think you know about fetishes is probably wrong.

Dan Savage’s new show about great sex stories.

Taking him in hand

What is sex addiction?

Why couples stop having sex is the wrong question.

Out of sexting ideas? Try these. I saved this. I’m a terrible sexter.


What is the difference between kink and fetish? via @TheCaraSutra

5 things to put on your sexy bucket list.

Why you need to redefine love.

Age play via @thereon_cara I’m a big fan of older men too. 🙂 i also like seeing you happy.

in praise of porn and @WhoresofYore

4 ways masturbation improves your life

Women like porn just not shitty porn.

The Do To Me List.


Tooting my own horn

Brad has two unique ways to punish Kylie Caught Part 2: The Punishment

Kylie makes good use of Brad’s chair

“There isn’t one thing in this apartment, I haven’t paid for. Including you.”

November 17, 2017
by asrai

Elust 100!! Woot woot.

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I’m a feminist but…

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Pain Sluts and Brain Squirrels

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Elust 88

November 11, 2017
by asrai

Caught Part 3: The Reward

Part One: Caught
Part Two: Caught: The Punishment


His hand grip my ass cheeks, pushing and pulling the flesh painfully. I bit my bottom lip to keep from whimpering, my body and mind too drained to respond. “I think that’s enough punishment. Perhaps a reward.”

We’ve never played a scene this long before. He’s never pushed me this far. I take a shaky breath, the firmness returns to my leg muscles.

“You still with me little miss?” His fingers still massage my muscles deep and painful.

“Yes, Sir.” The pain brings me back into my body.

“I’m testing your limits today.”

“Yes, Sir.” That’s a fucking understatement. He tests them every day, but today feel so much further. He makes me want to stretch myself, to test myself, to see how far I can go.

His hand slaps my ass. It hurts, but it doesn’t make me cry out or jerk. It’s a warm up for my muscles. I close my eyes and drift as the blows become harder. My skin heats from the fire under my skin.

He stops suddenly, but the closet door opening tells me he’s grabbing a toy. My skin stings. A flogger, not the mean leather one that is punishment, a softer one. Brad hits me three times. “Check, little miss.”

“Good. It hurts but good. Green.” My safe word, the one that will bring a halt to the activity, is poker. It always brings a smile to my lips to think it. We started fucking after a high stakes poker game.

The slaps of the flogger move up and down my ass, right to left, down my upper thighs a little. I’m already a little buzzed on endorphins from the repeated orgasms, the pain is easy to bear.

The blows quicken, harden making my breath come out in pants. My body twitches as he his me harder; harder than I have ever been hit before. Fuck, fuck. My mouth drops open with a scream, but the blows become soft again.

He pushes my thighs apart with his fist. His fingers slide easily over the sweat and arousal on my skin. His finger brushes over my clit, so fucking light I almost cry. The softness after the harsh blows is unexpected. “I need your help, love,” he whispers, his lips at my ear. “Put your hand between your legs.”

I wiggle my hand down as a vibration presses against my clit. “Hold that right there. Don’t let it slip.” He presses a kiss to my cheek as the vibe slips into my hand.

I press it against my clit, the vibrations reaching the deepest parts of my body. He slaps my ass again with the flogger while the vibrator works its magic.

“I want to see you come once more, Kylie. I’m going to use the cane.”

Is he serious? My body thrashes. He is. He brushes it over my back from my shoulders to my calves then back up.

This horrible weapon always makes me use my safe word. But the orgasm is building and it will reach the point of no return soon. If I don’t feel the pain, I don’t get the pleasure either.

“Okay, Sir,” I manage from my dry throat.

“Your body is ready for the pain. And the pleasure will make it bearable if not pleasant. I want to teach your body that the sting is enjoyable.” He hits me with the cane but it doesn’t hurt. “Get the vibrator on the sensitive part of your clit and don’t forget to breathe.”

I roll it to the side that’s more sensitive. My thighs press together, my hips thrust against it. “Ready.”

“Relax.” The cane comes down against my skin and I jerk. “I want to see the lines on your skin when this is over. Think of how beautiful it will be.”

He hits me again and I whimper. He likes leaving marks on my skin. I think of his enjoyment.

I breathe through three stinging whacks on my backside. But the fourth makes me cry out. He pushes his hand between my legs and guides my hand to push the vibrator more firmly on my clit. “Focus on this. Right here.”

He hits me twice. Then he soothes the pain with his fingers in my cunt, thrusting. Three whips of the cane, then more teasing.

“Your skin looks amazing. You might have to lay across me all weekend. You will definitely be naked all evening so I can see them.”

Three more and he lays the cane beside me. I snarl at it, but I got through the pain this time. He lies beside me, prying the vibrator out of my hands. “Check once more.”

I don’t know what to say. I’m floating right now. “Maybe.”

“Maybe what?” His fingers probe between my legs.

“Maybe I’m a person.

“Did I push you too far?”

“No. I’m in subspace I think.”

“Can I make love to you?”

“Yes. But I can’t move.”

“No need to move, my love.” He kneels between my legs and lays over me. His cock pushes into me and his weight presses against my back. I hiss, as his thighs press against the stripes on my ass.

“It feels good, good pain.”

He settles against me, and thrusts into me. The angle and the depth stimulate something different, deeper in my pussy. I try not to move so I can keep the sensation going.

And deep inside my pussy, my soul, the orgasm ruptures. Desire pours from my body, shaking me everywhere. My mouth is open, deep moans coming from within.

Brad is moaning, his chest rumbling against my back.

I feel him pour into me, filling me with his release. And his weight drops on me, we are depleted from the experience.

He rolls off me and I take a few deep breaths. He’s quivering more than I am. Is he dropping?

Fuck. I am still shaking but I force myself up to grab a blanket from the closet and cover us. I lay against him, finding comfort in his body.

He wraps an arm around me. “I might have pushed myself too far.”

“Should I get you a drink? Or something to eat?”

“Just stay with me. How are you feeling?”

I run my hand over his chest, but my fingers are shaking. “I haven’t come back down yet. Or maybe I went past it faster because you seemed more affected. I was definitely in subspace for a long time. Longer than I’ve ever been.”

“How did it feel?”

“Surreal. The cane hurt, but I can’t explain it. Once I come back down, I think I’ll feel the sting more.”

“I’ll do some skin care later. Would you like a nap?”

“Yes. I told my mom I wasn’t coming home tonight. She knows I have a special friend. She’s demanding to meet you.” I hide my face in his shoulder.

“Whenever you are ready. I know it will be difficult for all of us. But I love you, miss Kylie Beth. We need to face telling your parents, and my kids.”

Stepmom Kylie. I’m only a decade older than his kids. I try to work out in my mind how they will feel. What my parents will say, Brad is one of my stepfather’s closest friends. His poker buddy. They work together. Also I will have to face his ex-wife. I used to babysit for her, but she’s not part of my world, she didn’t remain friends with my mom. She’s remarried, but how will she feel about her former babysitter fucking her husband.

“We won’t know how they’ll react until we tell them. All that matters is we love each other.”

I’m only a couple months away from graduation. Then I’ll have to get a job, think about moving. Think about my actual adult future. With Brad? I don’t know.

He kisses my temple. “Don’t think about it now. We have this weekend together. Let’s nap then I’ll order pizza, and we’ll see how sore your ass is.”

He grins and I know what he has planned for later. If it’s not sore now, it might be later.

“I love you too, Brad.” I don’t say it enough to him.

“Go to sleep little miss.” He pulls me closer and I close my eyes, letting his love envelope me.

What can I say? They begged me to keep going.

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November 4, 2017
by asrai

Caught Part 2: The Punishment

Part One

Brad nods solemnly. “First, you need to study for an hour, little miss. I won’t allow distraction from your studies.”

I nod and get off the bed. He wraps me in a robe he bought for me when I sleep over.

I lumber out to the kitchen and sit at the table again. I open my books and my laptop, and focus on studying, trying not to wonder what he’s doing. The shower goes on and off that takes about ten minutes of the hour. I don’t know how he showers so fast.

In case he returns, I make myself focus on my work. I fill in the blanks of my lecture notes from the reading. I get through my Friday class notes and reading. Last, I have to find a topic for my essay, so I am forced to re-read the notes I just made.

“Your hour is up,” Brad says.

“I’m almost done.” I don’t look up. I don’t even focus on him in my peripheral view.

He’s watching me as I make notes for potential topics, but I pretend my work is more important. Maybe it is. Brad has quickly moved up the list of my priorities. So fast, so much, it’s scary. But the exhilarating kind of fear. I want more.

When I finish the notes, I put my books in my bag and close my laptop. I fold my hands in my lap and stare at the table. “Finished,” I say, pretending I’m a good submissive. I’m not. I’m a brat. He reminds me daily. I can’t help it. I’ll do anything to see him smile.

My pussy is humming with anticipation. The spanking is coming. I turn and smile at him. “Yes, sir.”

He stands behind me. “Stand up, hands behind your back.”

I raise to my feet and clasp my hands behind my back. I feel something soft wrap around my right wrist then it tightens, the sound of velcro scraps my ear drums. The second wrist is wrapped the same way.

His lips wrap around my ear lobe, teasing me until I sag against him. “I know you want a spanking.”

I nod, eager for the pain. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s why you aren’t getting one.”


“That would be a reward.” He grabs the back of my neck and moves me into the living room. He sets me on the sofa and opens my robe. One hand grabs my chin and the other plays with my nipples, soft touches then a rough pinch and twist. Then soft again. Rough and soft until I’m panting. Then he bends down and kisses me harshly.

He pulls out a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket and attaches them to my body. I close my eyes sinking into the delicious pain.

He turns his chair to face me. I have so many memories of kneeling beside that chair. Sucking him off, being teased, confessing my deepest desires.

He strips his clothes off and and sits down.

“I want to hear a story.”

“A story?”

“More specifically, a fantasy.”


Brad looks down my body. “Spread your legs for me, little miss. If you can’t keep them apart, I’ll get the spreader bar.”

I open my legs, exposing my pussy to him. I lean back against the sofa as much as I can with my hands behind my back.

“Okay. A fantasy.”

“I want your fantasy. The one you were using to masturbate when I caught you.”

“I told you, a threesome.”

He shakes his head. “I want it in detail. What type of girl. What you were doing, what was I doing? What was she doing?”

I swallow a moan and drop my head to my chest. He’s going to have me detail my fantasy, while I can’t touch myself and my nipples are being stimulated. He’s good at erotic torture, punishment.

“I guess she’d be a brunette. I think you like brunettes.”

“Based on what?”

“Your wife was. I am.”

His mouth curves up. “I guess I am partial to brown hair. Blonde is fine if you are into it.”

“Maybe a redhead. Fiery and passionate.”

“Sounds good so far.”

“She’d have freckles in her intimate parts, because she sunbathes nude sometimes. For short periods because delicate redhead skin.”

“Why did you choose a girl for this fantasy?” He tilts his head to the left, his eyes never leaving mine.

“I wanted something softer.”

“Have you ever been with another woman?”

“I’ve kissed a few. But never touched one.” I squirm. My arms are sore from holding the same position for so long. I roll my shoulders up and back to stretch them.

“Are you bisexual?”

“Perhaps. Curious, I guess is the best description.”

“Bi-curious. Go on.” He watches me while I consider my next words.

“It’s something I fantasize about occasionally. Another woman. The kisses are softer, even rough kisses. We’d all be on your bed, you’d sit beside us while we kiss and undress. She sucks my nipples. I suck hers.”

Brad wraps his hand around his growing erection and strokes. I want to touch, to feel. My pussy throbs with wanting to feel him. I squirm, hyper aware of the restraints. I press my knees out, hoping for a reward if I keep myself open as demanded.

Right now, I’d take the kiss over anything.

“Go on little miss. Keep telling me about fucking another woman.”

My mouth is suddenly dry. I lick my lips hoping to find my voice again. “I put my hand between her legs and rub her clit.”

“How wet is she?” He looks relaxed. He is relaxed. He’s not bound and forced to confess.

“Really wet. Soaking my fingers. It drips down.” I close my eyes so I can see the fantasy instead of him.

“I want to taste her.”

“That wasn’t part of my fantasy.”

“We’re changing it.”

“You lick my fingers off, suck them. And I touch her again, more, harder. She’s moaning. Her fingers are between my legs as well, rubbing my clit.”

“How wet are you?”

“Soaked. Like as wet as you got the first night I was here.” I am. I’m soaking his sofa. My pussy needs to be touched. I open my eyes, so I can see what he’s doing.

“You’re that wet every night, little miss. You’re a slut.”

I bow my head a little. “I am.”

His lips twist into a grin. “I like you being a slut. It’s fucking hot.” He strokes his cock pulling it out to show me how much it turned him on. I like turning him on, it makes me feel powerful, exhilarated.

He strokes slowly again. “Keep going little miss.”

“You reach down and pinch my nipples and make me squirm. That’s when you caught me. And I came right after that.”

“What if I hadn’t caught you? What if the fantasy went on? What would you do next?”

I feel bold now. He’s got a firm grip on his cock as he strokes. I want to get him off. To see him come. It would be better if he got me off as well, but that seems unlikely under the term of punishment.

“She’d kiss her way down my body, put her head between my legs and lick my clit. Suck on it. While you pinch my nipples. I reach over and stroke your cock while she licks me toward orgasm.”

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“Okay, I lean over and take your hard cock into my hot wet mouth and suck my cheeks in just right, the way that makes you roll your head back and moan. I take you deep into my mouth, my hand wrapped around your cock, while I use my mouth to fuck you.”

“Good girl. How turned on are you right now?”

“Very. Extremely. I’m dying to press my legs together. I keep pulling at my restraints wanting to relieve myself.”

He moves to me, still stroking his cock. With his other hand he probes between my legs, rubbing across the trimmed hair on my mound, parting the lips and gathering wetness. Two fingers thrust into me. My head drops back with a moan and his hand is gone. He’s back in the chair.

My pussy aches with longing for his touch. I whimper as my head snaps back up.

“Keep going little miss. Does our mystery woman make you come?”

“No. She stops, you tell her to stop. You tell me to get between her legs and make her come. And I get down there and taste my first pussy. And I suck her clit.”

“No, wait. Tell me how it tastes.”

“Tangy, sort of sweet. I love it. I shove my face in, sucking, licking, wanting more. And she comes because I’m so intense.” Goddess, I need to touch myself. I need to come. I rock my hips, maybe I can come through thought alone.

“Open your eyes, Kylie.” His words cut through my desperation. Pulling me out of the fantasy of coming before he does. I look at him, licking my lips. My eyes drift down to where he’s really jerking it. My hips move in time to his strokes. Small movements from me, like I’m urging him on, or fucking him.

“And then you are behind me, she sits up so I don’t drown in her pussy. And you fuck me from behind, holding my hips tight, you’ll leave bruises on my hips and my cunt, because it’s so hard and fast and I don’t have time to come because you come. And I’m left wanting again.”

I watch in fascination as Brad strokes himself so fast I think he might start a friction fire. Watching him is incredible. My pussy demands satisfaction, but I resist. I squeeze my inner muscles because it’s all I can do.

And his cock jerks in his hand and spurts cream. And I lean back on the sofa because I want to lean forward and taste it. Touch it. I want to touch him. I need that more than I need to come. To feel his skin, smell his sweat, taste his kiss. I didn’t know how much those mean to me.

“Good girl. Come here.”

I move to sit on his knee and he pulls me close. He presses his fingers to my knees, pushing my legs apart. “Ah there’s my sweet little miss. Do you feel you were punished enough?”

I nod and whimper. “Yes, Sir.”

He kisses my neck. “Do you want to come?”

“Please, Sir. I want to come.”

“Oh little miss slut. You will come.”

He picks me up and carries me to his bedroom. When he drops me on the bed he has a smile on his face. “Get ready to beg.”

I can beg to come if he wanted me to. Zero problem. I open my mouth but he shakes his head. “Not yet.”

My brow furrows. He pushes my legs open again and dives in. His tongue parts my pussy lips and he licks up the desire. His tongue inside me almost tickles, but it only lasts a moment before he starts on my clit.

I’m so hot already, it doesn’t take much before I’m over the edge. My arms ache as I fly apart under his tongue. He keeps licking until the trembling is over. He crawls up and kisses me. His fingers rip apart the velcro that’s restraining me. He rubs my arms.

“My hands are asleep,” I complain.

“Aww poor little miss. I have a way to help you.”

“Oh?” I think he’ll massage my sleepy limbs. Instead, he pulls the clamps from my nipples and pain shoots through my body.

He soothes the pain with his fingers, and then pain subsides, and his attention becomes teasing. His head drops to my chest, his teeth rasping over the nipple, his tongue soothing.

“Brad.” My voice is a plea, a prayer.

He lifts his head from the sweet torment. “Yes, little miss?”

I swallow my demands, my questions.

“I denied you pleasure earlier little miss. Now I want to give you pleasure.” His hand splits my thighs, his finger on my clit, swirling.

I lay back and close my eyes, somewhat grateful. He stops as my body is warming, and my eyes fly open. His body weight is moving away and I press my lips together to keep from frowning. My eyes track his movements. He opens his nightstand. He’s getting a toy to use on me. I hear the buzzing of the magic wand, my new favorite toy, before I see it.

He presses it between my legs. “Tell me when I find the good spot,” he whispers.

“There. Right fucking there.” My thighs close on the toy, holding it in place.

His mouth returns to my breasts, teasing me again. My second orgasm takes longer, even with the toy. The teasing didn’t last as long as the first time. But Brad is patient with me, adjusting the toy a few times so nothing turns numb.

The build up comes, my inner muscles getting tighter and tighter. Not just my pussy, my arms, my back, my chest. It all pulls in to the centre of my pleasure until I explode. My nerves popping with gratification.

My thighs drop open, letting the wand loose. Brad grabs it and pulls my pussy lips apart. He pushes the vibrating head against my sensitive clit and my body twists on instinct.

“Stay still.” His voice is low, but the command is clear.

He’s going to force me to come over and over. It’s more punishment. Maybe that shouldn’t thrill me. He promised me once to find out where my limits are and push me past them.

How many times can one Little Miss come? How long before pleasure becomes torture?

His eyes find mine and wait to see if I’ll rise to the challenge. I nod once, telling him I accept the challenge. I can safe word out, I have before. Today I want to know where the real line is.

His body disappears again, but I can feel his hand is still holding the wand against me. The vibrations shake my teeth. I take a slow breath, relaxing my jaw, my legs. I look up at him, knowing he’ll take care of me.

In his eyes, I surrender to his demands. He rubs the vibrator up and down my open slit. “You look so fucking sexy. I’m so hard again.”

My eyes can’t focus as the passion intensifies. My hands twitch at my sides and I want to roll away. Brad grabs my hand, holding me still with his presence. I shake my head instead. “I can’t, I can’t. Oh god, let me come.”

“Come for me again little miss. I want to watch you lose yourself.”

The orgasm erupts on his command. My mouth opens wide and I moan louder than I ever have. My pussy erupts as well, a flow of desire I’ve never felt. He moves the vibrator along my limbs.

It isn’t until his hands massage my thighs that I realize I’m the source of vibration. He puts pressure on my muscles and joints until I’ve calmed down.

My eyes flutter open. “Fuck.”

“Mmm,” is all he says, looking down on me. “You soaked my sheets.”

I look down. Indeed I have.

He flips me over and I’m so drained, my body can’t resist his manipulations. He slaps my ass. I barely have the energy to enjoy the pain. Is he going to spank me now? Fuck me? Make me come again?

to be continued …

We aren’t done torturing poor Kylie yet. I started writing and I can’t seem to stop.

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Part Three: The Reward

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October 28, 2017
by asrai


I let myself into Brad’s apartment. I scheduled my classes on Friday so I finished early. I spread my books out over his dining room table and studied for a while. But surrounding by his scent, his things, it was difficult to concentrate. Especially on a Friday. Especially when he would be home soon to touch me. Soon, soon, my heart beat.

My phone rang and I pounced on it. Maybe Brad was calling to say he’d be off early. My heart dropped. My mom. I sighed deeply, then swiped to answer.

“I thought you were done early on Friday’s?” her mom said.

“I found a quiet spot to get some extra work done, since I’m going out tonight.” It was true, I was doing those. Only her mom would imagine the library, not my lover’s apartment.

“Are you coming home tonight?” There was a stain of annoyance in my moms voice.

My heart dropped. I hated omitting certain truths. “I don’t think so.”

“You know, you can bring your boyfriend home.”

That was very doubtful. My lover is her friend. A long time friend of the family. I baby-sat his kids when they were preschoolers. He’s been divorced for a few years. We agreed to keep our relationship a secret. Really, I don’t think either of us anticipated it getting this deep, going this long.

I’m in deep. L-O-V-E deep.

“It’s complicated.” I’m committed to not lying. It is far easier to omit details. Lying requires you to remember the story you made up.

“You aren’t dating a married man are you?”

“No.” I almost laugh. She might prefer that.

“As long as you are attending class.”

“I’m still going to class. I only have one semester left, I won’t give up now.”

“Good girl. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Maybe Sunday,” I counter and hang up the phone before she can say anything more.

I got restless. My legs keep rubbing together and my panties get damp. I can’t help but think of all the things we had done together. And the things he might yet do to me.

I checked the lock on the door before I go to this bedroom. I pull out the box of toys and chose my favorite vibrator.

Standing in front of the mirror, I wiggled off my panties, trying to decide if I should take off my skirt or pull it up around my waist.

Naked was better. The green plaid fabric hit the ground. I flung myself onto his bed. I pressed my nose into one pillow and breathed in his scent.

I press the vibrator between my legs, but I need a fantasy. Brad has taken me on sexual adventures I never would have dreamed of, but I don’t want to imagine his dick in me. I want to imagine something softer. Someone softer.

I imagine Brad sitting beside me while this girl, my fantasy girl, kisses me. Down my body, sucking on my nipples. I tease hers in turn, then press my hand between her legs. I find her clit, and rub it, while I lean my head back to look at Brad.

He kisses me while my fantasy girl and I rub each other. His finger pinch my nipples, the way only he can pinch them, making me squirm.

I roll to my belly, my thighs pressing together as I hump my hand. I’m so fucking close I can taste the cum. I arch my back as the door breaks the fantasy. It’s fine, I’ll get off, anyway.

My body is screaming as I come, hearing his voice. I can’t make out the words. His hand comes down on my ass, making my body rock a good aftershock. I pant as I pull my hand away from my body. I can’t find the off switch, before he grabs the vibrator from my hand.

He turns it off. “You’re a bad girl, little miss.”

I roll over to look at him. My face turning pink. “I got bored.”

“What were you fantasizing about?” He drops on the bed beside me, his hand rubbing my inner thigh.

“You and me and another girl.”

“Who was with the other girl? You or me or both of us?”

“Only me so far in my fantasy. I didn’t get very far. Not even to oral.”

“Would you share me or would I watch?”

“I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it. What would you like?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I’d like to watch you with another woman. But I wouldn’t deny having a fantasy or twenty about you and another girl sucking my cock, fucking both of you like I’m a sex God and can make you both come before I get off.”

We laugh. He pulls me onto his lap and gives me a kiss. His clothes scratch my bare skin. I put my hands on his shoulder. “We should get you into something more comfortable.”

“I will me, my little miss. But we have a problem we need to deal with.”

“We do?”

“Mmm, you coming all over my bed without me. That deserves a little punishment. Also by the looks of my kitchen table, you didn’t have a productive afternoon.”

I pout and nod. “Yes, Sir. No Sir, I wasn’t productive.”  I could argue, he’d probably listen politely, then overrule me. But I don’t want to argue, I want him to spank me, then fuck me.

to be continued….

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October 21, 2017
by asrai

Not sexy

Sometimes I don’t feel connected to my body. Sometimes I don’t feel connected to the world. I constantly struggle with emotional regulation, relationships are difficult. Some days are good days, some days I don’t feel broken, I feel normal, like I’m fine. The days where I feel bad after having those normal days are the hardest.

Why is my brain like this?

I am an abuse survivor. Both as a child and as an adult. I‘m not ready to go into more details yet. Someday I’ll get there, but I noticed there are no sex positive blogs for survivors and this is my attempt at filling that hole.

I’ve been having issues with Complex PTSD, self-harm, dissociation, possibly borderline personality disorder, depression, and anxiety since I can recall. I’ve been aware of these problems for almost twenty years. But I never accepted or acknowledged the abuse, the mental injury that caused these issues.

I was listening to Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han. And she talked about after you confess your truth, your community finds you.

Since sharing all these wonderful erotic stories I have found, I have a found a community on Twitter where talk about all this wonderful erotic stories and moments. I love my community. And sometimes it’s so hard to be in that space where everything is sex and it all makes me cringe. I can’t function there, it’s like one big trigger. That I carefully curated.

I love writing sex and erotica. And in large part because sex is so triggering, this way I have control over it. When I had a recent set of flashbacks that came to this point where I had to acknowledge my survivor badge, my husband said “with all this shit, it’s amazing we even have a semi-normal sex life.”

But that means I have to be in control of interactions regarding sexual topics.

Men, do not understand boundaries. Women get it. I can flirt and talk sexy with my girls but they understand what lines not to cross.

Men, you do not. You send dick pics, you cross boundaries, you don’t like hearing no.

This is my unsexy truth.

October 18, 2017
by asrai

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October 14, 2017
by asrai

Free Preview: It’s Complicated Coming soon

Free Chapter Preview from It’s Complicated (working title) coming out soon. If you are on my mailing list I always send a free review copy. So hop on there if you aren’t.

Jessi lives for pleasure. Jake seeks to control.

Jake let Jessi live as a spoiled brat for too long. Now he’ll punish her for it. Until they find punishment is more pleasure than pain. Touching each other is so wrong, it feels right.

Warning: there’s some dubious consent with spanking later on in the book. Not in this chapter. There’s a lot of swearing and drug use. This is still being edited so it’s not the final product.  And it’s pseudo-incest. I hated to be cliche and do the step-dad/daughter thing, but the book wrote itself as it usually does.

Jessi threw her head back as she rode through the orgasm. Her white-gold waves brushed her shoulders, she waved her head enjoying the feeling. She moaned loudly as pleasure tore through her. Dylan grabbed her hips as she melted, and thrust into her until he came as well.

She threw herself onto the bed next to him. Without looking, she grabbed the pipe off the side table. She rolled to her back. “You want another hit?”

When he didn’t answer, she sat up against the headboard and grabbed the lighter. Dylan pushed his shaggy brown curls out of his glazed over eyes. “Give me a minute, love.” At least it sounded like that. Between how fucking high she was and the orgasm, she was a little fuzzy brained. His Australian accent didn’t make it any more clear.

She lit the pipe and breathed in the sweet smoke. She held it out of him as the sweet warmth touched her mind.
A pounding on her door almost made her drop the pipe.

“What the fuck?” Dylan said.

She giggled. It was probably a neighbor complaining about the smell again. Who the fuck cared? “Here take this. I’ll go tell them to fuck off. Or if it’s that bitch from upstairs, I’ll invite her to join us. She needs the stress relief.”

She rolled off the bed and grabbed her satin pink robe off the end of the bed. Her toes dug into the wool of the rug at her bedside. Maybe she should buy a silk rug to use in the summer. If silk was as soft, but silk should be cooler than wool, like her silk robe. She shrugged and pulled the robe around her, tying the sash around her waist.

“You could at least cover yourself.” Dylan pointed the pipe at her barely covered ass.

Jessi glanced over her shoulder with a smirk. “There’s a better chance of a threesome in this.”

“As long as it’s another woman, I’m in. I’m not touching another guy’s dick.”

“Because we’ve never done that.” She breezed across the hardwood floors of the condo. She ran her hand along beige wall in the hallway. Beige was no longer in vogue, besides it clashed with the dark sheen of the floors. She wondered if Dylan knew anyone any painters. Perhaps a dark gray. She could get it done while she was on tour and come back, buy some new accessories to match. Perfect.

She opened the door a crack.


She tried to push it closed. She needed more clothing. She needed to be sober. A polished black shoe pushed between the door and the frame, preventing her from closing the door. “Jessica.”

She hated when he used her full name. The commanding voice helped to sober her. “Jake.” She spoke in a monotone to hide how his sudden appearance at her door had stopped her heart. What the fuck did he want on a Tuesday morning? Afternoon? She wasn’t sure of the time.

He saw the stunned look in her eyes, or her altered state of sobriety. He took advantage of her reaction to push the door open. She stumbled back. “Not calling me Dad today, Jessica?” His suit filled the doorway. His lips were pressed together, but the corners turned up into a smile that held no happiness. Jake wasn’t a particularly happy man in general, but today he was pissed. And she was the winner in the sweepstakes of target for his rage.

“It’s Jessi. And you aren’t my father.” She crossed her arms over her chest. If only she heeded Dylan’s warning to wear clothing that covered her ass. Jake, despite only been a decade older than her, always had a look that made her feel like a child.

He stepped into the apartment and three men moved past them. What the hell was going on? “We’re taking everything,” Jake said over her head. Jessi dragged her eyes away from his perfect blond head to see two men lifting her sofa. Her stomach lurched.

Before she reacted, Dylan’s voice rang out. “What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck are you?” They all turned and Jessi cringed. He was naked, predictably, and still holding the pipe that was smoking. The sweet scent filled the room. She wanted to grab it and finish off the herb. She needed it to deal with Jake.

No, she needed a clear head to deal with his demands. Where was her mother in all this? Why hadn’t she warned Jessi? Or had the selfish woman left her second husband again? Part of Jessi was surprised Jake put up with her mother’s antics for more than a decade. Sheila was selfish and spoiled. Her only stock in Jessi was the younger woman’s good looks. And Jessi had ruined her looks with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair, at least according to her mother.

“I’m Jessi’s step-father. Get the fuck out of my apartment.” His mouth curled into a snarl.

“You live here?” The pipe dropped to the floor and rolled. She froze. Would it burn the floor?

“He pays for the place,” Jessi groaned. She started for the pipe, but Jake grabbed it first. Paid for the place described the current tone of the situation. She’d have to work magic to save her ass. But she couldn’t do that with Dylan here.

Jake’s ice blue eyes traveled over her like a rough caress. Her eyes narrowed on his handsome face. “Go get fucking dressed. Send your boyfriend home. We’ll talk. And for fuck’s sake, open the windows. I’m getting high standing in this room.”

Jessi’s face tightened. How dare he come into her house and treat her like a child? He was right, Dylan needed to go. There was no way she could charm Jake with her lover watching. Jake would never calm down in the presence of the shaggy stoned Aussie.

She grabbed Dylan’s hand and dragged him to the bedroom. She threw his clothes at him and grabbed the first thing in her drawer her hand touched.

“You’re letting him walk in here and talk to you like that?”

“Who the fuck do you think pays for the place? Why do you think we can lay in bed every damn day fucking and getting high? Who do you think paid for the weed? I can make him realize he’s acting hastily. Stay here.”

Jake threatened to cut her off several times before, but now he was acting on it. Once she was dressed, she closed the door, and put her best smile on her face, hiding her thrashing heart.

“Jake, I know you want to remind me who is boss here. A phone call would have sufficed. I’m looking for a job.” She wanted to scream at the men clearing out her apartment to stop. The words were frozen in her chest. Even if she did, they’d never listen. Jake had the authority.

He turned from where he was watching one man empty her cupboards into a box. His eyes flashed. “Don’t lie to me ever again!” The words lashed Jessi. Jake paused as calm returned to his stare. “You don’t need to look for a job. You’re going to work for me.”

Her breath stuttered. “Doing what?”

“You’ll be my assistant. No more free ride.” He returned to watching them men pack her belongings.

He wouldn’t give her a chance to charm him. She pulled out her desperation card. “What does my mother say?”

The chill returned to his eyes and his voice. “I don’t care what she says. We separated months ago, but she moved out last week. She didn’t tell you?”

She rubbed her hands over her arms. Her mother was such a fucking bitch. “How many times have you separated?”

“I’m not discussing details of my personal life right now. Point is I’m not paying for your lifestyle anymore. That shit is over. You are twenty-four. It’s time to grow up, learn some skills and pay your own way.”

His plan was ludicrous. She was a terrible employee. Maybe they could compromise on at least one point. “Why can’t I stay here while I work for you?”

“Because I’m not paying for this apartment anymore. The landlord wants you out. Too many complaints about the drug smell. You can live at home, or you can pay for it yourself.” He was immovable as a mountain when he decided something. She’d seen it as a teenager, but she’d never been on the receiving end.

Since Jessi had no way out, she’d poke at him. That way he would see he made a mistake. Then the movers picked up her sofa. She whirled to Jake. “You’re taking my furniture?”

“My furniture. There isn’t one thing in this apartment, I haven’t paid for.” He stepped into her space, looming over her, crowding her. “Including you.”

She gasped. Did he call her a whore?

“Your education, your food, your drugs. It’s all over. You have one month to prove you can work for me, Jessica.”

“My name is Jessi.” She narrowed her eyes.

He grabbed her hair. “I don’t fucking care. If you can prove yourself, I’ll pay you a wage that can pay all your needs.”

“You aren’t going to pay me for a month?” Her voice was a whine, she couldn’t help it. He was hurting her.

He pulled her closer to speak in a low voice in her ear. “Considering how much I’ve paid for you over the past few years, a month is the least of what you owe me. After that, you can move out if you wish. Do whatever you want. Keep your job or not. If you fuck up, you’re out on your ass. Do you understand?”

She nodded, a little,. His tight grip on her hair kept her from moving. She swallowed as she met his steely gaze.

“Say it out loud, Jessica.”

His tone scorched all the liquid from her body. She managed to lick her lips to find her voice. “I understand. One month to prove myself. If I prove I can do your damn job then what?”

His hand dropped away. “Then you can keep your job with me, you can look for something else. I’ll pay you the same as I pay my current assistant.” His eyes dropped to her mouth and she frowned. Was he checking her out? No.

Jessi tossed her hair. She wasn’t fragile or struggling. She was… what? Having fun, enjoying her life, which was more than he could claim. “I’ll go pack my clothes.”

“Good girl.” He stroked her arm and she had the urge to go have a hot shower to erase his touch. “Pack what you need for the next month.”

She would follow until she figured out a way out. Until she came up with a plan, she was fucked, and not in a good way.

She slammed the door to her room. Dylan was sitting on the bed. “You have to go,” Jessi said, grabbing her suitcase from her closet. She should have listened to her friend who said move to Europe. Jake wouldn’t be able to pack up her belongings in Europe.

“That’s your step dad?” Dylan looked stunned.

“Yeah. And now I have to work for him for the next month.” She pulled open her drawer and contemplated the contents. Fuck it, she grabbed a handful and tossed it at the suitcase.

“We’re going on tour in two weeks.” Dylan was sobering up at least. He could walk out of the apartment on his own. She was supposed to go with them on tour.

“I’ll figure it out before then. I’ll get out of this, but unless you can somehow magically pay for me, I have to go with him. Help me pack, for fuck’s sake.” She closed the empty drawer and opened the one under it.

“I don’t think I want any part of this. I’ll catch up with you when I get back.” Dylan edged toward the door.

“You’re dumping me?” Her stomach caved in.

“You aren’t touring with us. There will be a lot of women…”

His words dumped realization over her like cold water. “You’re dumping me so you can fuck whoever you want on tour.” She dropped the sweaters she was holding. “Get the fuck out.” She kept her voice low so Jake wouldn’t overhear.

“Jess don’t. We’ll catch up when I get back.”

“Fuck you,” she screamed, storming to the door. She opened the door and found Jake standing there. He looked smug. “Dylan is leaving.”

“I’ll escort him.”


Dylan paused at the doorway. “Babe, come on. I still love you.”

“I highly doubt that. Just leave. I hope you get a venereal disease while on tour.”

Dylan’s shoulders heaved and he shook his head. Jake grabbed his arm and Dylan shook him off. “I’m leaving, man. Fuck.”

Jessi turned back to her sweater collection. She was zipping the second suitcase when Jake’s movers came in and took her bed away.

Unable to watch her life being stripped away, she grabbed a travel bag and locked herself in the bathroom. She dialed her mom while she lit a cigarette.

“Hey Jessi, my girl. I was just going to call you.

“Sure you were. Who’d you leave Jake for?” Jessi put her toiletries in the bag. Dishes could be replaced. Her makeup was worth more than either of the men touching her furniture.

“His name is Paul. He’s a sweetheart.” Sheila Boyd cooed the words, making Jessi nauseous.

“Jake worshiped the ground you walked on. If you’d stop cheating on him…” This was her mother’s fault. Why couldn’t she do one fucking thing that helped her daughter?

“Why do you care?” She imagined Sheila tossing her perfect hair over her shoulder. Or tapping her manicured finger nails on the nearest surface.

“He showed up and took all my furniture away.” Jessi took a long drag from her cigarette.

“What? Let me call him.”

What exactly would calling do for either of them? “Jake will not keep paying for me if you’re gone. And he’s not taking you back.” Jessi knew Jake hit his limit with Sheila’s crap.

“You can come stay with Paul and I.”

Fuck no. “No… That won’t work.” She was better off with Jake’s offer of a job and housing. He employed a cook and housekeeper, and his job offer was superior to anything she could get on her own. Even with her degree, she had no experience.

“Where will you go? With Dylan?” Was that concern in her mother’s voice for someone other than herself?

“Jake will let me live with him, and he’s giving me a job. If I can prove myself for on month, he’ll give me a permanent job and salary.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t think he’d do this. I thought you had a job.” Jessi couldn’t tell if her mother was acting, or the concern was real.

Jessi nearly laughed. She hadn’t worked in a year. None of her jobs ever paid the bills, so she quit trying. Since Jake was footing the bill, she had time to follow Dylan’s band around. They were on the verge of a major record deal. “Not for a while.”

There was a knock on her door. “Jessica!”

Jessi shrank from the anger on the other side. He smelled the smoke. “I have to go. I’ll talk to you in a few days.” She ended the call and tossed her cig in the toilet and flushed.

When she opened the door Jake coughed and waved his hand in front of his face. “You will not smoke in my house,” he said without his mouth moving from the thin line he pressed it in.

“I called Sheila.”

He swallowed and she swore his eyes looked a little pained. “What did she say?” This was Jake. He didn’t feel pain.

“That she’s a selfish bitch.”

“Well the apple doesn’t fall far-”

She screamed. “Don’t. Go. There.” She dropped her shoulders. “I should give you credit for putting up with her bullshit longer than most.”

“And yours.”

She tossed her platinum hair again. “What did you need?”

“Everything is packed up.”

“That quickly? Where is it going?” Would she get her stuff back?

“Storage. Which, yes, I am paying for. You can have the location and key at the end of the month.”

“Great.” She grabbed her bag from the sink and pushed past him. Her suitcases were gone and she turned to him.
“They put your suitcases in my car. Anything else will cost you.”

She slung her makeup bag over her shoulder and grabbed her purse from the back of the bedroom door.

At the house she called home for only a few years, she took her bags to her old room. She looked around, any traces of her teenage years were erased from the room. It had been made into a neutral guest room.

She unpacked her suitcases and then went downstairs.

In the kitchen, she was greeted by her favorite household staff. She’d worked for Jake since Jessi was a teenager. “Jessi,” Katherine said warmly. Her familiar soft brown eyes were comforting.

Jessi opened her arms and they hugged. “Hello Katherine. I’m home.”

“I heard you were staying with us for a while.”

“Yes, I’m working for Jake.”

“I heard that as well.” Katherine would never speak ill of her employer. She always wondered what Katherine said when she got home about them. She wondered if Katherine knew Jessi was being blackmailed into this job.

“Is there anything to eat?” Maybe that would ease her headache. Withdrawl was going to suck.

“There’s leftovers. Or I can make you something. Whatever you want.”

“I’ll just eat the leftovers. I can get it myself.”

“Miss Jessi, you know that won’t fly in my kitchen.”

“Who do you think has been getting my meals since I moved out? I don’t have a cook where I live.” Lived. She sighed thinking of her apartment and the freedom it gave her.

A few minutes later Katherine put the plate of heated leftovers in front of her. Jake came into the kitchen, and the temperature dropped ten degrees. Five fro the ice in his eyes, and five from his attitude.

“Katherine, if you’ll excuse us. I need to talk to Jessica alone.”

“Of course, Mr. Boyd.” They both watched Katherine leave then turned to each other with a defensive pose.

“You aren’t making Katherine call you Mr. Boyd are you? She’s family.”

“That is her choice.”

Jessi wanted to slap him, but was sure that wouldn’t go over well. She ignored him in favor of Katherine’s mashed potatoes, which were the best thing she’d ever tasted. She wasn’t even high now, so that was saying something.

“And I don’t ask her to call me that, she started all on her own. Which you’d know if you came to dinner here ever.”

“I come here. I make sure it’s not the same time as you.”

He scoffed. “Look I didn’t come here to argue with you about everything under the sun. You think I’m an asshole. I think you’re a spoiled brat.”

“You are an asshole.” She was not a brat. Her grandfather spoiled her, but her mom had gone through that money between the death of Jessi’s father and marrying Jake.

“Regardless of what either of us think about the other. You are working for me. I will leave the house at 8:00. I expect you to be ready by then. The office opens at 9:30. I want to get there early so I can prep you on your duties at the job, and my expectations.”

“Can’t we do that now?” she asked, through a mouthful of food.

“Isn’t it enough you’re a pothead with a loser boyfriend? Can you not talk with your mouthful?”

“My ex-boyfriend is in a band, he’s not a loser. They are this close to a contract with a major label. I enjoy getting high, helps me loosen up and had a good time.” She looked over his suit. “Probably something you know nothing about. If you ever want to learn. Let me know.”

“Right, so never. Do you think you can handle it? Or do you want me to wake you in the morning?”

“I’ll wake myself. I’ll be ready on time. I managed to get through college with a 4.0 GPA. While partying every weekend, I might add.”

“I know I saw your transcripts.” He crossed his arms while he watched her eat. “So you’re intelligent, well-spoken, and beautiful. Yet you chose to do nothing with your life for the past three years while I footed your bills.”

She didn’t know what she should react to first. She had to go with stunned. He thought she was smart, and beautiful? “I was going to write a novel, when I first graduated. But then I learned I’m not great at writing. But I did learned I am great at partying, and you are supposed to follow your bliss and do what you are good at. I took that very seriously.”

“See? You can rattle that a witty comment off without thinking. You were popular in high school, I assume you still have a good network of contacts.”

She did, but she doubted he would approve of them. “I don’t think you’d like them. They are more rock-and-roll and potheads than suits and business.”

“What I want was, you know people. If you applied yourself, you could your real estate license and sell houses. I think you’d be good at it if you actually tried.”

“This is the worst pep talk ever.”

“It’s not a pep talk. It’s the truth. But since you don’t want to listen, just be ready to roll by 8 AM. It would be earlier, but I’ve been up since 3 AM.”

She wanted to ask why, but she decided she didn’t care about him. She was forced to interact with him for work, but he didn’t say she had to socialize. When they were home, she could avoid him as much as possible.

He stared at her for several more seconds. She glared back. Was he going to stand there and watch her eat? What a weirdo. A hot weirdo, all her friends loved coming over to her place to gawk at him. Their moms gawked as well. Jessi thought he was handsome at first, but he was also dating her mom, so ew.

He stared at her for a long moment, then he walked away. Jessi leaned on the cool table top, polished so well she could see herself in in the wood.

She sighed so heavy she expected it to thump on the table. This month would feel like years. And probably take years off her life. But it would take them off his lifespan, so there was a small win.

She finished eating, and Katherine took her dishes away. She and Jessi hugged again.

Jessi returned to her room and stared at her phone. Text her friends, play silly video games? Neither appealed to her. She wondered if Dylan had gone out as they planned, only now she was stuck in hell. He was likely partying it up. Her phone rang. Sonya, the drummer’s girlfriend from Dylan’s band. She dropped her head back, another ally in the new war. She answered and music poured in. “Hey Sonya.”

“Jessi. Where are you?” Sonya’s words slurred, but Jessi had known her long enough to understand.

“At home. Didn’t Dylan fill you in?”

“He’s shit faced.”

Jessi snorted; Sonya was drunk too. But as far as Jessi could tell that might be Sonya’s natural state. “My step father is cutting me off. I have to work for him for the next month or he’ll kick me out. So I have to work for him or I’m out on my ass.”

“I didn’t know your dad was paying for everything.”

Because she didn’t broadcast the information. “Well now you know.”

“Shit I’m sorry. What about the tour?”

Jessi paced the room, her volume rising. “Dylan dumped me, so even if I figure out a way out of this, I’m done with his ass. I’m only someone he fucks.”

“Fuck that sucks. We should get together, just us. I still love you even if you aren’t my band wife.”

“Yeah. Before you go on tour for sure. Tell Dylan to go fuck himself.”

She ended the call when her door banged open. “We can hear you all down the hallway. You want to keep it the fuck down?” Jake flared.

Could he get off her fucking back for one minute? Was he going to keep going until she ruined her entire fucking life? She met his flashing eyes with her own glower. “I’m talking to the one friend I have left. Your bedroom is at the other end of the house.”

“I moved out of the master suite. I’m two doors down.”

“Get the fuck out of my room.” She stepped toward him.

Jake’s hand snapped out and snatched her wrists. “I spoiled you. No punishments, you got whatever you wanted. I think you need some damn discipline in your life.”

“Like what?” She twisted her arms, trying to extricate himself from her.

“A good spanking? I think it would do some good.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Her body went rigid, her cheeks flushed.

“You willing to test out what it takes to push me? You want to see what it takes to end up over my knee?” He jerked her forward with his hands until she was under him, their bodies barely touching at the chest. They stared at each other for several heartbeats, her breath getting quicker as each one past. Heat curled between them.

“Good night, Jake.”

He snorted derisively, pushed her back, and dropped her arms. One side of his lip curled up before he turned. She stood where she was until he left the room, shutting the door quietly. She sneered at the door, “fucking snake.”

But he wasn’t as bad as Dylan. The asshole dumped her so he could get laid while he was on tour and thought she’d just wait around for him. Jessi broke out of her suspended state and paced the length of the room. She needed a smoke. She’d rather get high, but she wasn’t willing to risk homelessness on her first night home.

If she was the worst assistant, he’d be forced to throw her back in her apartment. She couldn’t be overt about it, she’d have to be inept. She could be inept.

There was the threat of violence. A smile tweaked at her lips. Would he make good on his threat to spank her? What would it take to piss off Jake the great? She tested him a little when he first married her mother, but he never exploded, so she gave up. Not like her mother.

Probably not but the idea of being spanked intrigued her. She had a shit ton of sexual experience. Dating Dylan exploded her world. Threesomes, orgies, lesbian experiences. She had guys doing cocaine off her stomach while Dylan fucked her.

Spanking was not something she had done for enjoyment or punishment. Not even as a child as Jake pointed out. She doubted it would have duetted her. In fact, him bringing it up was like challenging her.

She was so tempted. So very tempted. She stripped off her clothes and slipped into the bathroom off her bed room. One good thing about rich people was every damn bedroom connected to a bathroom.

Maybe she should just rock this job thing so hard they gave her a corner office and she wouldn’t have to grovel to a man ever again. She could just do whatever the fuck she wanted on her own terms.

She’d figure that out the morning. But first she’d see how she could poke at Jake. Just a little.

September 16, 2017
by asrai

Bite of Ice

This is an excerpt from a longer novel I’m working on. It’s based on the characters from Hot For Teacher, but I changed Sam to Nick somewhere in the last 50, 000 words.


He put one knee on the bed and tugged it out of her hands. “You can’t hide from me. Are you ready to let me take charge this morning?”

“I’ll try.”

“I have ways to keep you in line. Put your wrists together.”

She clasped her hands together. He wrapped the tie from his robe around her wrists and secured it with a knot. He pulled her hands up with the makeshift restraint. “Hey there sugar lips. How are you doing?”

“Okay. Good. Nervous.”

“I promise you will like everything I do to you. And if you don’t, you know what to say.”

She nodded as his mouth down to hers. “I know: red,” she whispered against his lips.

“Good girl.” He kissed her deeply but briefly. “I want you to lie down on your back. I’m going to tie you to my headboard.”

She glanced the top of his bed. It was made for tying someone up to. Did he buy it with that in mind?

“Now, sugar! I only have all morning.” He winked at her, but there was an edge to his voice.

She eased herself to her back. He tied the ends to the headboard. She tugged it. “Don’t pull too hard, I didn’t tie you securely. I don’t want to cut my clothing. I’ll add restraints to my shopping list.”

He knelt on the bed by her feet. “I’m going to leave some marks on you.”

Marks? Like hickeys? She wanted to cover her neck, but the ties reminded her she was exposed to him. He tugged her feet apart, opening her thighs to him. He traced his fingers up her legs, lightly over her inner thighs.

“Not anywhere visible. But you’ll be thinking of me tonight. I’ll mark you here between your thighs.” His fingers traveled over her belly and to her breasts. “And here.” He tested her nipples. “Any objections sugar?”

She shook her head. She wanted this so bad. Between her legs flooded with possibility. He scratched his fingernails over her thighs so they were streaked red. His mouth came down on her skin at her knee. Soft kisses, then his tongue whirled in the hollow making her giggle. Up her inner thigh his teeth nipping at her flesh, not hurting her. Teasing. He eased himself between her legs and grabbed her hips. Was he worried she’d go somewhere? She was tied to his bed.

And when his teeth sank in she understood. She wanted to jump away from the pain. Pure instinct on her part, but he held her tight. His fingers pressed deliciously hard into her hips. Maybe if she twisted harder, she’d have bruises there as well. He dragged his teeth along her skin of one side then up the other.

Once the skin was stinging he sucked, using his tongue as an instrument of soothing. Until the suction pulled her body tighter. “Ow, ow,” she moaned. This pressure he applied hurt. He gripped her harder until she seethed.

He pulled his mouth off her. “If you relaxed a little, this would not hurt as much, sweet girl.” He rubbed his thumb over the mark he’d left on her thigh.

“It’s not easy, I’m not used to being treated so roughly.”

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Fuck yes. You can grab me harder. If you’d like.”

She swallowed and looked down at him. He smirked. “You want me to be rougher? No problem.”

His fingers pressed into her ass this time. And he took a big chunk of inner thigh muscle into his mouth, and his teeth bit so hard she was sure he must be drawing blood. She gasped and tugged against her restraints. “Ow, fuck, Nick. That hurts.” When she whined, his fingers dug in harder as did his teeth. She asked for this, her clit throbbed. Part of her wanted him to stop and fuck her right now. Make her come. And most of her never wanted the pain to end.

He let go and she gulped down air. “Sugar, look at me.” Her eyes fluttered open and his face danced in front of hers. “What color are you at?”

She blinked a few times. “Green. But I wouldn’t object if you fucked me hard.”

The smirk returned. “I’m not done teasing you yet. I have a different kind of bite in mind for the next part.” He patted her knee. “If you’ll just stay put for the moment. I’ll be right back.”

As if she was going somewhere? She sagged against the pillows. He disappeared from the room and she stared at the ceiling. Her legs throbbed with pain. She twisted so she could examine them. She had a red hickey on one side and the other had a blue bite mark. They both stung and she wanted to rub them to soothe herself. But she was still tied.

She closed her eyes and sank into the pain and the arousal. The arousal without soothing was harder than the pain. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted his tongue on her clit again. She wanted to come so hard she saw stars. Oh that would be good.

“You have a smile on your face. What are you thinking about?”

“How hard I want to come,” she said. She opened her eyes to see what his idea was.

He held an ice cube tray. She hissed as her body tightened under the idea of ice on her skin. Where would he put it? On her breasts? Between her thighs? On her clit? Her thighs pressed together, which stung but she needed to soothe the arousal.

“Looks like we are both eager for this. I’m going to tease you for all I can Lindsay. I’d love to fuck with you all day, not let you get off until I’m ready to see you come. Keep you on edge until you beg me for it.”

Nick twisted the tray and pulled out one cube. He set the tray side and knelt on the bed beside her. He slid the cube along her stomach and swirled it in her belly button. She giggled. “That tickles.”

“How about this then?” He touched it to her nipple, which instantly tightened. A moan escaped and he caught it with a kiss. “How long could you handle this?” he asked, as he swirled the cube.

“That feels good so far.” She closed her eyes to show how relaxed she was.

He moved the ice to the other side. She smiled. His mouth came down on the already cold side and the juxtaposition of sensations was beautiful. he licked and sucked until she moaned. And then his teeth sank into her. “Ahhhhh,” she protested. His teeth pressed harder. “Yes. Yes, Nick.”

He pulled the ice off her nipple and nudged her legs apart. Hell yes, he was going to make her come. The ice pressed into her clit. The frigid cube wasn’t what she expected. Her body jolted. He rubbed the cube across the throbbing nub. His teeth finally released her breast. She would have a good mark there later. “This should cool you down. Make you less eager.”

“I don’t think it’s working,” she groaned, squirming. “It feels fucking amazing.” her hips thrust against his hand.

He rubbed the cube over her pussy lips and pressed what was left inside her. Her body clenched around it. “I had a woman I chatted with once, she had a glass dildo she kept in the freezer and used it to masturbate.”

“That sounds hot,” Lindsay said.

His fingers rubbed her clit, they were cold, but not freezing like the ice. “Don’t come yet. Are you close?”

She shook her head. “Not yet.”

“You’re such a good girl. I think you need a little reward.” He sucked on her non-abraded nipple, swirling his tongue around it while he rubbed the growing nub between her legs. He rolled on top of her and positioned his dick so it rubbed against her clit and ground against her.

She wiggled against him, maybe she was closer than she thought.

He rolled back to the side after a few moments. He grabbed another ice cube. “How do your thighs feel?” he asked, rubbed the ice along the bite mark that was turning to a bruise.

“Sore. And now cold.”

“And your arms?” he asked, bringing the cube to her armpit.

She shrieked and drew away, making him laugh. “They’re okay. I keep forgetting about them. I’ve been distracted.”

He touched the cube to the bite mark that framed her nipple. “And my third favorite body part?”

“What’s your first and second favorites?”

“Your face and your cunt.”

“My breast is sore. It’s very difficult to not rub it. But it’s even more difficult not to get off, right now.”

He traced her lips with the ice cube and then kissed her. “So you like the cold?”

“So far, Mr. Matthews. I have enjoyed myself this morning.”

“Me too. I want to tease you longer, but my cock wants to bury itself in you. Maybe I can do both at once.” He untied her hands. “Get on your hands and knees,” he growled in her ear.

She didn’t get her arms time to recover, she flipped to her hands and knees and arched her back for a quick stretch. He kneaded her ass. “Fuck, you have a great ass.” His finger brushed between the cheeks making her head snap up. “Someday I am going to own you. Right here.”

She squeezed her eyes shut. She heard the foil of a condom open and watch the wrapper flutter to the bed between her legs. He pressed against her, then inside. He wrapped a hand around and pressed another ice cube against her clit. “What does it feel like?”
“Hot and cold at the same time.” She leaned onto her forearms so he could get deeper inside her. “You’re going to make me come right?”

“I will always take care of you.” He swirled the cube. “A little more teasing first.”

As long as he didn’t freeze her nethers. She shivered and jerked back to meet his thrusts. He dropped the cube but his fingers were still cold on her clit. He pinched and twisted the half frozen nub.

With his other hand and wrapped it around her throat, pulling her head up. “That’s my girl. Pound back on my cock. Take me deep inside you, let me hear you scream.”

She stretched her neck as long as she could. She stared at the headboard she had spent most of the last hour tied to, while he exposed her, bit her and froze her. He gripped her inner thigh and scraped over the bite mark, making her wail. He pulled tighter on her throat, not hard enough to cut off her air, but to make it hard to swallow.

“Get louder, Lindsay. Say my name.”

“Nick,” she whispered.

He pinched her nipple, twisting it. “Louder,” he commanded.

“Nick,” she said, a little loud.

“Come on, show me how much you like my dick in you.” He thrust hard into her, their bodies slapping together.

“Nick! Nick, god yes, Nick. Fuck me.”

He pinched her clit again and the white hot drifted behind her eyes. Fuck yes. She shoved herself on him and felt him lose control at the same time she did. She shouted his name, and yes a few times before her arms couldn’t hold her anymore. He caught her as he thrust a few more times then let her fall to the bed.


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September 8, 2017
by asrai

I love a man in a suit

I love a man in a suit. The one in front of me particularly strikes my fancy. Glasses, pale blue tie done as tight as he could manage. Self-bondage and very controlled.

I fantasize about these men coming undone. About how I would make them come undone.

I’d start by undoing myself. Letting my hair loose from its bun and wiping off my makeup. Then we’d start with a glass of wine or cocktail that’s red or pink, “Like my lips” I would whisper as I straddle his lap face to face. My skirt pulled up around my hips if anyone was behind me they’d get a good view of my red thong.

My fingers sift through his hair as he tries to look unaffected. Down his neck and shoulders, his chest, my hips rocking. His eyes turn a little glassy, a little glazed.

He doesn’t stop me as I pull his tie loose, undoing his self-imposed binds. I lean forward and lick the shell of his ear. “You look so tense, Mr. Big.” My lips move down his neck, my hips still rocking and grinding. He’s moving with me, his arms move around me, hands press into my back to keep me close or make sure I don’t fall off the ride.

Our mouths come together, but I don’t let him kiss me. I wait until our breath patterns coordinate, then I open my lips and grab his lower lip between my teeth.

We kiss. Our lips latch, and our tongues tangle, tease, tantalize.

I push the jacket off his shoulders. And he obliges my demand by shrugging it away. My fingers take advantage of his distraction to unbutton his shirt and expose his skin to the air and my attention.

He jumps a little when my fingers run along the muscles of his chest and abdomen. The kiss breaks and he pulls me close so he can bite my neck. “You’re a bad girl, Miss,” he growls into my ear. The type of growl a man losing control takes on. I smile and arch my back, shoving my breasts toward him, my nipples clearly visible under my dress.

“You have no idea, Sir. Would you let me try something?”

I grab his tie from the floor and bind his hands behind him a little. I swear guys with ties are into bondage, either me or him. Why else wear them? He has to sit up straight now.

“We shouldn’t here,” he whispers.

I know we shouldn’t but we are.” My hand fondles his erection through his pants. He arches his hips up trying to get more. I unfasten his belt and pants. I stand over him and pull his dick out of his pants. He gasps. I drop to my knees and lick my lips, stroking my hand down his shaft. I wet his shaft with my mouth then take him deep in my mouth.

My eyes look up at him as his dick disappears between my lips. His shoulders strain against his ties. Part of me wishes he was loose so he could grab my hair and fuck my mouth, and part of me loves having him at my mercy. I can tell by the look in his eyes no one has taken him as deep as I am.

I pull off and stroke him with a hand. “You can come in my mouth.”  I shove his dick back in me, gagging as I go.

He doesn’t last long. Cause I’m that fucking amazing. He comes inside my mouth and I swallow it down, gulping, gagging still. Until I let him loose. I sit back, and smooth my hair. Once I get to my feet, I fix my dress, and look him over. He’s completely undone and I look like nothing happened. I let his arms loose and he fixes himself, except his tie I am still holding.

“Can I have my tie back?”

“Oh, I’m keeping this as a memory.” I put it in my desk drawer with all my other ties. I’d have a group of them.

My phone rings and I answer. “Sarah,” my boss says, pulling out of my fantasy. I press my legs together behind the desk. My pussy is sopping. “Can you please send Mr. Taylor into the office?”

“Yes of course.” I stand up and my panties squish between my legs as I walk. Mr. Taylor smiles at me as I approach. Did he notice me eye fucking him? My fingers itch to grab his tie and pull him into the supply room.

“Mr. Taylor? Mr. Jonas will see you now. Right this way.” Squish squish squish as he follows me. I give my hips a little more sway and throw a smile over my shoulder.

It’s way past Monday, but here we are anyway. 😉 Hope you a great Friday night.


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